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This time, Long Xiaoxi did not bend down completely but took a few steps back and glanced underneath the table. She realized that there was nothing underneath at all.

“You liar!” Long Xiaoxi glared at him. “It must have been you who hit me.”

Zhang Xiaopang burst into laughter. “Long Xiaoxi, you’re so stupid. Your brain is really so slow.”

Long Xiaoxi’s face scrunched up in anger. She got down from her chair and went beside Zhang Xiaopang, exerting all her force to push his unguarded self onto the floor.

Caught off guard, Zhang Xiaopang was pushed onto the floor. He got up thereafter, frowning furiously. “Long Xiaoxi, you dare to push me?!”

“You dare to hit me, why won’t I dare to push you? Is it fun to tease me? Zhang Xiaopang, you’re too much!”

Zhang Xiaopang reached out to push her as well. Long Xiaoxi took a few steps back and almost fell. “You wait, I’ll go and get my brother here!”

Long Xiaoxi turned and ran out. A few moments later, Long Wenlun came over. Long Xiaoxi pointed at Zhang Xiaopang and said gruffly, “Brother, it’s him.”

Long Wenlun asked, “Why did you hit our Xiaoxi?”

“She pushed me too.”

“You hit me first, that’s why I hit you. Then, you pushed me again.” Long Xiaoxi complained to her brother, “It’s not the first time he’s bullying me, it’s been many times already. Brother, you have to help me take it out on him.”

Long Wenlun nodded, thinking of how this fatso dared to bully her precious little sister.

He instantly kicked him with his leg, and before Zhang Xiaopang could get up, he was kicked a few more times by him again. All of these kicks were specifically targeted to his face.

It was a short match, but the results were obvious.

Zhang Xiaopang already had a chubby face. With those beatings, even his mother would probably be unable to recognize him.

His nose was also bleeding from the beatings.

He watched as Long Wenlun completely towered over him and did not dare to fight back. He merely stood there and told the Long siblings, “I’ll go and get the teacher, both of you just wait!”

Before long, the teacher arrived and brought Xiaopang to apply medication.

Long Xiaoxi looked at her brother and said in a low voice, “Brother, if Xiaopang calls his parents here, then you should call ours too.”

Long Wenlun reached out and held her hand. “Don’t worry, Brother is here. I won’t let anyone bully you.”

Long Xiaoxi nodded. “Brother, you’re amazing.”

A while later, Zhang Xiaopang returned with the teacher leading him. Following beside him was his mother, a plump middle-aged woman who had extremely permed curly hair.

Looking at Long Wenlun, Xiaopang’s mother questioned brusquely, “So, it was you who beat up my son?”

“That’s right, it was me. Who asked him to bully my sister?” Long Wenlun looked up at the woman.

“How did he bully your sister?”

“He hit her head.”

“He hit your sister’s head, so you beat him up until his nose bled? What an uncultured child you are! Get your parents here immediately!” Zhang Xiaopang’s mother put on an air. “Today, I must get even for our Xiaopang. Teacher, call his parents now!”

The teacher nodded. “I’ve already called his parent, she’s making her way over now.”

“Let me tell the two of you – for putting our Xiaopang in this state, I will definitely demand compensation for his physical and emotional injuries. Medical compensation, as well compensation for bullying the weak will be required! If not, this incident will not end here!”

Long Wenlun retorted, “Compensation for bullying the weak? Look at your son’s physique, who on earth is the bully? I haven’t even asked for compensation. Auntie, you actually have the nerve to ask for it first.”

“Wow, you’re not that old, but you sure can talk well. You’ve beaten up our Xiaopang to this state, and you can still talk so righteously like that. Do you think I won’t be able to throw you into the river to drown?”

“Auntie, if you throw me into the river to drown, I’m afraid you won’t be able to pay for it even if you sell all your assets.” Long Wenlun tightened his grip on his sister’s hand. “We’re already nice enough to not ask for compensation. To think you’d have the nerve to do so.”

Zhang Xiaopang’s mother was seething with rage. “You want compensation? For what?”

“There’s too many to name.” Long Wenlun started slowly, “There’s compensation for bullying the weak, emotional hurt, intentional harm, and insult. I hit your son only because he bullied my sister. This is justified as an act of vengeance. Auntie, you want us to compensate you? State a price.”

Zhang Xiaopang’s mother declared, “A hundred thousand!”

Long Wenlun grinned as he replied, “Sure. We’ll compensate you a hundred thousand. You’ll have to compensate us one million. That way, after cancelling a hundred thousand away, you still owe us nine hundred thousand.”

Zhang Xiaopang’s mother widened her eyes in disbelief, simply dumbstruck by his words.

The teacher stood aside and watched silently. She knew the status of the Long siblings, so she did not dare to say anything either.

She could only wait for their parent to come.

After over twenty minutes, Mei Yangyang arrived.

After clarifying the situation, Mei Yangyang looked at Xiaopang’s mother and said frankly, “My son was indeed not right to hit your son, but was your son right in hitting my daughter? Even though there’s a difference in severity, your son completely deserved it. Is my son not supposed to help his sister, is he supposed to watch as your son bullies her? Your son is a human being, but my daughter isn’t?”

“I say…” Zhang Xiaopang looked at Mei Yangyang, who was clad in branded goods and had a beautiful demeanor, and instantly realized she was not one to be trifled with. She offered, “Forget it, we’re magnanimous people, we won’t hold it against you.”

Mei Yangyang felt annoyed hearing her words. “What do you mean by ‘magnanimous people’? Zhang Xiaopang’s mother, it’s not only physical wounds that are considered injuries. Your son bullied my daughter, do you know how much hurt he has caused? Do you know the trauma my daughter has suffered because of this? Don’t talk rubbish with me. If you want to settle, then do so. If not, then forget it.”

Zhang Xiaopang’s mother obviously had her imposing manner weakened. She muttered, “I already said forget it, what else do you want?”

With that, she pulled Zhang Xiaopang and turned to leave. After having a talk with her children, Mei Yangyang left as well.

After walking a short distance away, Zhang Xiaopang’s mother returned again.

She directly went to ask the teacher, “What do the parents of those two children do?”

The teacher replied in a low voice, “I heard they live in Wei Ni Estate. The father is the boss of an entertainment company, I’m not so sure about the mother. I think she’s An Xiaoning’s sister.”

Zhang Xiaopang’s mother was stunned. “No wonder she spoke in such a bold manner. We”ll be going back first then.”

“Alright, goodbye, Xiaopang’s mother.”

After the mother and son left the school gate, Zhang Xiaopang’s grumbled, “Mummy, do we just let the Long siblings off like that? My nose hurts so bad.”

“Bear with the pain then. Who asked you to start it first?”


“Shut up…”

Jin Qingyue had just reached her mother’s residence when she saw Mrs. Jin carrying her bag, preparing to go out.

“Mother, where are you going?”

“I have something on, I’m going out.”

Jin Qingyue stopped her. “What’s the matter?”

“I just have something to settle. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Jin Qingyue had originally come to chat with her, thinking that she might be lonely. She never thought that despite her coming over, her mother would be busy with other things.