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Song Yan missed him since they’d not seen each other for a few days. Song Yan took the initiative to hold his hand and said, “Rest assured, I’m not that silly. I’ll take good care of myself. The child means a lot to me too. I’ve already had it all planned out. Let’s register our marriage at the end of the month. I’ll rest at home after the filming for this program ends and only appear every now and then. I’ve already taken a huge step back. Will this do?”

“Yes, I’m just afraid Xiaoning’s predictions would come true.”

“It all depends on the individual, she might not be entirely correct either.” Song Yan gave him a kiss and said, “Stop dwelling on it, lest you make yourself more frustrated. Now I understand what they mean by ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I’ve really missed you after not seeing you for days. You’re not leaving tonight, are you?”

“I was planning to leave tonight.”

“Go back tomorrow instead. Stay here to accompany me tonight. Okay?” Song Yan asked with a look of hopefulness.

He felt as if she had become the Song Yan he knew at the start of their relationship. “Alright.”

Xu Youran and Gu Dongcheng had their very first argument after they got married.

The reason was because Xu Youran wanted to go on a vacation but Gu Dongcheng was not free.

After comparing their schedules, they realized that the earliest they could go on a vacation would be three months later.

Being the spoiled brat she was, Xu Youran threw a petty tantrum and blurted many callous things. However, Gu Dongcheng still refused to give in to her.

After the argument, she stormed off and headed straight back to the Xu family mansion.

She aired her grievances to her mother and even mentioned that she regretted marrying him.

Madam Xu had no choice but to placate her and advise her to keep her temper in check.

“Mother, he doesn’t give in to me at all. I was already making sacrifices and settling for less by marrying him. This is only my first marriage, but he’s already divorced once.”

“Regardless of whether it’s your first marriage or not, you two ought to compromise and be understanding towards each other since you’re already husband and wife. Couples argue all the time. Don’t take such petty quarrels and trivial matters to heart. Since he doesn’t have the time now, can’t you just wait three more months to go on a vacation? It’s not a must to go now, is it?” Madam Xu said in a calm and gentle voice.

“It’s summer now, the perfect season for a vacation. Am I really supposed to wait until it’s autumn to go?”

“The weather is cool and breezy in autumn. That’s much better than the blazing temperatures in summer. If you go now, you’re only going to end up being drenched in sweat wherever you go. Youran, listen to me. Don’t keep harping on the minor issues. To subdue a man, you need to use your brains, not berate him continuously. It’s not going to work that way,” Madam Xu said smilingly.

Xu Youran found that her mother had indeed made a lot of sense. “Mother, I wish I could be like you. Even if you don’t see eye to eye with Father on some things, you’re always so forgiving and ready to compromise. If only I could learn to be half as patient and understanding as you are.”

“Take it slow, one step at a time. It takes time to learn everything. You haven’t been creating any more trouble lately, have you?” Madam Xu asked inquisitively.

“I haven’t.”

“That’s good. Youran, I’ve been on the edge and worried about you all day. Don’t mess with Ms. An anymore. Seems like she has very powerful backers now.”

“I know, I won’t cause any more trouble for Father. An Xiaoning is really something now. Who’d dare mess with her again? Why does she get to enjoy the best of all worlds?” Xu Youran sneered begrudgingly with a look disdain.

“Don’t say that. Like what the Reverend mentioned, everything happens for a karmic reason. I guess she got to where she is today because it’s all written in her fate.”

Xu Youran stood up and said, “I’m almost bored to death. I’m going to go fishing.”

“Where at?”

“The Southern River. There are a lot of trees there, it’ll be cooling.”

Madam Xu watched her leave, suddenly overwhelmed with an inexplicable uneasiness.

Perhaps because Xu Youran was notorious for wreaking havoc, Madam Xu could not help but feel paranoid.

She had initially thought that everything would become better after Xu Youran was married. However, it seemed she can never be at peace or stop worrying about her daughter, regardless of whether the latter was married or not.

Xu Youran made her way to the Southern River in her car.

Just as she found a spot to sit down at, she caught sight of a familiar silhouette on the bridge. She squinted to find that it was Jin Qingyan. What a coincidence.

She pulled over at the start of the bridge and alighted from the car. She then began walking towards Jin Qingyan and Jin Yiheng while carrying the bucket in her hands.

Jin Qingyan and Jin Yiheng were sitting on chairs, each holding a fishing rod. There were already a few fishes in Jin Qingyan’s bucket and none in Jin Yiheng’s so far, unfortunately.

“You’re fishing too?”

Jin Qingyan glared at her and looked away without answering.

Realizing that he was ignoring her, Xu Youran did not bother continuing to speak to him and began fishing on her own.

“Daddy, I can’t seem to catch any fish at all. Seems like I have to come up with a better solution,” said Jin Yiheng.

“What solution?”

Jin Yiheng stood up and took out a piece of paper and a pen from his bag. He then wrote a few words on the piece of paper before showing it to his father.

Jin Qingyan almost burst into laughter after reading the message he had written.

“Dear fishes, Daddy and I are going home soon. Rest assured and enjoy eating the bait in peace.”

“Is this the solution you came up with?”

“Yes, let me try.” Jin Yiheng hooked the piece of paper onto the fishing rod and dipped it into the water slowly.

Needless to say, it obviously wouldn’t work.

After fishing for a while, Jin Yiheng pulled his rod out of the water, disappointed by his futile efforts.

“Daddy, let’s stop fishing. I’m hungry, I want to go home.”

“Alright.” Jin Qingyan packed the fishing equipment and carried them to the car along with the chair and bucket.

“Daddy, can we keep the fishes you caught in the bathtub? I don’t want to eat them. I want to take care of them and watch them grow up.”

“No problem.”


Xu Youran watched the pair of father and son get into the car.

She continued to stare until Jin Qingyan’s car had left.

She then stopped looking.

All of a sudden, she was reminded of her childhood.

Jin Qingyan and his friends used to secretly bring her along on their fishing trips when they were younger.

Jin Qingyan was a year older than she was and would often hold onto her hand. He was afraid that she would fall since she was thin and frail because of how little she was given to eat at the Jin family.

To be honest, Xu Youran was aware that her half-brother had treated her rather well.

He had never once bullied her and would often bring her delicious food every other day.

However, she absolutely detested the entire Jin family.

Gradually, she began to resent him too.

Even until today, flashbacks of her tormenting past would pop up in her mind every time she closed her eyes.

She would be reminded of her mother’s death.

Those unforgettable days of suffering were deeply etched in her mind.

She would die with regrets if she did not get the revenge she wanted.

The Jin family was indebted to her and her mother and she was determined to get revenge where it was due. However, if she could endure it for so many years, she could definitely wait a little longer before taking her revenge.

Tears began to roll down Xu Youran’s cheeks.

She wiped her tears away and stared at the surface of the water by the river.

All of a sudden, her phone began ringing in her pocket. She whipped her phone out and took a look at the caller display before swiping to answer.

“What is it?”

“Don’t you want to know where your mother’s grave is?” Mr. Jin asked over the phone.

Of course, Xu Youran wanted to know where it was. However, compared to that, she had a greater desire to cut off all ties with Mr. Jin, who could not bring her any benefits she needed.