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Jin Qingyan was jolted awake from his sleep by the sudden ringing of his phone.

After taking a look at the caller display, he answered the call.

“Xianxian, what’s the matter?”


“I’m already in bed. Let’s talk tomorrow.”


Realizing that she sounded rather urgent and eager, Jin Qingyan decided to put on his pajamas and make his way downstairs.

Upon arriving at the door, he was suddenly reminded of the promise he made to his wife.

He was stuck in a dilemma.

Nonetheless, he proceeded to the courtyard in the end.

Jin Qingyan caught sight of Bu Xianxian, who was not too far away. He then walked towards her with his head hung low in order to avoid looking at her.

“Nick, I heard your wife is away on a business trip.”

He nodded.

“Why are you asleep so early?”

He nodded again.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“I promised my wife that I wouldn’t talk to another woman for more than two sentences. I’ve already reached the limit, so I can’t talk anymore. If there’s anything you need to tell me, say it right now. Otherwise, I’m going back to bed now,” Jin Qingyan said in one breath.

Bu Xianxian chuckled in amusement and said, “You’re already a grown man, yet you’re still so henpecked. She won’t be able to see you talking to me since she’s not around anyway.”

Jin Qingyan turned around and left straight away.

Bu Xianxian watched as his figure faded, at a complete loss for words.

“Ms. Bu, you’re not allowed to go near the master mansion,” Fan Shixin warned.

“Got it.” She then turned around to walk away. Moments later, she stopped in her tracks and turned to say to Fan Shixin, “Your Young Sir is so henpecked, what a wimp.”

Fan Shixin smiled and said, “You’re just trying to say that our Young Sir is not as abiding toward you. Do you need some help with easing your jealousy?”


“Ms. Bu…” Fan Shixin stepped forward and said, “Forget about vying with Young Madam for her man. You’re no match for her at all. It’s a piece of cake for Madam to destroy you whenever she’d like.”

“It’s a crime to kill.”

“No, not in Wei Ni Estate. She calls the shots here.”

“How arrogant,” Bu Xianxian scoffed.

“It’s called having what it takes.”


Bu Xianxian returned to her abode, boiling with rage. “Did you go look for Nick again?” Mrs. Bu asked.

“He’s already become his wife’s slave. He even said that he promised his wife not to speak more than two sentences to another woman. He must be nuts.”

“Since he’s already said that, it’s time you stop harboring designs on him. Why can’t you understand the situation at all? Your Father and I have come to a consensus. If you keep behaving this way, we’ll return to our country. Anyway, we have five million dollars now. We can’t keep imposing on others and causing them unnecessary trouble after taking their money,” Mrs. Bu said helplessly.

“I’m not going back. What’s the point of doing that?” Bu Xianxian refuted.

“If you don’t wish to go back, will you stop behaving so atrociously? Don’t think we have the right to be greedy just because we saved his life. That’ll only make others look down on us. You even tried to stop him from acknowledging his family, they had to come and find him themselves. Xianxian, you must have a conscience and morals. Nick is already married with a child of his own. Will you come to your senses and face reality?” Mrs. Bu admonished in utter frustration.

“I know… but I just adore him to bits. What can I do?” Bu Xianxian lamented, hanging her head low.

“Since you don’t want to go back to our country, I shall try and arrange a marriage for you so you can forget about Nick sooner. I know you like good-looking men. I’ll find one that’s pleasing to your eyes, okay?” said a determined Mrs. Bu.

Bu Xianxian remained silent while sitting on the bed.

“I’ll take your silence as consent.”

“I’m home, you may go.” Mrs. Jin waved Xiaotian goodbye smilingly.

“See you again soon, Auntie.” Xiaotian turned around and walked away, grinning from ear to ear.

Mrs. Jin returned inside her house only after watching Xiaotian walk farther away.

Jin Qingyue drove slowly behind Xiaotian and continued to shadow him.

She pulled over beside him and wound down the window. “Hop in.”

“You are?”

“I have something to talk to you about.”

“Who are you? Why do I have to get into your car?”

“I’m the daughter of that Auntie you just sent home! Get in now!” Jin Qingyue hollered sternly.

Upon hearing her words, Xiaotian grew even more reluctant to get inside her car.

Having already prepared beforehand, Jin Qingyue gestured for her bodyguards to come forth in another car behind. Realizing what was going on, Xiaotian hurriedly got into her car.

“Sis, let’s talk things calmly. Don’t get violent.”

Jin Qingyue began driving straight ahead.

“Were you the one who manipulated my mother into buying those health supplements?”

“I didn’t manipulate her. Auntie was the one who bought them herself willingly. Actually, I’ve already hinted and told her before that the supplements might not really be effective, and I suggested that she take them with precaution,” Xiaotian explained.

Jin Qingyue obviously did not believe him. “How much has my mother spent on your products so far?”

“More than a hundred thousand dollars.”

“Do you know who my mother is? Do you?” Jin Qingyue questioned.

“She’s your mother…”

“I’m Jin Qingyan’s sister. Listen up, if you make my mother buy any supplements from you again, I’ll send my people to destroy your company. I mean what I say. Try going against my instructions if you don’t believe me. Also, if you dare contact my mother again, I’ll break your legs. Try me.”

“Sis, I won’t contact Auntie again. I mean it. If Auntie wants to purchase any supplements again, I’ll try to stop her from doing so. But, there’s nothing much I can do if she comes looking for me out of her own accord. I’m only a salesperson. The best I can do is to refrain from taking the initiative to contact her. I can’t say no to business,” said Xiaotian, who was frightened by her warning.

“Seems like my warning fell on deaf ears. Why don’t I try breaking your legs now?” Jin Qingyue threatened, glaring at him.

“No, no, please don’t. Sis, I’ve heard everything you said. From now on, I’ll shun Auntie whenever I see her and stop selling her any more supplements. Will that do?”

“You said that yourself. Don’t blame me for being nasty if you don’t keep your word. Get out now.”

Xiaotian hurriedly alighted and scurried away after closing the door shut.

Jin Qingyue then began driving home. Before she even arrived home, she received a call from Mrs. Jin, who lashed out at her.

Jin Qingyue felt a strong urge to beat Xiaotian into a pulp upon realizing that he had complained to Mrs. Jin.

However, she relented after hearing Mrs. Jin promise not to purchase any more health supplements in a bid to get her to stop looking for trouble with Xiaotian.

She should have promised earlier , Jin Qingyue thought to herself.

Jin Qingyue heaved a sigh of relief and walked to the balcony with a glass of red wine in her hand.

The tranquility of the serene night was extremely relaxing.

She leaned against the railing and looked down below at the ground under the dim rays of sunset. She could not help but feel rather lonely.

At this very moment, all she wanted was a shoulder to lean on. Wealth and status did not matter to her as long as he treated her well.

Yet, why was it so difficult?

Recalling the past and thinking about the present, Jin Qingyue felt as if she had constantly been missing opportunities she should have taken.

She used to think that Long Tianze was immature and was someone who’s often messing about when she was younger, yet she only began to realize how great of a catch he was when it was all too late.

When she was muddled up and head-over-heels in love with Shi Shaochuan, she used to think that he was the one she could depend on for the rest of her life. However, she now realized that he was nothing but a despicable scumbag.