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Without disturbing the children, the four adults went downstairs again.

Long Tianze stared at Jin Qingyan. “Your son is taking advantage of my daughter now. He needs to take responsibility when he grows up.”

Jin Qingyan rebutted, “Didn’t you see that your daughter was a willing party? Who asked for my son to be so naturally handsome?”

Long Tianze was about to spit blood. “Our Xiaoxi may be slightly plump, but look at her, she’s so adorable.”

“Right. If our children really get married in the future, our families will become doubly related.” Jin Qingyan beamed.

“Fat hope! If your son wants to marry my daughter, he’ll have to get through me first.”

“It’s not you he’d be marrying anyway, why would he have to get through you?”

An Xiaoning, on the other hand, was speechless. “Are the two of you in the right mind? They’re only this old and you’re already here talking about marriage.”


“I say, Sister-in-law.” Long Tianze’s gaze shifted to her neck. “Your strawberry patch looks rather serious…”

An Xiaoning hurriedly used her hand to cover it. “Go and die.”

Mei Yangyang slapped Long Tianze. “Where are you looking at? Be more serious.”

Long Tianze chuckled. “Now, our two families are doing great, but Ling Ciye is about to get unlucky.”

An Xiaoning asked, “Why? Isn’t Song Yan pregnant? They’ll be getting married soon, why will he get unlucky?”

Long Tianze shook his head helplessly. “You don’t know how during these five to six years, they’ve had so many tiffs and turns that I couldn’t bear to watch. If not for the child, Ling Ciye wouldn’t have mentioned marriage to her. With the situation between them, so what if they get married? I’m saying there’s a high chance they won’t even be able to get married.”

Mei Yangyang complained, “Your mouth stinks.”

“I’m only saying it in front of a few people. Moreover, if my mouth really stinks, why would you still kiss me so deeply at night?”

Mei Yangyang turned red and hit him. “Let me beat you to death!”

When the children were done playing, Jin Yiheng came downstairs and saw his parents.

Knowing that they were here to look for him, he raised his radiant little face and spoke in his tender, charming voice, “Daddy, Mommy, let’s go home.”

Once the family of three had left, Long Tianze called his precious daughter downstairs.

Looking at the little face that looked exactly like that of his wife’s, Long Tianze really could not bear to question her.

“Xiaoxi, tell Daddy. Do you like your Brother Yiheng…?”

Without waiting for him to finish asking, Long Xiaoxi raised her thick arms as she shouted, “I do!”

“How much do you like him?”

Long Xiaoxi turned silent. After some deep contemplation, she answered her Daddy.

“When I grow up, I must marry Brother Yiheng!”

“But, what if your Brother Yiheng doesn’t like you when you grow up? What Daddy means is, when the two of you grow up, what if he only sees you as a sister?”

Long Xiaoxi’s face scrunched up into a ball and she was visibly upset.

“Daddy is just stating an example 1 .”

“Daddy, who is Bifang? Why do you have to hit it?”

“It just means that I’m stating an example. Daddy means, if it’s like that, what would you do?” Long Tianze attempted to question her again.

“Daddy, Brother Yiheng has already slept with me. He dares to not like me? Who wants to be his sister? I want to be his wife.”

Watching his daughter’s courageous confession, Long Tianze was really at a loss for words.

“Xiaoxi, Mommy supports you!” Mei Yangyang felt that it was great. One must always have ambitions. If her daughter’s ambition was to make Jin Yiheng fall for her and to marry him in the future, she would do everything to support her.

“But, there’s something I’m not very happy about right now,” Long Xiaoxi decided to confess to her parents.

Hearing this, Long Tianze asked in a panic, “What?”

“Brother Yiheng’s deskmate is called Wen Yuechan. She keeps sticking to Brother Yiheng. During lessons, when I look out the window, I always see the two of them playing together. Brother Yiheng likes her a lot too. I’m unhappy.”

Long Tianze exchanged glances with Mei Yangyang. There was a love rival in the picture?

“Xiaoxi, maybe your Brother Yiheng really treats you as a sister only…”

Long Xiaoxi did not believe his words. “Daddy, why are you always out to get me? Is that all the confidence you have in me?”


“Daddy, I’m going to go up to sleep. Sleeping late is not good for my skin. If my skin isn’t good, I won’t look pretty anymore. Goodnight, Daddy and Mommy.” With that, Long Xiaoxi turned and headed upstairs.

Long Tianze sighed. “They say daughters can’t be relied on when they grow older. But even right now, when she’s so young, she can’t be relied on. She hasn’t even grown up and she could fly off anytime.”

Mei Yangyang grinned. “This is a good thing. It’s called booking a man in advance. I think Yiheng will be comparable to his father when he grows up, what’s so bad about that?”

“I’m not worried about that. I’m worried that the children don’t know anything and they’ll change their minds when they grow older. When Mo Li was young, she loved to play with Qingyan and was even his bride. But it wasn’t the same when we grew up.”

“You’ve liked Jin Qingyue when you were young, and didn’t you still like her when you were older? Are you afraid your daughter will follow your old ways? If you’re just scared of something and won’t try it out, what is the meaning of life?”


“The dishes haven’t been washed yet, go and wash them.”

“Aren’t the maids around?”

“I let them clock out already. You go and wash them.”

“Yes, Madam.”

The following day was a Friday.

It was also the last day of school, as the holidays would start thereafter.

The three children came down from the car and saw Wen Yuechan carrying her bag as she stood at the school gate. She had two pigtails tied, and flowers decorated her hair. With her pretty skirt on, she looked extra pretty.

Seeing the three of them, Wen Yuechan ran over. “Yiheng, isn’t your house at Wei Ni Estate?”

“Yes, the three of us all live there.”

Wen Yuechan chuckled. “If it’s like that, we may be able to play together during the holidays. My parents say my family will be moving into Wei Ni Estate.”

Long Xiaoxi was upset. She was originally already annoyed with Wen Yuechan, but the holidays were here at last. Who’d have thought she’d still linger around them. She did not want to see her at all.

Wenlun glanced at his sister and said, “Oh, I see.”

“Wenlun, let’s play together during the holidays.”


Long Xiaoxi just went off carrying her school bag while Long Wenlun pulled Jin Yiheng’s arm. “Let’s go in now.”

The three of them went into the same class while Long Xiaoxi went into her class herself.

Her face showed she was evidently upset.

But despite that, her classmate Zhang Xiaopang still bothered her. “Long Xiaoxi, something of yours has dropped.”

She bent down and looked only to feel someone slap her on the head. She looked up and asked, “Who hit me?”

The classmates around her covered their mouths as they giggled, but nobody spoke.

Long Xiaoxi was boiling with rage. “Who on earth hit me? Don’t you know my brother is in the upper class? Zhang Xiaopang, was it you who hit me?”

Zhang Xiaopang chuckled as he had his way. “It wasn’t me.”

The more Long Xiaoxi looked, the more she felt it was him. “You said something of mine dropped, where is it?”

Zhang Xiaopang pointed under the table. “Isn’t it there? You just didn’t see it.”