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Jin Qingyue’s eyes reddened suddenly. If she had known this would happen, she would never have given birth to this child.

But now, it was too late to say anything.

She had her own limits. Rather than remarry Shi Shaochuan, she would rather go and die.

“Mommy will never marry your Daddy again.” After only muttering this sentence, she got up and returned to her room.

She locked herself up in her room and started to bawl uncontrollably.

Even her own child had learned how to threaten her.

It was the child she had given birth to and raised by herself. It was the child she had prepared to devote all her love to!

What a joke…

Knock, knock, knock! Jin Qingyan’s voice sounded from outside the door. “Qingyue, open up.”

She wiped her tears dry in a panic and immediately opened the door.


“Brother doesn’t know if you’ll listen to my words, but I feel I still have to say them.” He looked at his sister before him and continued, “A woman can’t live for her child forever, because there is bound to be a day when your child will leave you. I hope you can be happy. Truly happy, and not just compromising. I know you’re different from who you were before, and you’ll make the most accurate judgment for yourself.”

“Brother…” Jin Qingyue was astonished. “Why do I feel like you’ve regained your memory?”

“Do it seem that way?” He curved his lips. “You think about it yourself.”

Inside Jin Qingyue’s heart, she suddenly had a feeling of being released. This feeling seemed to have given her a sense of direction.

When Mrs. Jin went out, she specifically instructed the servants that she would be heading to the mahjong house for a few games and wouldn’t be back at night.

She did not let the driver send her there either. Instead, she chose to put on a pair of sunglasses and mask, hailing a taxi herself.

When she reached the hotel, she entered the room that had been booked beforehand online.

Only then did she take off her mask and sunglasses.

She let out a long breath.

Looking at the clock, she saw that it was still a few minutes before the arranged time. Thus, she opened her bag and took out her foundation, touching up her face slightly.

When it was about done, she placed the foundation back into her bag and waited for the person she had arranged to meet.

Not long after, the doorbell rang and she went to open the door.

Xiaotian’s nervous hands were sweating as he muttered, “Auntie, if your daughter finds out I’m still seeing you, she would break my legs.”

“Let’s see if she dares. Moreover, I was the one who found you first, not the other way round.” Mrs. Jin grinned as she went on, “Don’t worry. I told her I don’t buy healthcare products anymore. Isn’t it fine if we just don’t let her find out?”

Hearing her words, Xiaotian was much more assured.

“I’m just afraid that she’ll find out. She really scared me last time.” Xiaotian timidly suggested, “Auntie, why don’t we stop meeting after this?”

“Xiaotian, rest assured. Auntie will definitely not let her find out.” Mrs. Jin sat by the bedside and told him, “Today, I arranged to meet you because…”

She paused, finding it hard to go on for a moment.

Xiaotian probed further, “Because what?”

“Auntie doesn’t know if this will sound like I’m taking advantage of your weakness, but I think you can just judge the situation yourself.” Mrs. Jin looked at him seriously. “I know your mother has been treating her illness, and you’re a filial child. So, I’m willing to provide you the money for your mother’s medical treatment, but…”

Xiaotian could guess what she was about to say, so he interjected, “You want to keep me as your lover?”

Mrs. Jin was afraid she was about to be rejected. She glanced at him. “What do you think?”

Xiaotian was a man in his twenties. His family was poor and his mother was seriously ill, plus he had broken up with his girlfriend. He looked at Mrs. Jin, who indeed appeared quite young. But, because of money, he had to…

He was really put in a difficult spot…

But at the thought of his mother and of the meager salary he was receiving now…

“How much can you give me?”

“I can fork out your mother’s medical expenses. Apart from that, I can give you an additional amount every month. I’ll definitely not let you suffer.”

“Why…” Xiaotian asked, “Auntie, why do you want to keep me as your lover?”

“To be honest, my ex-husband has found a younger girl and I’m alone all day. I don’t even have someone to talk to as my children are all grown up. Truthfully, my son is even older than you are. But, so what? How long more do I have to live? I just want to live a happy life.” Talking about this, Mrs. Jin felt that this situation was rather ironic. “You can’t tell anyone about our matter, promise?”

Xiaotian indeed felt tempted by her terms.

After much consideration, he agreed.

“Today, you should quit your job and become my chauffeur. As for my daughter’s side, don’t worry.” Mrs. Jin elaborated, “That way, it’ll be more convenient too.”

Xiaotian was rather fearful of their family. He knew what kind of family the Jin family was and that they were very wealthy.

Mrs. Jin took out fifty thousand from her bag and passed it to him. “Keep this first.”

Xiaotian took it from her. He knew that from this moment on, he was to be trampled on by her. But because his family was poor and he had broken up with his girlfriend, as well as his mother being sick, he accepted the money.

Because of the butler’s passing, Mrs. Jin was emotionally empty.

But now, because of Xiaotian, she found a new source of happiness.

A happiness that could be bought with money was fine to her as well. As long as she could buy it. She had never expected this boy, who was much younger than she was, to devote his true feelings to her anyway.

When Jin Qingyue saw Xiaotian, she was instantly furious.

Without waiting for her to say anything, Mrs. Jin said, “Xiaotian’s not selling healthcare products anymore. His mother is seriously ill at the hospital. So, I’m not buying healthcare products either. I’m just letting him be my chauffeur. Isn’t this good?”

If Jin Qingyue had known that her mother would be using this method to keep Xiaotian as her lover, she would have thought that it would have been better for her to continue buying healthcare products from him!

“Why does this name sound so familiar?” Jin Qingyue pondered for a moment, then exclaimed, “Ah, isn’t this the same name as Ye Xiaotian? What’s his surname?”

“His surname is Fang.”

Jin Qingyue would never have thought that this pure-looking man in front of her had an intimate relationship with his mother beneath the surface.

“Fang Xiaotian… the name Xiaotian is really a common one. What a coincidence.” Jin Qingyue did not want to spoil her mother’s mood either, so she remarked, “It’s fine if he’s your chauffeur, but don’t follow Father’s ways. Otherwise, if Brother learns about it, I don’t know what he’d do.”

Fang Xiaotian’s nerves tightened as he looked at Mrs. Jin.

Mrs. Jin casually responded, “How am I the same as him? Don’t worry. I see you’re coming over here so frequently these days. If you have time, you should think about your own matters. Qingyue, it’s about time you find another man.”

“Mother, you don’t have to meddle in this. I’ll handle it myself.” Jin Qingyue raised her wrist and looked at her watch. “I’ll get going first.”

“Wait.” Mrs. Jin stopped her. “Has your sister-in-law been at home lately?”

“She’s overseas for work. Why?”

“Nothing, just asking randomly. Hurry and go back then.”

Jin Qingyue put on her sunglasses and got into her car before driving away.

Only when she was gone did Fang Xiaotian heave a long sigh of relief.

He was obviously scared out of his wits earlier.

Seeing the expression on his face, Mrs. Jin consoled him, “I’m here, what’s there to be afraid of? Don’t be scared.”

“Umm. I was just nervous.”

Mrs. Jin looked at him and laughed. “My children don’t usually come over. I don’t know what’s with her recently that she’s coming over once in a few days. But, it’s fine.”