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Mei Yangyang stood at the doorway for some time. It was cramped with people entering and leaving. She did not want to go in alone, but Mei Shuangshuang seemed to be inside. She had no choice but to go in to find out, so she hesitated.

The hoodie behind her shirt suddenly got raised up and Mei Yangyang squealed, startled — she turned to see a pair of cold eyes staring at her.

“Hey, little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl, I’m 20 already.”

“Wow, you’re of age.” Long Tianze unclenched his hands and folded them into his pocket. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to find my younger sister, but I don’t quite dare go in alone.”

“Come in with me.” He turned and headed in while Mei Yangyang followed closely behind.

After searching the place once and realizing that Mei Shuangshuang was not inside, she said, “Thank you, Young Master Long.”

“I haven’t eaten, will you have a meal with me?”


He continued to stare at her, “Will you?”

Mei Yangyang finally nodded, “Sure.”

At this very moment, Mei Shuangshuang’s call came in. She answered it, and on the other end was Mei Shuangshuang’s shrilly voice, “What did you call me for? You act like you’re inspecting me all day, how annoying can you get?”

“Do you think I want to supervise you? Our parents can’t take care of you properly, I’m just controlling you abit and you’ve already become like this. If i didn’t, you will probably do worse things.”

“Tonight I’m sleeping at a classmate’s house, I’m not going back.” With that, she ended the call.

Mei Yangyang furiously threw her phone into her pocket. She then followed Long Tianze to a nearby restaurant and the two entered a private room only for themselves.

He ordered many dishes. Although she told him that they won’t be able to finish them, he still spared no effort in doing so, even ordering a luxurious brand of wine.

Mei Yangyang could guess that the number of dishes he ordered would probably amount to a huge figure.

He looked like he was in quite a bad mood, yet he urged her, “Look at how skinny you are, eat more.”

Mei Yangyang nodded and picked up her chopsticks to eat only the dishes nearest to her. Meanwhile, he ate very little and only kept on drinking.

“Don’t just drink, it’s harmful for your liver. Eat more.” Mei Yangyang picked up more food for him with her chopsticks.

Looking at her appearance, he asked, “Are you still in school?”

“No. I stopped school long ago, and now I’m working at Sister Ning’s store.”

“What store did she open?”

“A fashion boutique, selling clothes.”

Long Tianze nodded. “Looking at your baby face makes me feel that you’re very young. Why didn’t you continue going to school?”

“My family circumstances didn’t allow me to.” Mei Yangyang smiled vaguely. “Are you very unhappy?”

“You can see that?”

“It’s very obvious…”

He sighed and asked, “How many boyfriends have you had?”

“Oh, I haven’t been in love yet, so I haven’t had a single relationship before.” She ate as she spoke, “A pure and beautiful young girl like me just hasn’t found the right man who could catch my eye yet.”

Long Tianze’s gaze landed on her lips. Her pink lips were stained with oil, and he wanted to get a tissue to wipe it off for her. In actual fact, after drinking a few glasses, he really did take out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the stain off her lips himself.

Mei Yangyang was somewhat taken aback. She raised her head to look at him. His gaze was slightly detached, like he was seeing another face through hers.

Long Tianze moved closer to her and sat beside her. Using one arm to support his head, he looked at her and said, “You’re so good-looking.”

Mei Yangyang had never heard such a compliment from a handsome man like him. Her pretty face blushed and turned scarlet.

“I think I’m good-looking too.”

He broke into a broad grin and went into a trance for a moment. Using one hand to hold onto the back of her head, he pushed his face towards hers and kissed her without warning.

Mei Yangyang looked at the face that was on hers. Her whole body instantly froze; she remained in shock.

She was wondering what situation she was in. Before she could even react, his lips had pulled away from hers.

“Yueyue, why are you so blind, is that guy a better catch than me? Can he compare to my handsome face, good qualifications, and devotion towards you?”

Mei Yangyang was dumfounded. He must have taken her for someone else — this made her somewhat displeased momentarily.

Seeing that she was not speaking, Long Tianze continued to probe, “Why, don’t want to answer me?”

Although Mei Yangyang did not know who that other guy was, she still replied, “He’s not as good a catch as you, he doesn’t look as good as you or have better qualifications than you — he can’t compare to you in any way.”

“Then why do you want him and not me?”

“…” Mei Yangyang raised her glass and drank a few sips. It was true that alcohol could boost one’s courage. She then responded, “I want you and not him.”

“If you do it with me now, then I’ll believe you.”

Mei Yangyang took a deep breath and told him in a serious tone, “Look carefully, who am I?”

“Aren’t you just Jin Qingyue, who else could you be?”


Basically, he did not eat much during that meal. After paying, Mei Yangyang felt the leftover dishes were such a waste. She asked the waiter to takeaway the food before leaving the restaurant with him.

With one hand carrying the food and another supporting him, Mei Yangyang used up all her strength to get him to his personal lounge at his bar.

When she finally helped him to his bed, she felt like she was going to pass out from the fatigue.

After putting the food on the table, Mei Yangyang went to cover him with a blanket.

Little did she expect that he’d open his eyes and ask, “Didn’t you say you want me, you can have me now.”

Mei Yangyang tried to coax him to sleep, “Okay okay okay — I want you — quickly close your eyes and sleep now, I’ll do it with you after you fall asleep.”

He suddenly sprung and sat right up. He headed to the door and locked it from the inside, then came back and turned on the heater in the room. He removed his clothes himself.

Witnessing this scene left Mei Yangyang dumbfounded. She stuttered, “What… what are you doing?”

“You said you want me, you can’t go back on your words.” As he spoke, he removed every piece of clothing on him until all that was left were his briefs.

Mei Yangyang immediately stopped him from going on with his pace. “Stop… don’t continue anymore, I’m going home.”

Long Tianze reached out to grab her and held her tightly in his arms. “I forbid you from leaving.”

“Let go of me.” Mei Yangyang instantly regretted sending him back. She should have just left him with someone from the bar.

At this moment, she not only had to endure his actions of taking advantage of her but also had to hear him nagging.

“Yueyue, I’ve liked you for so many years — do you know that? Everyone can tell but you.

Yueyue, do you remember us going camping as kids? I scared you in the middle of the night by saying there was a ghost and everyone started running back, but you tripped over a rock and hurt your head. It was bleeding, and I brought my own medicine bag and bandaged your wound for you.”


Her body was abruptly pushed onto the bed. Mei Yangyang’s lips were forcefully seized by him, her whole body was in a state of oxygen deficiency.

Looking at the face right before her, his brows, eyes, nose, hair, and even his pores could not be seen.

She suddenly could not breathe and held her breath for a long time without letting go; meanwhile, her heart was thumping at a furious speed.

When it came to the point where she had to breathe or she would suffocate, she exerted all her effort to push him away and took a huge breath.

His scent was still around her mouth and lips. Mei Yangyang was not in a good state of mind — she was mourning deeply inside for herself. Twice, she was pushed down by the weight of a drunk man, and this time, even her first and second kisses had been taken away by him!