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His words were like a million daggers piercing through her heart.

“You men are so superficial. She may be prettier, more outstanding, and have better skin than I do, but you’ve spent more than a month with me. Do you really not have, in the least bit, any feelings for me at all?”

“I don’t.”


Bu Xianxian could not take his cold and nonchalant reply. “Nick…”

“Xianxian, I’m utterly grateful to you for saving my life, but that doesn’t mean I have to go against my morals and values in order to repay you. I hope you’ll understand.”

Bu Xianxian fell silent, at a complete loss for words.

An Xiaoning attended Gu Dongcheng’s wedding just days after attending Gu Beicheng’s.

Their wedding dates were closely apart.

An Xiaoning had prepared two red packets for each of them, though the amount inside each red packet was different.

Between the two brothers who have different mothers, An Xiaoning was much closer to Gu Beicheng.

Not to mention, Gu Dongcheng’s fiancée was Xu Youran, her arch enemy.

The entire Gu family gathered around the dining table for a meal. An Xiaoning was completely unaffected by Xu Youran and remained poised and relaxed throughout.

Well, because she knew Gu Dongcheng was the only one in the family who was on Xu Youran’s side.

What appeared to be a simple meal on the surface was, in reality, an exchange of sarcastic remarks and words with hidden barbs.

An Xiaoning made it a point to state things clearly beforehand, so as to give Gu Dongcheng and Xu Youran a warning.

“Father, Mother, we found some supernatural beings in the ancestral hall previously. From now onwards, we must install surveillance cameras in every corner of the house, be it the kitchen or the water supply plant. Now that there are more people around in this house, we have to be wary in case someone tries to tamper with anything. Prevention is better than cure.”

“What are you saying, Sis-in-law?” Xu Youran said smilingly.

“By the way, Father and Mother, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Xu Youran is Qingyan’s half-sister. Am I supposed to address her as my sister-in-law in the future, or should it be the other way around?” An Xiaoning added.

“Xiaoning, we wouldn’t have known if you didn’t mention it. Youran, are you really Qingyan’s half-sister?” Mrs. Gu asked.

“How is that possible? I’m afraid Sis-in-law might be mistaken,” Xu Youran denied.

“I think I may have gotten the wrong person too. Why don’t you do a DNA test with Qingyan?” An Xiaoning turned to her husband, who was sitting beside her, and asked, “Hubby, what do you think of this idea?”


A sullen look formed on Xu Youran’s face immediately. Of course, she wouldn’t want to carry out the test. “Mr. Jin’s father has already looked me up before, claiming that I was his daughter. It was so out of the blue and peculiar though. I have my own parents, why would I be a member of the Jin family? Quit flattering me.”

“In that case, just go get a DNA test done. Wouldn’t everything be clear then? Besides, we wouldn’t have to keep making wild guesses anymore,” An Xiaoning said with a smile, which was getting on Xu Youran’s nerves.

“What if I don’t want to get the test done?”

“Don’t tell me you’re getting afraid? It’s fine if you’d like to keep denying it. It doesn’t matter to the Jin family whether or not you choose to admit it anyway,” An Xiaoning answered, pursing her lips.

An icy cold glare formed in Xu Youran’s eyes. Staring at An Xiaoning, she gibed, “You seem to be in a very good mood now that your husband is back.”

“Of course, who wouldn’t be?”

“People with three sets of parents are just so different.”

“I only have one more than you, you don’t have to be so modest. Regardless of how many sets of parents I may have, I definitely wouldn’t sponge off my father and bring shame to my entire family, unlike someone over here. I’m really worried for Elder Brother. I’m afraid he’ll have to live his life quaking with fear every day after marrying a wicked pest like you,” An Xiaoning scorned.

Clearly, she did not bother giving Gu Dongcheng any face by criticizing his wife in front of everyone.

“An Xiaoning, do you think Jin Qingyan’s that fortunate to have married you? He almost died while on a vacation with you, yet you still have the cheek to criticize me.”

“Hubby, do you agree with what she just said?” An Xiaoning asked Jin Qingyan with a grin.

“Definitely not. Marrying you was the best of the best decisions I’ve ever made, no doubt,” Jin Qingyan said solemnly while putting down his chopsticks.

Smiling widely from ear to ear, An Xiaoning said, “Hubby, you’re the best.”

Xu Youran was boiling with rage as anger rushed through her veins.

Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi remained silent throughout the meal in which An Xiaoning and Xu Youran were the only ones bickering with each other.

After the meal was over, Xu Youran immediately left together with Gu Dongcheng and drove away from the Gu family mansion.

Xu Youran finally vented all her pent-up anger the moment she got into the car.

“Who does she think she is? How dare she talk to me like that! All she did was get herself affiliated to the Jin and Lin families, what’s there to be proud of?”

“Why didn’t you say that straight to her face earlier?” said Gu Dongcheng, keeping his eyes fixed on the road ahead with both hands on the steering wheel.

“I was trying not to embarrass you.”

“Did I tell you to do so? She’s already completely disregarded my presence and disrespected me earlier, why did you even bother saving face? I don’t know what feud there is between you two, but could you tell me, just what’s with you and the Jin family? Was what Xiaoning said just now true?” Gu Dongcheng remarked.

“Of course not,” Xu Youran denied. She decided that it would be better to keep her true identity a secret, since she could no longer get what she wanted from the Jin family.

“Why didn’t you dare to get the DNA test done then?”

“I wasn’t afraid, I just thought it was silly and absolutely redundant,” Xu Youran answered, staring out of the window.

“Where do you want to go now?”

“Where else can I go? Home, obviously. I won’t be staying at your place tonight. I’ll pack my luggage and move in tomorrow instead,” said Xu Youran, who was in low spirits.


As soon as they arrived at the Xu family mansion, Xu Youran caught sight of a car she had never seen before. “Who’s here?” she asked the butler.

“Sir has invited Commander-in-Chief home for a meal.”


Xu Youran quickly strode towards the entrance and entered the house.

“You’re back, Youran. Have you eaten?” Madam Xu asked.

“I’ve already eaten at my mother-in-law’s place. Is this Uncle Jin? Nice to meet you, I’m Youran,” Xu Youran greeted.

“Is this your daughter? I rarely see her,” the Commander-in-Chief said to Military Commander Xu.

“Yes, she loves creating trouble for me all the time. Thankfully, I’ve married her off. I finally get to have my peace.”

The Commander-in-Chief chuckled and said, “Who says that about their daughter? It’s nice having a daughter, actually, unlike me. I only have a son. But I’ve recently acknowledged a Goddaughter.”

“Is she Jin Qingyan’s wife, An Xiaoning?” Madam Xu asked.

“Yes. I didn’t know Xiaoning personally at first. It was my wife who met her at a social event and told me that Xiaoning was very accurate in her predictions when it comes to fortune-telling. In the end, the Lin family testified that it was true. Without Xiaoning, Old Lin’s daughter Shishi would’ve lost her life,” the Commander-in-Chief explained.

“What actually happened? I’ve heard about it briefly, but I don’t quite know the exact details,” Madam Xu asked curiously.

The Commander-in-Chief explained the scenario briefly before exclaiming, “She’s such an incredible spiritual being with extraordinary abilities. I’m really proud to have such a daughter who’ll bring me glory.”