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Pangs of panic engulfed Song Yan, who was clutching the bedsheets tightly. She then sat up slowly and knelt on the bed before removing her pants. She turned pale as a sheet at the sight of a brownish-red bloodstain on her underwear.

Ling Ciye immediately called the doctor into the ward to conduct a check on the fetus. After checking the fetus’ heartbeat with the stethoscope, the doctor said with a grave expression, “The fetus’ heart has stopped beating. Moreover, you’ve just bled. From the looks of it, you must’ve had a miscarriage.”


“Mommy, can I ask something from you?” Long Xiaoxi asked, snuggling up to Mei Yangyang.

“You have something to ask of me? What is it? Speak up.”

“One of our gardeners has a son called Brother Minhe. He’s older than I am. However, he lost both his arms in a car accident. No one wants to play with him, and his parents don’t allow him to leave the house. He’s not allowed to go to school either, although he really wants to attend school. Could you tell his parents to let him attend school together with me once school reopens? I really want to help him.”

Mei Yangyang was rather astonished for she had never heard about the matter before. “Is that so? Could you bring me to see his parents then? Mommy shall help him since Xiaoxi is so kind-hearted.”

Long Xiaoxi broke into smiles and said, “Thank you, Mommy. Mommy, you’re awesome.”

Mei Yangyang gave her a kiss, after which they proceeded to look up Zhong Minhe’s parents together, hand in hand.

It was noontime where all the gardeners were busy working. Pointing at a couple in front of them, Long Xiaoxi said, “Mommy, they’re Minhe’s parents.”

Mei Yangyang stepped forward and asked, “Are you Minhe’s parents?”

The couple turned around to see that it was Mei Yangyang. In a moment of panic and nervousness, they asked, “Yes. Young Madam, did Minhe do something wrong?”

“Why would you think that way? Relax, I heard from Xiaoxi that your son lost his arms in a car accident and you’ve stopped him from leaving the house. You don’t allow him to attend school either…”

“We’re not trying to stop him from leaving the house. We just don’t want him to continue being bullied by other children who have been giving him names. It’s tough for him to attend school without arms too. Thus, we decided not to let him go to school,” Mrs. Zhong explained.

Mei Yangyang smiled and said, “It’s tragic enough that he has lost his arms. If you still continue to isolate him from the outside world, it’s going to be detrimental to his mental health. Just let him come out to play whenever he likes. All children love playing. He’ll be too bored all cooped up at home. I can guarantee that no one will dare bully him in my house. One more thing, let him attend school together with Xiaoxi when school reopens. If he does well in school and makes it to university, we’ll continue to pay for his school fees. What do you guys think of this suggestion?”

Mr. and Mrs. Zhong were at a sudden loss for words. “Young Madam, how can we accept such a huge favor…” Mr. Zhong spluttered.

Long Xiaoxi looked up and said, “Uncle, I’ll help Brother Minhe, don’t treat him that way anymore. He’s so pitiful.”

Teary-eyed, Mr. Zhong nodded and said, “Thank you, Missy.”

The matter was brought to a successful close. Zhong Minhe was over the moon to know that he could attend school together with Xiaoxi when school reopens. He had become much more outgoing as well and would go out to play with Xiaoxi every day.

Now that she had a new playmate, Long Xiaoxi did not look Jin Yiheng up for several consecutive days.

Meanwhile, Jin Yiheng did not find it much of a big deal since he had been playing with Wen Yuechan most of the time.

However, he immediately understood why Long Xiaoxi had not been asking him to play together for the past few days as soon as he saw Long Xiaoxi and Long Wenlun playing happily with Zhong Minhe.

“Xiaoxi,” Jin Yiheng ran towards her and called out.

Long Xiaoxi turned around to run away without even looking at him.

Noticing that she was ignoring him, Jin Yiheng immediately chased after her to stop her.

“Xiaoxi, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I’m going to go play.”

“Xiaoxi, let’s play together.”

Long Xiaoxi turned him down immediately, “Nah, go play with your table mate. I have someone to play with.”

Jin Yiheng stood rooted and watched as she vanished from his sight. He then returned home in low spirits.

“Daddy, what time is Mommy coming home?”

“Soon. What’s the matter with you?” Jin Qingyan asked, noticing that he was hanging his head low.

“Daddy, Xiaoxi doesn’t want to play with me anymore. I think she’s angry because I often play with Yuechan. How do I make her happy again?”

“You may give her some flowers.”

Shaking his head, Jin Yiheng said, “I’ve done that a lot of times before.”

“You may give her a gift too, like a pretty hairclip or other toys.”

Finding his father’s suggestion to be a good idea, Jin Yiheng immediately asked Fan Shixin to bring him out to buy some hair accessories.

He meticulously picked out the best-looking hair clip and brought it to Long Xiaoxi’s house.

“Godma, where’s Xiaoxi?”

“She’s reading some comics upstairs.”

He skipped upstairs excitedly, eager to see Long Xiaoxi’s reaction, thinking that she would be elated to receive the gift from him.

He pushed the door open and greeted her smilingly, “Xiaoxi.”

Long Xiaoxi shot him a glance before looking away.

Noticing that she was still reluctant to talk to him, Jin Yiheng entered the room and said, “Xiaoxi, I bought you a present.”

Long Xiaoxi got down from the bed and walked towards him slowly. “What is it?”

He opened his palm to reveal an exquisite hair clip and said, “I especially got Uncle Shixin to go with me to buy this for you. I picked it out myself. Do you like it?”

Being the child she was, Long Xiaoxi’s initial grumpiness immediately vanished at the sight of such a beautiful hair clip given to her by the Brother Yiheng she adored. She took the hair clip from his hand and said, “Thank you, Brother Yiheng. The hair clip is so pretty, I like it a lot.”

Jin Yiheng heaved a sigh of relief. He held her hand and said, “Come with me, I have something to say to you.”

Long Xiaoxi was then brought to Long Wenlun’s room. “Tell me, are you angry because I played with Yuechan?” Jin Yiheng asked.

“Yes. You didn’t even defend me when she made such mean remarks about me. Brother Yiheng, I think you don’t like me. Do you mind that I’m chubby and ugly too?” said Long Xiaoxi, who had already forgiven him, deep down.

“I don’t mind that you’re chubby. I think you’re really cute that way. Xiaoxi, don’t be angry at me anymore. I’ll protect you and stand up to her if she criticizes you again,” Jin Yiheng answered, pinching her cheeks.

A smile finally formed on Long Xiaoxi’s face. She inched forward to hug him and said, “Brother Yiheng, you’re mine.”

“If I’m yours, then who do you belong to?” Jin Yiheng asked.

“You, of course. When we grow up, I want to bear your children,” Long Xiaoxi said confidently, looking up at him.

“Alright, when we’re older, you’ll be the only person who gets to bear my children.”

Long Xiaoxi nodded, blushing red with shyness.

An Xiaoning was more than eager and excited to return home tomorrow after being on a 20-day business trip, although it was already cut short from the initial duration of one month.

She instructed her assistant to pack the luggage and prepare for the flight home scheduled for the next morning.