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As soon as she arrived at the door, the secretary informed her that Jin Qingyan came by during noon and had been waiting for her inside for hours.

She pushed the door open and was immediately greeted with the sight of him sitting on the couch quietly.

After closing the door, she walked inside and asked, “What are you here for?”

He sprung up immediately and walked towards her.

To his surprise, An Xiaoning walked past him and hung her purse onto the clothes hook before taking a seat on her chair.

Jin Qingyan approached her once again and supported himself against the desk. He looked down at her and said, “Are you still angry?”

“I’m not angry, why would I be?”

He reached out to grab her chin, forcing her to maintain eye contact with him.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you’re still angry. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. Why are you apologizing? You’re never wrong or at fault.”


“I shouldn’t have kept it from you. Xianxian called me yesterday to say that her mother had slapped her. I went to see her and comforted her while she was bawling and weeping. You happened to call me at that time so I didn’t answer. I didn’t tell you about it because I knew that you disliked her and you’d definitely hit the roof if you found out that I didn’t pick up your call because I was with her at the time. Had I known that you’d get so upset, I would’ve told you the truth right from the start. Besides… ”

He continued, “I wasn’t blaming you for the matter regarding Ciye. Telling him the truth wasn’t your fault since he was the one who wanted to know.”

Noticing that she was not answering him, Jin Qingyan cocked his head sideways to look at her before saying, “Are you really that angry? How can I make you feel better? Tell me.”

In fact, his words were already enough to make her anger dissipate.

Pouting her lips, she answered, “I’m not that petty. I wouldn’t have gotten angry if you’d decided to be honest from the start.”

He immediately rushed forward to hug her and said, “I haven’t had my lunch because I was waiting for you.”

“You’re not the only one who hasn’t eaten, I haven’t either.”

“Shall we go and eat together then?”

“Let’s go.”

As soon as she stood up, he hugged her by her waist and gave her a kiss before saying, “You’re finally not upset anymore. Great!”

After shadowing her mother for a day, Jin Qingyue realized that the situation was far more serious than she had imagined.

She did not make a sound throughout and instead followed Mrs. Jin all the way home.

“Why have you come back at this time?”

“I’ve been following you the entire day. Mother, is that 20-something-year-old the man who sold you those health supplements?”

“I was the one who initiated the purchase because I took pity on him,” Mrs. Jin answered.

“You’re in the pink of health, what are you taking those supplements for?”

“I’m not taking them anyway.”

“Why did you buy them in the first place then? Do you think you’re doing charity? That gigolo is obviously out to cheat you out of your money,” Jin Qingyue snapped.

“Why do you have to put it that way? Xiaotian is really having a hard time working as a salesman, why do you have to call him a gigolo?”

“I’m already being kind by calling him a gigolo. Mother, have you got too much money to spend? Do you want me to tell Sis-in-law to cut back on your allowance from now on?” Jin Qingyue threatened.

“I’ll strangle you if you dare breathe a word about this to her. Are you trying to make life hard for me? Stay out of my matters and just mind your own business,” Mrs. Jin snapped.

“Mother, I’m just sparing a thought for you. Why can’t you understand where I’m coming from? You’re being so stubborn.”

“I’m already such an old adult. Do you really think I need you to teach me what to do? You actually followed me for the entire day. Seems like you have a lot of time on your hands. Since you’re so free, just go find yourself a man,” Mrs. Jin scorned before turning around to walk away.

Jin Qingyue stood rooted to the ground and remained silent.

She got inside the car. Suddenly reminded of Jin Bao’er, she decided to give Shi Shaochuan a call.

Shi Shaochuan put Jin Bao’er on the phone to speak with Jin Qingyue.

“Mommy, I’m on summer break now. I’d like to spend the whole summer with Daddy.”

“Don’t you miss Mommy then?” asked Jin Qingyue, exceptionally disappointed to hear her daughter’s request.

“I used to spend all day with you, Mommy. I’m enjoying myself with Daddy now and I want to spend more time together with him. I’ll come back to you when school starts again.”

“Did Daddy teach you to say that?” Jin Qingyue could not help but feel that way. “Mommy misses you dearly,” she added.

“I miss you too, but, Mommy, Daddy brings me out to play every day. I still want to be with Daddy. I’m going out to have some fun now. I’ll call you again next time, bye.”

Tears welled up in Jin Qingyue’s eyes as soon as her daughter hung up on her.

Soon, her tears began to roll down her cheek. She felt as if there was no more hope in life and she could no longer see the light of day.

Jin Qingyue got a grip on her emotions and began driving back to Wei Ni Estate.

Upon arriving at the entrance, she caught sight of her nephew sitting on top of the wall.

She wound down the windows and craned a neck out to ask, “Yiheng, what are you doing up there?”

“I’m playing.”

“Come down, quick. Mind your step and be careful not to fall.”

“I won’t fall, don’t worry, Auntie.”

Jin Qingyue drove her car inside and walked towards the ladder, only to see that he had a paintbrush in hand, along with a palette of multi-colored paint beside him.

Everyone was crowding around the wall and watching him closely, in case he falls off.

“What are you drawing?”

“He’s drawing Young Sir. Little Sir seems to be angry. Young Sir said he’d come home to play with him but he’s yet to return home,” said Xiao Huang.

Jin Qingyue burst into laughter and said, “Watch him closely and make sure he doesn’t fall. Just let him keep drawing.”


Gu Beicheng showed up at the Lin Corporation office building at 5:20 PM sharp.

He managed to enter successfully while wearing a pair of shades and a surgical mask. The moment he stepped foot into Lin Mingxi’s office, he heard a heated argument going on inside.

It was Lin Mingyuan and Lin Mingxi arguing with each other.

He pushed the door open and entered. They immediately stopped arguing at the sight of him.

Lin Mingxi got a grip on her emotions and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick you up, why are you guys arguing?” asked Gu Beicheng, slowly shifting his gaze to Lin Mingyuan.

“What other reason could there be? The company belongs to Father and Mother, no one is allowed to have it all to themselves. I’m not going to compromise even if you keep finding trouble with me,” said Lin Mingxi as he switched off the computer.

“You’re incompetent yet you still refuse to take criticism? Don’t try to butt in and interfere if you don’t have what it takes to run a business. You gave up your passion in order to do something you can’t manage. Aren’t you just causing unnecessary misery for yourself?” Lin Mingyuan sneered.

“I’m incompetent? You know clearly whether I’m incompetent or whether you’re simply finding fault with me. I know you’re trying to drive me out of the company, but I refuse to let you have your way,” Lin Mingxi retorted with an austere expression on her face.

Lin Mingyuan did not utter another word and left straight away.

Noticing that she was upset, Gu Beicheng reached out to hold her hand and walked out of the office.

After entering the elevator, he pressed the button for the first storey and said, “Since you sisters can’t get along, why don’t you convert your portion of the company shares into cash and invest it in something you like doing?”

“Is that really a good idea?”

“What’s so bad about it? Once you convert your shares into cash, you can do anything you want. I’ll support your decision, be it to open a gym or anything else. You’ll be happier and have something to do. What do you think?”

Lin Mingxi smiled and said, “I think that sounds great. Actually, I don’t quite like running the company either. I hate seeing that face of hers.”