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Song Yan put her phone away and said, “But he and I always end up arguing every other day. It’s a never-ending cycle that I’m starting to get sick and tired of.”

“You two are too obstinate, that’s why you always end up in a conflict. You may be dominant in your career, but you shouldn’t be too domineering towards your man. Otherwise, it’s only going to backfire,” Huahua advised.

“I really think he wouldn’t bother about me if it weren’t because of our baby. I really hope our baby will be fine.”

“It’ll be fine. Didn’t you already go for a checkup?”

Song Yan nodded and said, “I really hope that’s the case.”

Ling Ciye made his way to the hospital to accompany her after learning that she had been hospitalized.

They both tried their best not to bring up any topics that would lead to an argument and made an effort to talk about joyous matters instead.

Several days passed by peacefully without conflict.

On the last day of the month, Song Yan went for another checkup in the morning, only to find that the fetus appeared to be rather unstable this time. The doctor instructed her to stay in bed all day for further observations. She was also prescribed with dosages of tocolytic.

Extremely worried for her fetus, Song Yan abided by the doctor’s instruction and lay in bed to rest.

She spent the entire day in bed where she had all her meals.

She managed to pull through until the evening. Staring at the window, she said to Ling Ciye, “Today is the last day of the month. It’ll be a fresh month in a few hours’ time. Do you think I can call An Xiaoning to tick her off if it turns out that her predictions were wrong?”

“The doctor already mentioned this morning that the fetus is unstable. Didn’t you hear what he said? Besides, I was the one who consulted her about this. So what if she really turns out to be wrong?”

“It just doesn’t sit well with me. How could something happen within these few hours when I’ve already been lying in bed all day? If nothing happens tonight, shall we register our marriage tomorrow morning?” Song Yan said with a smirk.

Staring at her, Ling Ciye answered, “I think there are still many issues we’ve yet to straighten out between us. I think we can wait until we’ve made things clear. We have to face these problems sooner or later anyway.”

“Stop… I’m not going to listen if you’re going to bring up anything that would make both of us unhappy again.”

Thus, Ling Ciye stopped talking. However, he knew that keeping silent would not solve the problem and they would still have to face those issues in the end. Sweeping things under the carpet was not a viable solution.

Both of them remained silent while Song Yan continued to immerse herself in her mobile phone.

Song Yan’s mobile phone broke the silence in the hospital ward when it began to ring all of a sudden. After taking a look at the caller display, she immediately answered, “Hello, Mr. Jiang.”


“I’m in the city today, but I’m not feeling too well. I’m currently hospitalized. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it tonight.”


“I’d love to be there too, but I really can’t make it. I have a variety program filming session scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.”


“It’s alright, you don’t have to come here especially to see me, really. I’m fine, I truly appreciate your concern.”


“Mr. Jiang, I’m not trying to turn you down on purpose, but how can I have the cheek to expect you to come see me personally when I can’t make it to your event?”


“Oh, I see.”


Song Yan stared at Ling Ciye and said, “Alright then, since you’ve already put it that way, it would really be too much of me to not show up. But I’ll only be able to stay for a short while. Is that okay?”


“Alright, it’s settled then.” After hanging up the phone, Song Yan said to Ling Ciye, “The deputy CEO of my agency would like to see me. He initially wanted me to turn up for an event, but after hearing that I was hospitalized, he insisted on coming here to see me personally. He also said that he wanted to discuss the details of my contract with an overseas artiste agency. I have no choice but to go see him for a while.”

“Didn’t you say that you were going to spend the rest of the night lying in bed? Once you step out of here, Xiaoning’s prediction might really come true. Song Yan, is meeting your boss really more important than our baby?” Ling Ciye questioned.

“Both are important to me. I’m only going to go for a short while. I think it should be fine. I’ll get Huahua to look out for me all the way. You may come along too. Okay?”

“You’d better not go. I’ll stay here with you tonight. Leave the discussion about the contract with the overseas agency for tomorrow. You can always meet your boss tomorrow too. I’m just really afraid that the prophecy would come true,” Ling Ciye insisted.

“But I’ve already promised him just now…”

“Give me the phone, I’ll talk to him,” said Ling Ciye, extending his arm to get her phone.

Song Yan handed her phone to him, filled with nervousness.

Just as Ling Ciye was about to place the call, Song Yan snatched the phone back from him and gripped it tightly in her hand. “I just promised him I would be there. He’d definitely hit the roof if I back out again now. He might just condemn me. Forget it, I’ll just go for a short while. I’ll be fine with you by my side,” said Song Yan, who was stuck in a dilemma.

“Song Yan, why are you so stubborn? Just listen to me this once, okay? Those aren’t important at all. I’ve already thought about it. Since you enjoy being a celebrity, I’ll open an artiste management agency for you, alright?” Ling Ciye said with a sullen expression on his face.

“But, I don’t want to rely on you…”

“Why not? Why do you have to be so obstinate? Once we’re married, what’s mine will become yours,” Ling Ciye retorted, boiling with anger.

Song Yan took a deep breath and said, “Forget it, I’ll call him again then.”

She dialed Mr. Jiang’s number and put the phone beside her ear. Once the call got through, she said, “Mr. Jiang, I’m so sorry, but I really can’t make it tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow instead. Will that do?”


“Alright, it’s settled then.”

After hanging up the call, she said to Ling Ciye, “I could tell from Mr. Jiang’s tone that he was upset.”

“So be it. His opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

“But he’s my superior…”

“That’s enough. Lie in bed and rest properly. Don’t think about anything else. Song Yan, I’ll finally be at peace if we can pull through this peacefully. Nothing’s more important to me than you and our baby right now, do you understand?”

“It’s the baby that’s important to you, isn’t it? I know clearly whether or not I’m important to you.”


Time passed slowly bit by bit. Ling Ciye lay beside her. The two of them were not in the least bit sleepy and waited for time to crawl by.

Ling Ciye would help Song Yan to the washroom, afraid that a mishap would occur.

Finally, it was half past eleven at night.

Noticing that it was almost twelve midnight, Song Yan said to him, “See, it’s almost twelve midnight. An Xiaoning’s predictions are not accurate at all. Do you think she’s just trying to sow seeds of discord between us?”

Ling Ciye remained silent.

“I’ll just lie here and not move an inch. Half an hour is going to pass by very quickly. What could possibly happen? This is going to prove her so wrong,” Song Yan continued.

In fact, even Ling Ciye began to doubt the accuracy of An Xiaoning’s prophecy.

Thus, he did not respond to Song Yan at all regardless of what she was blabbering on about.

Song Yan stopped talking after realizing that she was talking to the wall. Shortly after, she felt a sudden acute discomfort in her abdomen. She froze in shock the moment she felt fluids flowing out of her body. “What time is it?” she asked worriedly.

“11:45 PM.”