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Seeing her go farther away, Jin Qingyue went into the house and asked the maid, “Where is my mother going?”

“Madam has gone to take part in an elderly activity.” The maid continued, “She went last time and brought back a bunch of medicine.”

“What medicine? Let me take a look.”

The maid hurriedly took them out for her. Upon seeing the medicine, Jin Qingyue realized those were the healthcare products her mother had bought. “How much are these?”

“Madam didn’t say.”

Jin Qingyue called her mother, but her call was not picked up. She then instructed the maid, “When my mother returns, please give me a call.”

“Alright, Missy.”

Jin Qingyue was slightly worried as she knew that many healthcare products in the market were not reliable. They were not effective, but not to the extent that they would cost one’s life. It was simply a waste of money.

She then drove back to Wei Ni Estate. She had been staying at Jin Qingyan’s place for some time and had not returned to her own house in the meantime.

Upon arriving, she spotted and immediately recognized Ling Ciye’s car in the courtyard.

Jin Qingyue got down from the car and entered the house, carrying her bag.

While she didn’t see her brother, she saw Ling Ciye alone lying on the sofa with his eyes closed.

“Brother Ciye.”

“Ah… Qingyue.” He turned over and asked as he laid on one side, “Where have you been?”

“I went to my mother’s. Where’s my brother?”

“He’s not up yet. Still sleeping in.”

“Oh, I see.” Jin Qingyue sat opposite him and played with her phone. She asked while staring at her phone screen, “I heard you’re getting married?”

“Maybe.” His answer was vague. “There’s a chance.”


Ling Ciye thanked her, then added, “It’s time for you to find one as well.”

“Would it be that easy to find one? Moreover, for a woman like me whose reputation is tarnished, it’s too difficult.” Jin Qingyue laughed. “This is what I think: if I can’t find one soon, I’ll have to choose one from my brother’s underlings.”

“How about Shixin?”

“We’re too familiar with each other already.” Jin Qingyue went on, “I’ll just let nature take its course. Anyway, I’m still young and not in a hurry.”

“Umm, that’s true.” Ling Ciye placed his arms under his head and started staring at the ceiling.

The two stopped talking, and there was silence in the living room.

A sudden chime of a ringtone broke the silence, causing Jin Qingyue to raise her head in surprise. It was Ling Ciye’s phone.

He glanced at the caller ID and took the call.



“Didn’t you say you would be back in a few days?” Ling Ciye questioned. “Why would it take so long?”


“Alright, I know. Be careful over there and don’t do activities that are too strenuous.”


“Hmm? Just speak.”


Ling Ciye suddenly sat upright. “Sure, I agree about us getting married sooner, but you have to be back for us to collect the marriage certificate. I’ll wait for you to come back then.”


After hanging up the call, Ling Ciye’s mood worsened.

“Where has she gone?”

“She went to take part in a reality TV show. Originally, she said she would be back after filming one episode. Now, she says that she’ll need to film three episodes.” Ling Ciye shrugged, then showed a look of helplessness. “I’ll just let her do as she wishes then.”

Jin Qingyue remarked after some hesitation, “The first trimester of pregnancy is the critical period, so she needs to take extra precaution.”

“I told her to rest at home, but she disagreed. She insisted on finishing the filming, then reducing her workload. She’s just a workaholic.”

“Brother Ciye, you should instruct the people around her to take extra care of her, just in case.”

“Qingyue, if it was you, would you put your career first?”

Jin Qingyue said frankly, “I don’t have a job now anyway. But, I’m someone who’s easily satisfied and who doesn’t have much ambition in my career. I just think the savings I have now are enough to last me for the rest of my life. I’ll just focus on living well with my child. As for other things, I haven’t thought of them yet. But honestly, if I were Song Yan, I’d cut down on my workload now. It doesn’t mean I’d quit completely, but I’ll reduce it by a lot, or even not work during the pregnancy. After giving birth, I’d still be able to continue working.”

“That’s what I think too, but she doesn’t agree. We’ve discussed this issue many times already, but it still ends up nowhere every time. She has her own way of thinking, and I have mine. What I need is a wife, not a career woman.” Ling Ciye grew more upset as he talked. “Sometimes, I think we don’t have anything in common anymore. If not for the child, maybe…”

He stopped there in his sentence and did not go on.

But, Jin Qingyue already understood what he meant.

In this aspect, she felt that he was a responsible man.

But why had she herself met an irresponsible man?

Jin Qingyue gazed at him as she spoke. “Brother Ciye, when two people get together, it’s a process of trying to make things work. Since the two of you are getting married, then you’ll have to accommodate each other and bear with each other’s flaws. I think Song Yan lacks security, and that’s why she’s like this. You should give her a stronger sense of security. Maybe then she would think that her career can’t match up to yours and will try to balance it better. ”

These words went straight at Ling Ciye’s heart, and he nodded as he acknowledged what she said.

Mei Yangyang felt that it had been some time since she had gone home, so she drove back there.

If she had not gone back, she would not have known how overboard Mei Shuanshuang had gone.

The moment she entered her house, she heard Mei Shuangshuang’s shouts from her parents’ bedroom as she asked for money. “Faster!” she snapped.

“Get out of this house!” Mr. Mei’s voice was full of rage.

“Give me the money and I’ll scram.”


Mei Yangyang pushed the bedroom door open and entered. Seeing that she had suddenly returned, Mei Shuangshuang remarked sarcastically, “Oh, the richest one in the house is back?”

Without any hesitation, she dragged Mei Shuangshuang out of the room. “A 25-year-old is still asking for money shamelessly? If you want money, go earn it yourself.”

“I didn’t ask you anyway, you’re a rich man’s wife now. After becoming rich, the way you speak has indeed become different.”

Mei Yangyang could not be bothered to entertain her. “Father, you and mother should sell this house and move to my place. Let her survive on her own.”

Mr. Mei was really quite infuriated by her younger daughter, but he could not bear to sell the house, so he responded, “I’ll move to your place for some time with your mother first. We’ve lived in this house for so many years, I really can’t bear to sell it. Just leave it like that first.”

Mei Shuangshuang turned silent, and Mei Yangyang could tell what thoughts she was harboring. She warned Mei Shuangshuang sternly, “If you dare to sell Father and Mother’s things away, I’ll send you to jail.”

“Why don’t you just shoot me? Mei Yangyang, just because you have some money now, don’t think you can look down on others. No matter how rich you are, I won’t butter up to you.”

“Really?” Mei Yangyang scorned ruthlessly. “Even if you butter up to me, I won’t be generous enough to give you a single cent.”

She turned and left, carrying her parents’ suitcase filled up with their belongings and placing it in the boot of the car. Mr. Mei carried his wife and sat at the backseat of the car, and Mei Yangyang drove the car away.

Only Mei Shuangshuang was left in the house.

She went back to search around her parents’ bedroom, but she could not find a single cent.