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Jin Qingyue bent down and buried her head between her legs, her shoulders shaking.

When Long Tianze went out of his house, he witnessed this sight right before him.

With his hands folded into his pockets, he went before her and asked, “It’s bright daylight now, why are you crying at your front gate?”

Jin Qingyue raised her head and slowly got up. “Nothing. Tianze…”


“There’s something I actually wanted to tell you for a very long while. It’s just that I didn’t have the courage to.” Jin Qingyue continued in a low voice, “Last time, for all the terrible things that I’ve said and for everything, I’m sorry. Seeing you so happy now, I’m actually rather happy for you. Last time, I went way overboard. I hope you’re not angry with me.”

Long Tianze was rather surprised but appeared unaffected. “It’s been so long already, I’ve long forgotten.”

Jin Qingyue’s eyes reddened and, choking on her tears, she forced a bright smile at him. “Thank you.”

With that, she turned and entered her house.

Long Tianze stood there, feeling somewhat affected emotionally.

Jin Qingyue was someone whom he liked since he was young, and he used to go to the old residence they lived in to see her, using the excuse of finding Jin Qingyan.

In a blink of an eye, they were all grown up, and these memories seemed like something that had just happened yesterday.

But, the past was all in the past.

Hearing her words just now, Long Tianze really felt that Jin Qingyue had grown up. She was no longer that girl she used to be.

Coming out from the house, Mei Yangyang saw him staring at Jin Qingyue’s back. She immediately went on her toes and pinched his ear. “What are you looking at?”

Long Tianze grabbed onto her hand at once. “Honey, we’re outside now. Can you save me some face? How would it appear if other people saw this?”

“I asked you what you were thinking of as you were watching Jin Qingyue’s back? Did you think back to the time when you were in love with her?”

He wrapped his hands around her waist and led her back into the house as he told him what had happened earlier.

“She apologized to you?”

“Umm, she did.”

Mei Yangyang pouted her lips as she thought about it. “My sis said she’s different from before. Looks like it’s true?”

“People grow and change constantly.” Long Tianze leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Honey, you look so pretty today.”

Mei Yangyang broke into a bright grin. “Do I?”


“I’m not someone that petty either. Since she’s already said that, we should get along well with her from now on. Make some small talk or something when we see her, and not ignore each other’s existence.”

Long Tianze chuckled. “Oh, my wife’s words are so nice to hear.”

“That’s definitely true.” She widened her grin. “Go and call those two fellows down for lunch.”

“Alright, I’ll go and call them now.” Long Tianze went upstairs and realized the two children were lying on the bed and reading a comic book.

“Wenlun, Xiaoxi, come down and eat.”

“Alright, Daddy. We’ll come right now,” Xiaoxi responded.

Long Tianze went forward and asked curiously, “What are you looking at that you’re so deeply engrossed?”

“A comic book.”

“Go down and eat first.”

The siblings put on their shoes and went down while Long Tianze took a look at the comic book and sat at the bedside reading it carefully. He realized it was really quite interesting. No wonder his two children were so engrossed in it.

“Where’s Daddy?”

“He’s upstairs,” Long Wenlun replied. “He went to call us just now.”

Mei Yangyang dished out the rice and placed it before them. But, after waiting for some time, the three still did not see him come down.

Mei Yangyang could only go upstairs to call him. Entering the room, she found him completely immersed in a comic book.

“I told you to call the kids down to eat, now why are you the one immersed in it?” Upon hearing Mei Yangyang’s voice, Long Tianze immediately placed the book down. “It’s quite interesting.”

“How old are you already? Come down quickly.”

“Alright, coming now.”

“Daddy, the fish grew bigger again!” Jin Yiheng exclaimed as he watched the fish swimming around in the tank.

Jin Qingyan took a glance and realized that the other fishes that were caught along with it did not change much in size while this one looked like it had eaten some medicine that accelerated its growth. Within a few days, it had expanded quite a lot in size.

“Wow, you’re right. Call your Uncle Shixin over, let him take a picture of it and check what breed of fish this is.”

“Alright.” Jin Yiheng ran out like the wind.

After taking a picture of the fish and checking, Fan Shixin was instantly dumbfounded.

“Young Sir, where did you catch this fish?”

“In the Southern River.”

Fan Shixin uttered in astonishment, “The Southern River is connected to the sea. Young Sir, this isn’t an ordinary fish. It’s a kind of whale.”

The father and son exchanged looks of shock.

Jin Qingyan then responded, “Did you check wrongly? A whale that’s just born should be at least a few meters long right? Don’t joke with me.”

“Young Sir, this is a special breed of whale. The mother whale gives birth to quite a few whales and they’ll grow rapidly in a short time, so you might not know of it. I haven’t seen it before either. It’s a rather rare breed. Some time from now, this tank will definitely be unable to fit it.”


Hearing this, Jin Qingyan immediately remarked, “Then what are you waiting for? Release it back to the sea for me.”

“Yes.” Fan Shixin laughed. “Young Sir, you’re really talented.”

“If you didn’t check, who would have known that something that looks around the size of a fish isn’t from the same species?” Jin Qingyan remarked, perplexed. “Such unusual things can even happen to me. How weird.”

Fan Shixin hurriedly went to release the whale into the ocean, and when he returned, he ran into Mrs. Bu.

“Chief Fan, where have you been?”

“I went out to take care of something. How is your stay here, Auntie?”

“Pretty good.” Mrs. Bu carefully asked, “Chief Fan, are you married?”

“No.” Fan Shixin answered cautiously, somewhat realizing why she had asked him this.

“Then, do you have a girlfriend?”

He joked, “My girlfriend’s parents wouldn’t allow her to start a relationship yet, so I’m still single.”

“Chief Fan’s really humorous.” Mrs. Bu scanned her surroundings before asking, “What do you think of our Xianxian?”

Fan Shixin was spot on. He responded politely, “Auntie, Ms. Bu is a nice girl who saved our Young Sir. But, you see, the reason why I’m not married yet is because I’m too picky. I want to find someone I really like. Ms. Bu isn’t the type of girl I like.”

Mrs. Bu was slightly disappointed. It had taken her great courage to say this to him. “It’s fine. I’m just asking casually. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Umm, I won’t.”

Only after seeing that she was gone did Fan Shixin put his hand at his heart as he muttered to himself, “I’ve gone for so long without someone just to find the best, and you’re pushing someone like that to me? Wouldn’t I have waited in vain all along?”

Following this, he told this incident to Jin Qingyan, who instantly had an idea. He got Fan Shixin to ask all of his underlings about who would be willing to marry Bu Xianxian. By then, he would let Mrs. Bu and Bu Xianxian pick one. That would not only settle her problem but also his. It would be killing two birds with one stone.

He instructed Fan Shixin to get the matter done as soon as possible. Fan Shixin understood and went to carry it out at once.

But what was truly disappointing was that not a single soul was willing to marry her.

“Why are all of them not willing?”