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Song Yan asked as she put on her clothes, “How many days will he be gone?”

“Three or four days,” Huahua answered. “So give him a call later. Before his flight, the two of you can go and collect your marriage certificate. This would save matters.”

“If he doesn’t call me, I won’t call him first.”


In reality, Ling Ciye had left his phone on the car and did not return her call for the whole day. It was not until the afternoon that he saw the two missed calls from her. By then, Song Yan had gone to L City to film a reality TV show and was no longer in A City.

As she wanted to preserve her dignity, Song Yan ultimately did not talk about collecting their marriage certificate. She intended to talk about the matter after she had returned from L City.

Yesterday, she and Jin Qingyan had agreed to go on a date today.

When An Xiaoning went to the company in the morning, she had brought the clothes and shoes she had prepared in the evening to wear.

Before five, she had already changed in the lounge and put on a pair of crystal high heels as well as a fresh new makeup on her face.

At half past five, she carried the bag that contained her gown out of the company and called Fan Shixin to send someone to drive her car back. She then took a taxi to the location of their date.

The location was a certain luxurious restaurant.

When she arrived at the entrance, she saw that the table by the window was already occupied by someone. There was no doubt that it was obviously Jin Qingyan.

Carrying her bag, she merrily went up the platform and entered.

After pushing the door open, she took light and carefree steps, arriving in front of him.

The two smiled as they locked eyes, and the waiter served them their beef, as well as the red wine that had been prepared in advance.

“We arranged to meet between 5:30 and 6:00 here. But actually, I was already somewhat expectant at around one in the afternoon.”

“What were you expecting?”

“To see you, of course.” Her eyes were glowing warmly. “Now, my heart rate is accelerating again. For you only.”

Such lovey-dovey words were unusually comfortable and pleasing to his ears.

All of a sudden, the lights went out. An Xiaoning did not move at all. When she had gotten accustomed to the dark, the lights went on again.

Jin Qingyan appeared in front of her with a huge bouquet of roses. She could tell that he was slightly nervous.

“Honey, this is for you.”

An Xiaoning received the bouquet from him. “Thank you, Honey. I like it so much.”

“All that matters is that you like it.”

The two ate a simple meal like that, along with those flowers as a gift. That was all, but it was enough to make An Xiaoning extremely delighted.

After the meal, they got onto his car hand-in-hand.

As they sat in the car, Jin Qingyan confessed, “I didn’t know what else to do on a date. I could only think of giving you flowers…”

An Xiaoning turned and looked at him. “I’m already very happy. Truly very happy.”

He started the engine, changed gears, and reversed the car slightly. Then, the car started to roar and zoom forward.

An Xiaoning opened the car window, allowing the breeze to blow on her face. It was completely relaxing.

While the car was driving forward, it suddenly stopped by the side of the road.

She was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

His eyes sparkled under the glow of the streetlights. “I want to kiss you.”

An Xiaoning curled her lips. “Kiss me.”

He hugged her tightly and eagerly pressed his lips onto hers. It was a deep and passionate kiss.

An Xiaoning felt that perhaps in his memories, he had not done this before. So, after this action was triggered, he was deeply consumed in it and enjoyed it.

“You lived and ate with Bu Xianxian. Did you do anything that you shouldn’t have done with her?”


“Did you really not feel anything for her?”




An Xiaoning just leaned on her side as she hugged his neck. “Let’s do something more exciting.”

Jin Qingyan gulped. “What?”

Her gaze lowered. “Take off your pants.”

He did exactly as she said.

She slowly turned her back to him and sat on his legs, turning over slightly as she asked him, “What do you say we drive as we have some fun, is that alright?”

“Isn’t that slightly dangerous?”

“As long as we like it, what’s the harm?” She pulled up her skirt and Jin Qingyan realized that she was not wearing anything underneath.


“For convenience.”


An Xiaoning turned the car keys. “Step on the gas pedal.”

The car went forward at an extremely slow pace.

His two hands went around her chest area while his chin rested on her neck area to fix his gaze ahead.

For a drive that would have taken a little more than ten minutes, they took more than half an hour to arrive.

When An Xiaoning got up, he grabbed onto her wrist. “I haven’t had enough…”

An Xiaoning retracted the seat beside the driver’s and turned to him. “Pull down the curtains and come here.”

He pressed the button and all the curtains in the car came down.

He slowly moved from the seat beside the driver’s to the back seats.

The three-hundred-sixty-degree empty area in the car was satisfying for the two of them.

When they got down from the car, An Xiaoning’s legs had gone weak.

He had a face full of satisfaction and looked refreshed.

“My feet are weak. Carry me on your back.”

Jin Qingyan decisively bent down while she hugged his neck and got onto his back, pleased.

With that, he carried her out of the car garage.

Bu Xianxian, who coincidentally passed by, saw them coming out of the car garage like that from afar. As she watched Jin Qingyan carry An Xiaoning and head towards the living room, her eyes sank and she fell into a terrible mood.

“Auntie Chen, is Yiheng upstairs?”

“No, Little Sir is still playing at the house opposite.”

“It’s already so dark and he’s still not returning. I’ll go and call him.” An Xiaoning went down from Jin Qingyan’s back and was about to go and find her son, but Jin Qingyan held onto her.

“Let’s go together.”


The couple arrived at the opposite house, where Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze were watching a movie on the sofa. Seeing that they were here together, they knew at once that the couple was here to fetch Yiheng.

Mei Yangyang immediately got up and said, “They’re playing at the third floor. I’ll go and call them.”


A while later, Mei Yangyang came back after she had gone upstairs. With one hand covering her mouth, she said in a rather surprised tone, “The three of you should go up and see what the children are doing.”

Carrying their curiosity, the four adults went upstairs with light footsteps.

At Long Xiaoxi’s door, the four heard the conversation as described below.

Xiaoxi: “Brother Yiheng, why isn’t our child crying or talking and is refusing to drink milk? How can it grow like that? Quick, think of something.”

Yiheng: “Maybe it’s sick. We should bring it to the hospital for an injection.”

Xiaoxi: “Then quickly carry it to get an injection. Doctor Long, our child is sick. Can you quickly give it an injection?”

Wenlun: “Alright, let me see the situation. This is not good, your child has gotten a rather serious flu virus. I’m afraid it won’t live.”

Xiaoxi: “Then, what should we do?”

Wenlun: “I think, the only solution is to have another child.”

Xiaoxi: “Brother Yiheng, then we can only have another child. Oh no, our poor child, why did you get sick?”

Yiheng: “Xiaoxi, lie on the bed, quickly. We’ll have another child…”

The four adults stood at the door with their heads stretched in and saw Jin Yiheng and Long Xiaoxi lying on the bed side by side, the blanket over them. They just lay there completely still and did not move at all.

After a few moments, the two sat upright again and cheered merrily, “The child is out. Ha, we have another child now. How great!”

“Yes, we should never let our child get sick again. Brother Yiheng, don’t you think so?”


The four at the door: “…”