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Fan Shixin stammered for a moment before replying, “Some feel there’s a communication barrier while others think Ms. Bu’s skin color is too dark or ugly. There are all sorts of reasons.”

Jin Qingyan had no choice and could only wait and see. Actually, he felt that Bu Xianxian was not a bad catch. While her skin color was slightly darker, she was still pleasant-looking. However, she’d indeed pale in comparison to his own wife.

“Then, forget it,” Jin Qingyan joked, “When Xianxian’s mother asked you, did you already guess what she was getting at?”

“Could I not when it was that obvious?” Fan Shixin remarked frankly, “I think my looks are not that bad and I earn a considerable amount of salary as well. At the very least, I should find someone I really like. Young Sir, I don’t really fancy Ms. Bu.”

Jin Qingyan probed further, “Then, what type of women do you like? I’ll name you a few types. Is it the kind like Xiaoning, Yangyang, Qingyue, or Mo Li?”

“Young Sir, I don’t dare to answer your question.”

“Why not?”

“I just don’t. You can name it as the bright, shy, or capable type of women. But if you use real people as examples for me to choose, I’m flustered.”

Jin Qingyan knew what he was concerned about. “There’s only the two of us here, what are you afraid of? I’m just asking you to choose your ideal type. Don’t tell me it’s not one of those?”

Fan Shixin sounded him out. “Young Sir, you really want me to say it?”

“Just say it. Even if you say that your ideal type is like Young Madam, I won’t get angry.”

Hearing this, Fan Shixin bravely answered, “I like the type of women like Young Madam.”

Jin Qingyan had already guessed it. “Why?”

“Because Young Madam is not only pretty but also has her own ideas. Also, she’s extremely loyal to you. Think about it, Young Sir, Young Madam was alone abroad and Mr. Gu is also someone outstanding. But, her feelings towards you never wavered. That shows that Young Madam is someone who’s devoted. She’s rich, pretty, and devoted, who wouldn’t like this kind of woman?”

This bootlicker.

Jin Qingyan gave a meaningful nod of his head. “Makes sense. Shixin, I’m afraid you would be lonely ’til old age. After all, women like your Young Madam are really rare.”

Fan Shixin appeared unbothered. “Young Sir, I’d rather be alone than to make do with someone substandard. If I can’t meet someone I like, I’d rather be alone. I believe I’ll meet that person someday, it’s just a matter of time.”

“You’ve been with me for so many years and hanging around men all the time. Now, I feel like I’ve done you wrong for not giving you personal time.”

“Young Sir, don’t say that…”

“If you really meet someone you like, tell me. I’ll take charge of your wedding in the future.”

Fan Shixin was suddenly taken aback. “Young Sir, why do I feel like you’ve regained your memory?”

Jin Qingyan did not answer his question. “Alright, you can go now.”


When he went out the door, Fan Shixin was still pondering. Young Sir’s tone did not sound right. Why did it sound like how he used to talk in the past?

Or was he just overthinking?

“Chief!” Xiao Huang called out to him from afar.

Fan Shixin briskly walked over. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a little girl at the door who says she’s looking for Little Sir. She says she’s his table mate.”

Fan Shixin went to the door and realized that standing there was a young little girl who looked rather pretty.

“What’s your name?”

“Uncle, I’m Wen Yuechan. I’m looking for Yiheng, is he at home?”

“He is. Come in with me.” Fan Shixin asked as they walked in, “How did you come here?”

“I live just nearby. We live in the same estate.”



“Little Sir, your table mate is here to find you,” Fan Shixin called out at the door.

Following that, Jin Yiheng ran out immediately. With his eyes widened, he remarked as he grinned, “It’s you, Yue Chan.”

“Yiheng, your house is so big. It’s many times bigger than mine.”

Jin Yiheng laughed. “Come in.”

“Umm.” She was wearing a white princess dress. Her hair was pinned up and had a pretty flower accessory on it. She appeared especially pretty.

Jin Yiheng brought her to his playroom and they started playing with his toys.

After playing for a while, Wen Yuechan suggested, “Can I see your room?”


He brought her to the room he had for himself. Standing at the doorway, Wen Yuechan exclaimed as she looked inside, “Yiheng, your house is amazing. I love your house.”

“You can come here and play with me often from now on. It’s the holidays anyway.”

“Umm.” Wen Yuechan broke into a grin. “Let’s go out and play.”

“It’s very hot outside. If you’re fine with the heat, then let’s go.”

“Then, how about we watch television together?” Wen Yuechan suggested.

“Alright. I have a tablet here, you come over.” He took the tablet on his table and the two sat together. They found an animation to watch and became engrossed in it, letting out sounds of laughter occasionally.

When Long Xiaoxi arrived at his doorway, the sound of laughter coming from inside made her stop in her tracks.

She peeped through a gap in the door and saw Wen Yuechan there, dressed in a beautiful princess dress. She then took a look at herself. She had casually put on slippers and a shoulder-strap dress.

She immediately turned and went back home.

Mei Yangyang saw that she had returned when she just went out, so she asked, “Xiaoxi, didn’t you go and look for Brother Yiheng to play?”

“Mommy, didn’t you make me a cheongsam dress? The very stunning one. Can I change into that?”

“Wouldn’t it be hot if you put that on?”

“But, Mommy, I want to wear something nicer to find Brother Yiheng.”

Mei Yangyang immediately understood her and helped put on the pink cheongsam dress that had just been tailor-made. She then helped her pair it with a pair of nice sandals of the same color.

After changing, Long Xiaoxi ran upstairs again.

She ran to Mei Yangyang’s dressing table and imitated how she put on her makeup.

But, after all, she was young and had never put on makeup before.

The results were barely satisfactory, but she felt that it looked good.

She had put on blue eyeshadow on her eyelids and applied a red lipstick. Before her mother could take notice, she hurriedly ran out.

The moment she pushed open Jin Yiheng’s bedroom door, the two children inside were stupefied.

Wen Yuechan looked at her and started giggling. “You look like a robot cat! Why didn’t you just wear a blue outfit from top to toe?”

Long Xiaoxi stood at the doorway with both hands grabbing the sides of her dress. She could hear from Wen Yuechan’s words that she was implying that her outfit was ugly.

Entering the room, she stood before Jin Yiheng and asked, “Brother Yiheng, do I really look like a robot cat?”

Jin Yiheng nodded. “A little.”

Her heart immediately sank into a bottomless pit. However, thereafter, he consoled her with a positive attitude, “But I think a robot cat is really cute.”

Wen Yuechan burst into laughter. “You were already quite plump to begin with. With the blue eyeshadow on your eyes, you look even more so. Did you secretly use your mother’s cosmetics? My Mommy said that children are not allowed to put on makeup.”

Long Xiaoxi pursed her lips tightly. “So what if I did?”

Wen Yuechan covered her mouth to suppress her laughter. “Nothing.”