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A week later…

The deal between Gu Beicheng and An Xiaoning was finally signed.

Everyone was elated about this news.

It was a deal that, after the final details have been taken care of, would have only been completed within a month. But presently, it had been settled in about twenty days.

The two met up for wine and dinner, and both of them drank quite a lot. But comparing their tolerance for alcohol, An Xiaoning was drunk while Gu Beicheng only had his face flushed.

Under the accompaniment of their assistant and bodyguards, the two got onto the car and back to the hotel they were staying at.

The car drove all the way back to their hotel entrance, and the two got down from the car at about the same time.

As An Xiaoning could not even stand properly, Gu Beicheng had to help her.

The two began bursting into chatter along the way.

At the hotel corridor, Gu Beicheng saw a figure standing before his door from afar. Narrowing his eyes, he realized it was Lin Mingxi.

Lin Mingxi saw that he was supporting An Xiaoning, so she rushed over and asked, “The two of you drank?”

“Umm. Why didn’t you call me before coming over?”

“I wanted to give you a surprise.”

Although An Xiaoning was drunk, she was not completely unconscious either. She waved them away as she muttered, “Both of you go. I want to have a bath and sleep too. I’m so dizzy.”

Her assistant hurriedly helped her into the room.

Gu Beicheng used the room card to open the door while Lin Mingxi closed the door shut.

“How long more do you have to stay here?”

“I don’t have to stay for much longer, the deal has been signed already.” Gu Beicheng sat at the bedside and took out his phone to call the hotel reception. “Hi, please send a bowl of hangover soup to room 1288.”

Lin Mingxi knew that this room was 1289. Room 1288 was evidently An Xiaoning’s room. While she knew that there was nothing going on between them, she still felt uncomfortable hearing it.

After he hung up the call, she asked, “Why didn’t you send one for yourself too?”

“I’m not really drunk.” He reached out and hugged her waist. “Why didn’t you say anything before coming over? You’re playing mysterious now.”

With his strength, Lin Mingxi was pushed closer to him and just sat on his lap directly. Her gaze was calm and composed. “Did I give you a scare instead of a surprise?”

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“You understand.”

Gu Beicheng lowered his head and grinned. “No wonder you came over so secretly. So, you’re here to spy on me?”

“Can’t I?” She raised her chin slightly.

“Of course you can, you’re my wife.” He hugged her as they both lay down; his voice was soothing to the ear. “Do you want to bathe together?”

Lin Mingxi answered, “Yes.”

Before their marriage, they had no feelings between them. But ever since she married him, Lin Mingxi’s heart was gradually growing closer to his. Since he came to M Nation, she could not sleep properly at night and her imagination could not help but run wild.

That night, after what Xu Youran had said to her, she even lost her focus for a few days consecutively.

She decided to simply settle things by coming over herself.

Gu Beicheng got up slowly from the bed and pulled her up as well, holding onto her hand as they entered the bathroom together.

Lin Mingxi used to be a gym coach and, although she no longer worked at the gym, she still kept the habit of working out.

As such, her body was extremely fit and stunning.

It was a pretty hot figure she possessed.

Adding that to her special attempts to stir him up, Gu Beicheng could not resist and immediately carried her onto the washbasin.

She kissed him once and wanted to continue, but he turned his head to the other side.

Unless it was to fulfill his physical needs, Gu Beicheng rarely kissed her.

But tonight, Lin Mingxi made a small fuss. “Kiss me.”

Gu Beicheng kissed her shortly. “Done.”

“It’s not enough, I want a French kiss.”

He satisfied her as well, which made Lin Mingxi so caught up in it that she hugged his neck tightly and trapped his waist between her legs.

“These days when you weren’t at home, I’ve missed you every day.”

He did not answer her but lowered his head to kiss her from her collarbone and all the way down.

At the peak of her arousal, Lin Mingxi made some groans. But just as she was about to squeal out comfortably, she realized he stopped moving.

“What’s wrong?”

“Keep it down slightly.”

Lin Mingxi turned jealous instantly. “It can’t be that you’re afraid she would hear from her room?”

Gu Beicheng felt slightly displeased as she always had to harp on this, but he did not want to show it. Maintaining a faint smile on his face, he asked, “Are you really that unassured about me?”

“If it were someone else you were with, I wouldn’t be.”

“Xiaoning’s married and has a child already. I’m married as well. What do you think could happen between us?” Gu Beicheng was perplexed. “Are you not assured about me or her? Or is it that you really feel that inferior about yourself inside? You lack that much confidence about yourself?”

The passion that was in the air was completely put out.

Lin Mingxi also wanted to talk about this issue thoroughly once and for all.

“My husband has another woman in his heart. Even if it was any other woman, do you think they would feel confident about themselves?” Lin Mingxi questioned him. “Tell me, isn’t it you who cannot let me rest assured? If you didn’t have her in your heart, would I be like this?”

Gu Beicheng did not answer her and turned to go under the showerhead as he started to bathe.

Lin Mingxi sat at the washbasin, feeling rather sour inside.

She just watched as he finished bathing and went out. Only then did she slowly come down from the washbasin and started to bathe.

As she was in a terribly uncomfortable state, An Xiaoning, who was next door, was completely unaware that the couple in the room beside hers had gone into a cold war because of her.

Whenever she drank too much, her stomach would feel uncomfortable. Especially when she felt like puking but nothing would come out, that was the hardest part for her.

As she leaned over the toilet bowl, she could feel the acidic sensation in her stomach.

Her assistant had a bottle of water in hand and watched her in that state, not daring to make a sound.

Only after she’d been staying in that uncomfortable state for some time did she finally puke.

With everything out, she felt much better.

She reached out, took the bottle of water from her assistant, and rinsed her mouth, then drank down the hangover soup.

“Young Madam, it’s a call from Young Sir.”

“Give it to me.” She reached out and took the phone. “Hello.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Jin Qingyan could sense something was not right from her voice.

“We’ve signed the deal. Because it was a happy occasion, I drank too much and just puked.”

Hearing this, Jin Qingyan’s heart ached badly for her. “You’re not a good drinker, why did you drink so much? Fool, couldn’t you have drunk less?”

“You’re the fool,” An Xiaoning retorted as she walked towards the balcony. Looking at the neon lights beneath her, she laughed. “What are you doing?”

“Missing you.”


“I know you didn’t miss me.”

“I am now.” She switched her standing position and leaned against the railing. “I really am. I missed you every day, everywhere I went.”

Jin Qingyan basked in enjoyment of these sweetened words and said under his voice, “If not for our son, I really want to fly over now to see you, but I still have to look after this kid. I can’t do anything at all. Never mind, both of us will be quietly waiting for you to return.”

“I’ll be back very soon. Did you honestly carry out what you promised me?”

“Of course, I’m very honest. I’ve done everything as you said. Who am I working so hard for?”

An Xiaoning chuckled. “For yourself, of course. Isn’t it because you want me to do that for you? You’re still asking me for whom you’re working hard for? You should ask yourself that.”

They both burst into laughter.

An Xiaoning was simply exhausted. “I won’t talk any longer, I’m sleepy. I want to turn in.”