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“Daddy, Mommy said that I can’t sleep naked anymore and that I’d have to put on some clothes when I sleep now that I’m five years old,” said Jin Bao’er.

“Did your Mommy say that you have to sleep alone in your own room too?” Shi Shaochuan asked.


“You’re only five years old. You’re still so young, aren’t you afraid to sleep by yourself in your own room? Isn’t it not scary anymore with Daddy around to accompany you to sleep? Don’t listen to Mommy, Daddy’s here. Just listen to me, okay?” said Shi Shaochuan, caressing her hair.

Jin Bao’er nodded and exclaimed, “Daddy, must I really take my clothes off to sleep!?!”

Shi Shaochuan nodded before answering, “The weather is so warm. It’d be so much more comfortable to sleep without clothes on.”

Shi Shaochuan did not find it much of a big deal since she was his own daughter.

Jin Bao’er removed her clothes and lay down beside him under the duvet. “Daddy, why did you divorce Mommy?” she asked.

“Your Mommy was the one who wanted a divorce, not me. Your Mommy even caused me to be locked up in a tiny room and stopped me from coming out to see you. If not for her, Daddy would have been by your side long ago,” Shi Shaochuan explained.

“Why did Mommy want to divorce you then?” Jin Bao’er asked.

After thinking it through for a while, Shi Shaochuan answered, “Because your Mommy stopped fancying me. Bao’er, tell Daddy, has Mommy ever brought any other men home in the past few years?”

“No, but Mommy brought Uncle Ciye along to attend the parent-teacher meeting at my school previously.”

“Then, who do you think is more handsome, Daddy or Uncle Ciye?”

Jin Bao’er chuckled and said, “Daddy, of course.”

Shi Shaochuan gave her a peck on her cheek and complimented her, “Bao’er is so obedient.”

“Daddy, your stubble is poking me,” Jin Bao’er complained with a look of disdain.

“Shall I shave my beard tomorrow then?”

“Yes, you must shave. Daddy, I want to be with you every day. May I return to Mommy only when school reopens?”

“What if your Mommy disapproves?” Shi Shaochuan asked softly.

“Mommy will agree for sure. Can she say no if I refuse to go home with her? Daddy, I want to watch some cartoons,” said Jin Bao’er, who could not fall asleep.

“There aren’t any more cartoons being aired on TV at this hour. There is a pile of video discs there, pick one that you like and place it inside the DVD player.”

“Okay.” Completely naked, Jin Bao’er got out of bed and ran towards the end of the bed. She kneeled onto the ground and began browsing through the discs to find one she preferred.

Shi Shaochuan took a look at the time to find that it was already past nine o’clock in the evening. He put on his home slippers and said, “Daddy’s going to take a shower now.”

“Okay,” Jin Bao’er acknowledged without even looking at him.

To his astonishment, Shi Shaochuan heard strange noises coming from the television when he came out of the shower in a bathrobe.

He took a look at the LED display, only to realize that a film unsuitable for children was playing.

He got the chills all of a sudden. As soon as she saw him, Jin Bao’er exclaimed, “Daddy, look at what they’re doing. So shameful!”

Just as he was about to switch off the television, Jin Bao’er grabbed his arm to stop him, “Daddy, don’t switch it off. I still want to continue watching.”

Shi Shaochuan switched it off anyway and said, “These films are meant for adults. Children aren’t allowed to watch them.”

Jin Bao’er climbed onto the bed grumpily and lay down before asking, “Why can’t I watch them?”

“No particular reason. It’s solely because you’re a child.”

Jin Bao’er expressed assent. Noticing that Shi Shaochuan had lain down too, she hugged his waist and said, “Daddy, marry Mommy again.”

“You want us to get married again?”


“But I don’t want to,” Shi Shaochuan refuted, for he absolutely detested Jin Qingyue and vice versa. The last thing he wanted was to marry her again, and he knew that it was the case for her as well.

“Are you going to find me a stepmother too in the future? Mommy’s also going to find me a stepfather, and then you guys will have more children of your own…” said Jin Bao’er as she suddenly began sobbing.

“No matter what happens between Daddy and Mommy, I’ll always love you and you’ll always be Daddy’s precious baby.”

“No, I want to be your and Mommy’s only baby. Daddy, don’t find me a stepmother and give birth to any more children, okay?” Jin Bao’er pleaded, hugging him tightly.

How was that possible?

Shi Shaochuan was the only heir left of the Shi family. If he does not bear a son, the Shi family bloodline would really cease to exist after his death.

Jin Bao’er flew into a rage upon noticing that he refused to answer her.

She sprung up and said, “Daddy, I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you answering me?”

“Bao’er. Daddy is the only male heir left in our family. If I don’t bear any son, our family’s bloodline is going to cease. Besides, you’ve also taken your Mommy’s last name, haven’t you?” Shi Shaochuan said patiently.

“No! No! No! I don’t want a stepmother and a younger brother!”


This was Shi Shaochuan’s first encounter with his daughter’s tantrum and temper, which could not be tamed or placated once she was infuriated.

At last, he had no choice but to make a pact with her that he knew would be impossible to fulfill. “If you can persuade Mommy to marry me again, Daddy and Mommy shall give you a younger brother instead. I won’t look for a stepmother for you anymore then, okay?”

Jin Bao’er found that it was a better idea compared to having a stepmother, although she didn’t want a younger brother at all.

“Okay, if Mommy agrees to marry you again, you’re not to find me a stepmother.”

“That goes without saying.”

Needless to say, Jin Bao’er had no idea what her father’s plan was.

Shi Shaochuan knew that it was impossible for that to happen.

Besides, it would be good news for him even if Jin Qingyue really were to agree to marry him again.

That way, he would have the chance to torture Jin Qingyue and take revenge on her for plotting a scheme against him!

It seemed like a good idea to him, regardless of the outcome, though he did not wish to marry Jin Qingyue again at all.

However, the thought of possibly getting to give her a hard time and making her life a living hell openly tempted him greatly.

He did not have much to his name now anyway, and Jin Qingyue should still have a lot of money left from the assets she had taken away from him.

A smirk formed on Shi Shaochuan’s face, thinking that his daughter might just be the catalyst for the reconciliation of their marriage. That would truly be the beginning of Jin Qingyue’s nightmare!

Jin Qingyue was jolted awake from her sleep by a bad dream. She dreamed of the torturous days she’d spent in the past living in the Shi family home.

She felt shivers from head to toe.

She did not feel safe at all.

After taking a look at the time, Jin Qingyue lay in bed and let out a long sigh.

All of a sudden, her mobile phone screen lit up and her ringtone went off.

She was greatly startled by the dream such that she thought it was a call from Shi Shaochuan. After taking a look at the caller display, she finally felt a sense of relief and answered the call.


“Hello, we are calling from a nightclub, and this mister has gotten drunk here. He’s completely knocked out. Are you his friend? Please come and bring him away.”

“Alright.” Jin Qingyue immediately got out of bed to put on some clothes before hurrying out of the house without even bothering to comb her hair. She got into her car and quickly drove out of Wei Ni Estate.