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After hanging up the call, An Xiaoning was about to return into the room when she vaguely heard some quarreling.

Listening to it more carefully, she confirmed that it was indeed Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi arguing.

However, she could not make out the reason for their argument.

Lying down on the bed, An Xiaoning felt her head spinning terribly.

Upon closing her eyes, she gradually fell into a deep sleep.

When she opened her eyes again, the sky was already bright. Taking a look at the time, she saw it was already eight o’clock.

Why didn’t her assistant wake her?

After taking a rinse and putting on some light makeup, she opened her door to see her assistant and bodyguard before her. Seeing that she was out, her assistant greeted her, “Young Madam.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I wanted to, but Mr. Gu said you drank a lot last night and that we should let you sleep a little longer. You’re heading to the cafeteria to eat now, right?”


They arrived at the second-floor cafeteria.

An Xiaoning carried a tray on which she’d placed her breakfast while her assistant took a glass of fruit juice for her, placing it at the seat beside Gu Beicheng. She leisurely walked over with her tray of breakfast, slowing sitting down.

“Did you drink that bowl of hangover soup yesterday?” Gu Beicheng asked.

“Yes.” Noticing that both he and Lin Mingxi were scowling, An Xiaoning asked, “What’s wrong with you both? You don’t look happy seeing each other.”

Gu Beicheng twitched his lips and answered simply, “Nothing.”

Lin Mingxi looked like she wanted to say something but did not. She merely kept her head low and ate, not uttering a word.

An Xiaoning appeared tired as she ate her breakfast slowly, unconsciously turning to look at Lin Mingxi a few times. She somehow felt that she had a lot to say but was keeping everything inside.

Gu Beicheng sat there keeping silent as well, and he did not look like he was in a good mood either.

With no appetite for breakfast, An Xiaoning ate only a little and wiped her mouth. Just as she was about to get up, Lin Mingxi stopped her. “Xiaoning.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you know that Beicheng still loves you now?” Once these words came out of Lin Mingxi’s mouth, Gu Beicheng’s face changed. He was evidently furious.

An Xiaoning thought of their argument last night and suddenly understood that she was the cause of it.

“You’re overthinking.” An Xiaoning looked at her seriously. “You’re his wife now. Since he’s willing to marry you, it means that he wants to lead a new life. You should give him time and not grab onto him so tightly. I think you’ve really misunderstood. Beicheng and I are forever like family. Our relationship will never become anything more than that. Both of you are mature adults, not kids. You should settle your issues more rationally. Starting a cold war or arguing can never solve anything.”

Hearing her words, Lin Mingxi was rather ashamed. “I might really be overthinking. And also, with Sister-in-law’s words, it’s hard for me not to think about it. But hearing you say these, I can rest assured now.”

An Xiaoning responded plainly, “It’s good that everything is out now then. If you listen to what Xu Youran says, she’ll only mislead you. Furthermore, I’m someone with boundaries and morals. If you really can’t rest assured, then other than for work matters, I won’t see Beicheng anymore in the future. Will that do?”

Lin Mingxi was startled by her response and hurriedly replied, “No, no, I’m already assured. Don’t ruin the relationship between you both because of me. It’s me who’s being too petty. Although I’m well aware that it’s impossible between the two of you, I still can’t help but allow my thoughts to run wild. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Anyway, it still comes down to Beicheng not giving you a stronger sense of security.” An Xiaoning turned to the man at one side who kept silent. “Your wife’s worries are not completely unreasonable, but I know you’re someone who’s disciplined and upright. Hopefully, you’ll let Mingxi understand it clearer. That way, she’ll be more assured. You both have a good talk, I’ll be heading over there.”

Gu Beicheng nodded and glanced at his wife, letting out a sigh. “You’ve asked what you wanted and she’s given you your answer. Do you have any other worries?”

Lin Mingxi got up and went to sit beside him. “No, Honey. I’m sorry. I apologize to you. I was being unreasonable.”

Gu Beicheng held onto her hand. “Let’s not bring up this matter anymore in the future, lest we all get unhappy. What would Xiaoning have thought of what you said to her just now? We were originally like family to begin with and got along well. Because of what you said, there would definitely be some awkwardness between us from now on. We won’t be at ease with each other as well.”

“I regret what I said earlier too. Honey, don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

“I’m already not angry. Xiaoning’s right. It’s me who didn’t give you a stronger sense of security.” Gu Beicheng somehow felt it was hard for him to get over matters of his heart, but he had to try hard. He had to try to get over An Xiaoning. Try…

Jin Qingyue kept Jin Bao’er with her for a few days, but eventually, she still could not handle her tantrums.

When Shi Shaochuan came to fetch her, Jin Qingyue expressed that she wanted to have a talk with him.

Shi Shaochuan then made Bao’er get onto the car first.

With one hand in his pocket, he appeared cold and detached. “What do you want to say?”

“Shi Shaochuan, the child is five going on six this year already. Can you let her wear something when she sleeps beside you at night?”

“So what if she’s five going on six years old? The weather is so hot, what’s wrong with sleeping naked? She can sleep in whatever way she likes, why are you being so strict on her?”

Jin Qingyue retorted, “She’s a girl, do you get it? Also, Shi Shaochuan, I will never remarry you again. Even if I die, I won’t. So, stop asking the child to tell me those things. It’s impossible for us to ever get married again.”

“Do you think I want to remarry you?” Shi Shaochuan already expected she would say this. With his lips tightly pursed together, he went on, “Do you still think you’re still an innocent young girl? You’re like a torn shoe that I’ve discarded. Do you think I would consider reusing something I’ve discarded? That’s just what the child thinks. It doesn’t mean it’s my idea, okay?”

Being insulted this badly by him, Jin Qingyue tried her best to retaliate. “If I’m an old shoe that’s been discarded, what are you? You’ve played with so many women, aren’t you a smelly drain? To think you still have the face to insult me. What kind of branded good do you think you are? My whole life has been ruined by you already. I must have been blind and stupid in the past, getting married to you was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my whole life!”

“Really? But reality has proven that no matter how many women we men have played with, it’ll still be a piece of cake for us to find women. How about you? There’s no brave man who’d dare to marry you, right? Your indecent deeds have already been exposed to the whole world.”

“Isn’t that all thanks to you?!” Jin Qingyue was seething with rage as she breathed heavily. “Shi Shaochuan, you’re the most shameless person in this whole world.”

“So what if I am? Look at the child you’ve raised.” He lowered his voice and went on, “The child you’ve raised isn’t even willing to be with you. Jin Qingyue, this is your biggest failure. Do you get it?”

Jin Qingyue had her hands clenched tightly as she watched him turn and get onto the car smugly. Flames were spurting out of her eyes.

With all the rage, grievance, and regret kept inside her, she was completely overwhelmed inside and had nowhere to vent it out.