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“A date?”

“Yes, a date. I have to go to the office tomorrow. Shall we meet somewhere outside for dinner and a movie?”

“Sure, it’s settled then,” said Jin Qingyan, who thought it was a great idea.

They made their way downstairs, only to see that Jin Qingyue was sitting alone on the couch and staring into space.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Shi Shaochuan and I have come to an agreement. He’ll be allowed to take care of Bao’er on the weekends,” said Jin Qingyue.

“Did he threaten you again?” An Xiaoning asked.

“Yes, to some extent. Besides, Bao’er has been pestering me to let her be with her father. Sis-in-law, I feel like my future is hopeless.”

“Why would you feel so? Did he say something to you?” An Xiaoning asked, noticing that Jin Qingyue appeared rather upset.

“You said that in April, I’d be meeting the man I ought to seize the opportunity to get together with. But after thinking it through thoroughly, I really don’t know who it is. I initially thought it was Brother Ciye, but Song Yan is pregnant and they’re getting married soon, which means he definitely isn’t the one. I guess I’m going to be left on the shelves for the rest of my life. Who else would want to marry me?” Jin Qingyue lamented.

“Don’t think that way. Believe me, I’ve never made any mistakes or blunders in my predictions. You really are destined to be married twice in your life. Your second marriage will be a blissful one. Apart from the fact that he’s ill-tempered, he’s going to dote on you a lot.”

Jin Qingyue nodded and said, “Yes, I believe you. Forget it, I’m not going to dwell on it anymore. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get. Oh, and, it’s going to be summer break soon.”


Mo Li was discharged from the hospital. On the way home in the car, neither she nor Ye Xiaotian uttered a single word.

They remained silent throughout the journey.

As soon as they arrived home, the first thing Mrs. Ye asked was, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Mother, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a girl or a boy,” said Ye Xiaotian.

A sullen expression formed on Mrs. Ye’s face upon hearing his answer. “What do you mean it doesn’t matter? It may not matter to you, but it does to me. So is it a girl or a boy?” she urged.

“It’s a girl. Both the hospitals we visited have verified that it’s a girl. There shouldn’t be a mistake since the fetus is nearing full term and the organs can be seen clearly,” Mo Li said, revealing the truth right away.

Mrs. Ye was so upset she seemed as if she was about to faint. “Ever since you gave birth to Jiani, you’ve been having a hard time trying to conceive again. Now that you managed to get pregnant again, I was seriously hoping that it would be a boy. Yet, it turned out to be a girl again! Why is your womb so useless?” Mrs. Ye admonished.

“The baby’s gender all depends on Xiaotian’s genes. Mother, don’t you understand such a simple logic?” Mo Li retorted in disdain.

“What genes? It’s clearly because your womb is lacking. Great, you have two daughters now. Is your third child going to be a girl again?” Mrs. Ye hissed.

“How would I know if it’d be a girl again? Anyway, Xiaotian and I have already discussed this before. We decided that we’ll be stopping at two, regardless of whether this one’s a girl or a boy.”

“Are you trying to put an end to our Ye family’s bloodline and leave us with no heir? Your brother gave birth to two daughters and your sister-in-law can no longer conceive. If you don’t end up giving birth to a son, your father and I are only going to be driven to our graves!” Mrs. Ye snapped angrily.

Ye Xiaotian quickly tried to placate her, “Mother, after giving birth to this child, we’ll just try our best for a son when the opportunity comes. Wouldn’t that do?”

“You must give birth to a son no matter what. Once you give birth to this child, I’m going to look for an expert to prescribe some medicine to make you bear a son,” said Mrs. Ye.

Mo Li stood rooted to the ground, at a complete loss for words. She felt as if she was being treated like a baby-making machine.

She was compelled to give birth and had no say in anything at all.

Thus, she turned around and returned to her house without even bidding Mrs. Ye goodbye.

“Look how rude and horrendous your wife is. I told you not to marry her in the first place, but you were bent on going against me. I just can’t tolerate her at all!”

“Enough, Mother, let the matter rest for now. We’ll talk about this again after she gives birth to this child, alright?” said Ye Xiaotian, who was put in a spot.


Ye Xiaotian returned to his house, only to see that Mo Li was crying while sitting on the bed. He sighed and said, “After you deliver, let’s try for another baby.”

“What if it’s a girl again? Are we supposed to abort it or continue to try for another one?” Mo Li asked rhetorically.

Ye Xiaotian was at a loss for words. “It’s true that it’d be an embarrassment to the Ye family if we don’t have a male heir. Who’s going to become the successor of our family business?”

Mo Li understood his concerns and wanted to have a son too. However, it was not up to her to decide the child’s gender, and there was nothing she could do about the fact that she was carrying a baby girl again.

Ye Xiaotian was extremely troubled and vexed as well. He sat beside her and held onto her hand before saying, “It’s just going to be hard on you.”

Staring at him, Mo Li asked, “Let me ask you, if I keep getting pregnant again and again but they all end up being girls, will you divorce me because of that?”

“Of course not… I can’t be that unlucky to get a daughter every single time.”

“I’m saying what if? What if I really can’t give birth to a son? Are you going to divorce me for the sake of the Ye family bloodline?” asked Mo Li, keeping her eyes fixed on him.

“No, I’ve never thought of divorcing you before. Mo Li, you know that I love you. You should be very clear about how I feel towards you.”

Of course, Mo Li was well aware. Ever since they got married, her resentment towards him had been vanishing bit by bit. In fact, she had even fallen for him again.

That was precisely why she went through painstaking means to conceive a second time, in hopes that it would be a son. She prayed fervently in her heart every single day that she would be blessed with a baby boy. Yet, it still turned out to be a girl in the end.

She knew that would be the outcome.

She knew it…

Even ordinary people were prejudiced against daughters and favored sons, what more wealthy families like Ye Xiaotian’s?

What they wanted were pride and glory.

But then again, what could she do…

Ever since she married Ye Xiaotian, Mo Li had rarely interacted with anyone else other than her maiden family.

Due to the fact that the Ye Corporation had boycotted the Jin Corporation while taking advantage of Jin Qingyan’s mishap previously, she could no longer contact An Xiaoning and had cut off all ties with her and Jin Qingyan. After all, she was Ye Xiaotian’s wife.

“Mo Li, don’t stress yourself out. Just give birth to this child you’re carrying now. We’ll talk about having a third child when the time comes.”

“Let’s abort this child,” said Mo Li.

“What are you talking about… you’re already almost five months pregnant.”

“You and I had an agreement that we’d stop at two children, regardless of whether it’s a girl or a boy. Now that we know it’s a girl, what’s the point of giving birth to her? Do you want her to suffer the same criticism from your mother that Jiani does? Is the baby’s gender up to me to decide? Weren’t your brother and sister-in-law spared for also not giving birth to a son? Why do we have to take the pressure of giving birth to a son?” Mo Li groused, suddenly bursting into tears.

Ye Xiaotian hugged her while remaining silent, not knowing what to say.

Being a male chauvinist by nature, he too felt that it would be embarrassing not to have a son.

However, he did not wish to drive her into a corner. Thus, there was no way he could have the best of both worlds.

“Do you really want to abort this child?”


She was filled with misery and agony herself.

She could not help but wonder, if she were to undergo another abortion, would she fall pregnant with a daughter again?

She did not have an answer.

People often covet the opportunity to marry a wealthy man for they would be able to live a life of riches. Yet, what many did not understand was the suffering a woman had to go through if she’s struck with the misfortune of giving birth to one daughter after another.