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Just as An Xiaoning was about to get off from work, she was informed by the secretary that someone was looking for her.

The secretary told her it was Sun Weiwei.

Why did Sun Weiwei come to see her out of nowhere?

“Let her in.”

Minutes later, Sun Weiwei, who was dressed in shabby clothes, showed up at the door of An Xiaoning’s office.

She was worlds apart from when she enjoyed fame and success years ago.

Little did An Xiaoning know that Sun Weiwei had just bought the outfit she was wearing.

She purchased a new set of clothes especially because she was going to see An Xiaoning.

“Ms. An.”

“What are you here for? I’m going home soon, I don’t have much time. Please get straight to the point,” said An Xiaoning as she looked down at the time on her watch.

“Ms. An, I’d like to discuss a deal with you.”

“A deal? You and me? From what I’ve heard, you’re down and out now. What have you got to exchange with me for a deal?” An Xiaoning asked in astonishment.

“I have time. I’m willing to work for you for 20 years, as long as you allow me to live a better life,” said Sun Weiwei.

An Xiaoning stared at her solemnly and said, “Sun Weiwei, your reputation is down the drain and everyone knows that you’re a drug addict. You’re no longer at the peak of your youth and beauty…”

“I know, I understand. I know that there’ll never be a chance for me to stage a comeback again in this life. But I’d like to repent for all the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’ve harbored feelings for the wrong person and caused harm to many others. Right now, I don’t think there’s anyone other than you who can help me redeem myself.”

“I have no interest in the 20 years you have to offer. Besides, I’ve heard enough about you to understand your true colors, though I don’t quite know you personally. I’m sorry,” An Xiaoning said bluntly.

Disappointment was written all over Sun Weiwei’s face, although she had already expected such an outcome, more or less.

“Sorry to have imposed on you.” Sun Weiwei then turned around to leave the office.

An Xiaoning switched off the computer and grabbed her purse before leaving.

She was eager to see Jin Qingyan even before she arrived home.

She was overwhelmed with excitement.

Along the journey home, she drove past a fermented beancurd stall, which caught her attention. She alighted to buy two boxes of fermented beancurd before continuing to drive home.

She arrived at the courtyard, only to be greeted with the sight of Bu Xianxian. Carrying the two boxes of fermented beancurd in her hand, she approached Bu Xianxian and questioned, “Who allowed you to roam freely around here?”

“Nick, of course. Were you thinking of treating my family and me like prisoners by locking us up in that yard?”

“Do prisoners enjoy such welfare benefits?” An Xiaoning retorted and gestured for Xiao Huang to come forth.

Xiao Huang hurriedly scurried towards her and greeted, “Young Madam.”

“From now on, she’s allowed to roam around anywhere else except the main mansion.”

“Got it.”

An Xiaoning proceeded to leave as soon as she gave her instructions.

Staring at the bag of fermented beancurd in An Xiaoning’s hands while thinking of what she just said, Bu Xianxian was incredibly peeved and frustrated.

But then again, she was stepping on someone else’s territory and thus had no choice but to abide by the rules and regulations.

Contrary to her expectations, she did not see much of an improvement in her life even after moving in with them.

An Xiaoning arrived at the door and peeked inside to find that the living room was empty. She changed into her home slippers and asked Auntie Chen, “Where’s Qingyan?”

“Young Sir is upstairs.”

“Alright.” An Xiaoning made her way upstairs with the bag of fermented beancurd. She slowed down upon approaching the bedroom door and gently pushed it open, making sure not to cause too much noise.

Sounds of the tap running could be heard coming from inside the bathroom. To her surprise, he was taking a shower.

She placed the fermented beancurd onto the table and stood right beside the bathroom door.

The tap was switched off, and the bathroom door opened. Jin Qingyan exited the bathroom clad in nothing, not even a bathrobe.

He was greatly taken aback by An Xiaoning, who was standing by the door.

He then zoomed back inside the bathroom and slipped into a bathrobe before coming out again.

He was blushing as red as a tomato.

“Why didn’t I hear you coming back at all?”

“I wanted to scare you. I bought some fermented beancurd. It’s tasty,” she answered, handing him the bag of fermented beancurd.

He grabbed the bag and picked up a piece of fermented beancurd with a toothpick before placing it inside his mouth. “It does taste pretty good.”

“What were you up to at home today?”

“Nothing much, I was rather bored.”

“I’ll take you out to relax and have some fun tonight. Are you in?”

“Where to?”

“A nightclub. Would you like to go?”


An Xiaoning decided to impress him tonight and had all the activities planned out.

“Just us two?”

“That’d be too boring, let’s call some of our friends along.”

After finishing the fermented beancurd, she picked out a sexy and revealing dress from her closet. Staring at the dress, Jin Qingyan asked, “Don’t tell me you’re planning to wear this tonight?”

“Am I not allowed to?”

“Of course not.” A frown formed on Jin Qingyan’s forehead as soon as he picked up the dress to take a closer look. “What kind of dress is this? It’s revealing and way too short. I give it a thumbs down,” he remarked distastefully.

“You’re not the one wearing it anyway.” An Xiaoning snatched the dress back and put it on right in front of him before striking a sexy and alluring pose. He was instantly aroused.

She put on a long trench coat and buttoned it up, keeping her outfit fully obscured.

“I’m not going if you’re wearing this to the nightclub.”

“Why don’t you want to let me wear this dress?” An Xiaoning asked on purpose.

“Why are you asking when you already know the answer?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you. Why?”

“Because I don’t want other men ogling you.” He then reached out to unbutton the buttons on her trench coat, one by one.

An Xiaoning remained still and allowed him to keep unbuttoning.

He removed the trench coat and subconsciously caressed her skin. “Let’s not go to the nightclub tonight. If you want to dance for me, you may do it right here and now.”

“How did you know that I wanted to dance?”

“Because you’re obviously dressed to dance. I’m not allowing it,” said Jin Qingyan.

“Can I dance for you alone then?”

“Of course.”

He let go of her and sat on the bed while supporting himself with his hands that were placed behind him. He gazed at her while maintaining his composure.

An Xiaoning turned on the stereo speakers in the bedroom and played a song belonging to the electronic dance music genre.

She began dancing gracefully on the bedroom floor.

She was as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly.

Jin Qingyan was greatly enticed by her alluring dance routine.

An Xiaoning went to such great lengths to please him, solely because she wanted to make him fall head-over-heels in love with her again, even though he had lost his memory.

She believed that she had the ability to do so.

He was destined to be in love with her for the rest of his life.

She was just that confident!

When she finished performing the dance, she broke into smiles and walked towards him slowly. She leaned forward and pinned him down beneath her.

“It’s time to shave,” she said, gently caressing his stubble.

“Help me shave, will you?”

“Come with me.”

Once they entered the bathroom, Jin Qingyan washed the area to be shaved while An Xiaoning took out the razor and washed her own hands.

She applied some shaving cream onto his stubble.

She then proceeded to shave him gently while he remained still and looked down at her.

Due to the fact that he was towering over her, she had to stand on tiptoes to reach him.

Both of them remained silent throughout, though a warm and fuzzy feeling filled their hearts.

It felt as if they had just begun their relationship.

“Jin Qingyan, we’re just like a fresh couple in the honeymoon stage. Shall we go on a date tomorrow night?” An Xiaoning suggested.