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Infuriated, she decided to completely break off ties with her family.

She sold everything she could in the house, yet, because their house was old, there was no certificate of ownership.

She simply went all in and secretly sold the house in the name of its owner.

The price was pathetically low, and she personally signed the papers.

Within a day, she sold the house she had been living in all this while.

Bringing the money and luggage with her, she completely disappeared.

Mei Yangyang only realized it to her surprise a few days later when her father instructed her to come back to get something.

All the anger was boiled up inside her.

She insisted on canceling the selling of the house, but the buyer said that if she wanted the house back, Mei Shuangshuang would have to be sued for fraud. Mei Shuangshuang would then really face the possibility of going to prison.

After discussing with her father, they eventually did not pursue the matter.

It was fine that the house was sold, since her parents would no longer have to face Mei Shuangshuang’s constant extortion.

Mei Yangyang felt that it was good as well, but her parents did not have an appetite for two consecutive days and only cried.

Mei Yangyang was infuriated with Mei Shuangshuang but also worried about her at the same time.

She was extremely reluctant to find her sister as she had long lost any bond with this biological sister of hers.

But seeing the state her parents were in, she simply had no choice.

She decided to ask her mother directly.

“Do the two of you still want to see her before you every day?”

“Yangyang, no matter what, she’s still your sister… We don’t know where she’s gone with the money, what if she runs into bad people?”

Mei Yangyang turned to her father. “Father, what do you think?”

“Let her be. Whatever happens to her is her fate. An unrepentant child like her, we’re better off without.”

Mrs. Mei retorted, “How can we just cut off ties with her? She’s a piece of flesh that came from me as well. It’s our fault for not teaching her well, it’s our responsibility.”

Mei Yangyang could not stand the attitude of her teary-eyed mother. “Because you’ve spoiled her like this, that’s why she dared to sell the house. Do you believe this or not? If you and Father can be exchanged for money, she would sell the two of you too.”


“I’m just perplexed. Both of you are getting on in years already and still worry about her like that. Let her do whatever she wants to. She’s 25 already, not 15. She’s an adult now, she’ll have to face the consequences of whatever she does. For how long more do the two of you have to bear with her already? Not everyone in society would treat her like the two of you do and can forgive her endlessly,” Mei Yangyang commented honestly. “I don’t want to see her or let her stay here.”

Mr. Mei felt that what her daughter said made sense. “Yangyang, Father thinks what you said is right. Let’s not find her anymore. No matter how she leads her life, it’s her own issue. As parents, we’ve done everything we could by raising her up. As for other things, it’s out of our control already.”

“She’s already an adult, both of you should stop worrying so much about her. While you’re here worrying about her, she’s probably somewhere else enjoying life with the money from selling your house.” With that, Mei Yangyang turned and left the house.

“Young Mistress, the opposite house asked you and Young Sir to go over and eat tonight.”


Although An Xiaoning was exhausted from spending a busy day at the office, from eight in the morning to past six in the evening, the thought of being able to see Jin Qingyan when she reached home cleared all her exhaustion.

As her car drove into the garage and pulled over, she got down from it and entered the living room in her high heels.

Before she even entered, she could hear the house bustling with noise.

Everyone was around except Jin Qingyan.

“Where is he?”

“Not sure, he was still around just now, but he went out after a call,” Mei Yangyang responded.

An Xiaoning turned and went out, running right into Xiao Huang. “Have you seen Young Sir?”

“He’s gone over there.” Xiao Huang pointed towards the direction he had returned from.

“Umm.” She went towards the direction he had pointed at.

After walking for a while, she saw his back view at the wooden bench not far away. From her point of view, he was the only one there.

She pressed her lips down into a sweet smile and walked over in high spirits. When she had about a small path left between them, she suddenly realized that there was another pair of legs under the bench.

It was apparent that next to Jin Qingyan, the other pair of legs belonged to a woman.

Even more apparent was that the reason she could only see him sitting there from afar was because the woman was leaning over the bench or his legs. To find out which was the case, she slowed down her footsteps and went forward slowly, approaching them discreetly.

She then observed their tightly linked legs under the bench.

After careful observation, An Xiaoning realized that the woman was leaning over the bench.

For some reason, An Xiaoning heaved a sigh of relief.

She intentionally lightened her footsteps and stretched her neck to look. She saw that the woman was indeed leaning over the bench but was closely holding onto him. Her shoulders were shaking as well. It seemed like she was crying.

That woman was not just anyone; it was Bu Xianxian.

An Xiaoning stood behind the tree and saw that the two did not speak for a long while. It felt rather ridiculous.

She lowered her head as she switched her phone to vibration mode, then called Jin Qingyan.

Unexpectedly, he actually hung up her call and did not pick it up.

An Xiaoning was now dissatisfied. She called him another time and watched as he hung up her call again.

If she went over there so abruptly, it would be very awkward for him.

Which was why she just turned and left immediately.

Pretending as if nothing had happened, she returned and entered the house. After changing her shoes, she merrily chatted with everyone.

“Sis, you didn’t find Brother-in-law?” Mei Yangyang inquired under her voice.

“I didn’t see him, but I reckon he didn’t go too far.” An Xiaoning turned to Auntie Chen. “Serve the dishes now, let’s not wait anymore.”

“Sure, Young Madam.”

Everyone was seated at the dining table, and An Xiaoning instructed Fan Shixin to get the best wine from the wine cellar.

Fan Shixin did as he was told and got the wine, pouring it into everyone’s glasses.

Even when the dishes were served, Jin Qingyan still had yet to return.

Ling Ciye remarked as he called him, “Why isn’t he picking up?”

“He probably had something on and went out. Let’s not wait for him. Come, let me give a toast to everyone.”

Everyone got up and shouted in unison, “Cheers!”

They raised their glasses and took a sip, placing it back down as they started to eat.

“Qingyue, where’s Bao’er? I haven’t seen her in the house when I came back.”

“Her father fetched her away.” Jin Qingyue continued, “It’s good that way, since she wants her Daddy so badly. I’ll just let her have her wish then. I can relax for two days as well.”

An Xiaoning nodded. “Even though Shi Shaochuan isn’t such a good person, no matter what, he’s her biological father. He’d probably treat her quite well.”

“That, we wouldn’t know.” Jin Qingyue raised her glass and drank two mouthfuls, the sharp taste of the wine piercing through her throat. “When the child was born, he didn’t look after her much either. I was the one who raised her. She’s now past five already, and only now is he so eager to spend time with her. I only agreed to him because I had no choice, so he’ll take her for two days in a week. I won’t have to face his constant threatening and bombarding anymore as well.”

As this point, Jin Qingyue smiled bitterly as she confessed, “The thing I regret the most in my life was not listening to your words, Sister-in-law. Really, this has made me so regretful. If I had listened to you, it would have been great. But when we’re young, we always don’t know better and insist on our own ways. Only when we get a memorable lesson learned will we know who’s truly concerned about us.”