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They were taken away just like that!

Who on earth had she done wrong to!

This time, he finally fell asleep completely. Mei Yangyang was at last able to put a blanket over him. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Thinking that he would not want the leftover food, she carried the packet of leftovers and set off.

Reaching home, she lay on her bed but just could not fall asleep.

She made an unconscious gesture of touching her lips. It seemed as if she could still feel his lips on hers — that sizzling feeling of excitement made her doomed to suffer from insomnia that night.

The following morning, Mei Yangyang was late to the store by a whole half an hour.

She ran into the store flustered, only to see An Xiaoning already seated inside. She immediately went forward apologetically said, “Sis, I’m sorry, I overslept.”

“It’s fine. We’re not busy in the morning anyway. Have you eaten?”


“Go to the breakfast shop to eat something. There’s no one here anyway. Go on.”

Mei Yangyang nodded thankfully. “Okay.”

When she returned after eating, An Xiaoning had gone to replenish the stocks, which was a full two hours of journey. Returning from the manufacturer’s place, she saw a nanny van parked outside her own store. This van looked extremely familiar to An Xiaoning.

When she looked more carefully, she thought to herself, Isn’t that Sun Weiwei’s car?

Heading towards her store’s entrance, she saw Sun Weiwei and her assistant picking out clothes as soon as she reached the doorway.

Seeing her, the both of them were in disbelief for a moment. But when Mei Yangyang called out to her sister, the two who were hesitant to acknowledge her immediately changed their faces.

Sun Weiwei’s eyes narrowed. “You are An Ning?”

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Sun. I am An Xiaoning.”

Sun Weiwei did not speak. She whipped out her phone and started looking for something. Reading her face, An Xiaoning could easily tell what she was looking at.

“You’re Jin Qingyan’s wife?”

An Xiaoning flashed a radiant smile at her. “Yes, why?”

Sun Weiwei’s face burned in embarrassment. She stuttered, “Why… why did you join the set…”

Looking at her face, which had turned as pale as a sheet, An Xiaoning knew what she was afraid of. After all, doing drugs was not a small thing, and what she did to her was not a small matter either.

“To experience life, why not? Oh right, I forgot to tell you — this is my store. Take a look at our clothes, they are all new designs.” She spoke in an appropriate manner, like she had not suffered under the hands of Sun Weiwei on-set and like nothing had happened between the two at all.

Sun Weiwei was already in a state of bewilderment at this point. She only nodded her head, muttering, “Of course, I need to take a look, naturally.”

An Xiaoning plastered a smile on her face and spoke eloquently, “See which one you fancy, you can try them on.”

She pointed to one at random. It looked as if she had not recovered from the surprise. Seeing her serious state of shock, Mei Yangyang was unusually happy about it. She swiftly took out the clothes rail to get the piece of clothing for her.

Sun Weiwei took off her coat and tried on the clothing. An Xiaoning praised her highly, “Wow, it really highlights your class when you wear it. Ms. Sun already looks beautiful originally, but wearing this clothing from my store enhances your beauty even further.”

“Okay then, I’ll have this wrapped up.”

An Xiaoning smiled politely. “Yangyang, help Ms. Sun wrap up this clothing.”

Right after, Sun Weiwei scanned the clothes around once and pointed to another piece. “I’ll have a look at this too.”

“Okay.” An Xiaoning took down the clothing and passed it to her.

Sun Weiwei brought the clothing into the fitting room to try. She stood before the mirror. It fitted her very comfortably and it looked trendy as well — with this piece of clothing on her, she looked pretty good.

After that, she tried on another piece of clothing.

She was satisfied once again and, after changing, informed An Xiaoning, “Wrap them all up.”

“Ms. Sun is indeed forthright. I guarantee you, with these clothes, you’ll appear extraordinary.”

“How much do they cost?”

“These three clothing have different pricing. Hmm… the first costs 700 thousand, this one on my hand costs 550 thousand, and that one costs 600 thousand. Since we’re already old friends — I mean, it’s not the first day we’ve known each other — I’ll give you a discount from the original price of one million 850 thousand. How about one million 500 thousand, what do you say?”

Sun Weiwei and her assistant were dumbfounded. Her assistant couldn’t help but exclaim, “What, but this clothing looks like it costs at most a thousand yuan…”

“It might look so, but the material of the clothing is different. Moreover, we are the sole distributor of all our clothing. The manufacturer only supplies it to our shop.”

Sun Weiwei forced a smile. She had originally wanted to soothe her relations with An Xiaoning. Little did she expect that An Xiaoning would rip such a huge sum out of her. But, at this moment, she was not in a position where she could back down. Puffing herself up at her own cost, she had no choice but to buy the clothes.

“Ms. Sun, do you want them or not? I’ve wrapped them up for you.”

“I do. I’m paying by card.”

As she said those words, An Xiaoning could obviously detect her voice trembling. Her smile became even more radiant, and she replied sweetly, “Okay.”

After swiping her card, Mei Yangyang — who was also in shock — passed the clothing to Sun Weiwei’s assistant and said gently, “Take care, please come again.”

Sun Weiwei smiled uneasily, and when she turned, her whole face was stiff.

Returning to the car, she darted a glance at the bag of clothes, incensed. “Does she think I’m a fool, charging me one million and 500 thousand yuan for a few pieces of clothing!”

“Sister Weiwei, you should have rejected them.” Her assistant was boiling with rage too. “So what if she’s the Young Mistress of the Jin family?”

“You don’t understand,” Sun Weiwei said slowly, “We treated her like that on-set and she even knows that I do drugs — if she tells the media, my career is finished. You don’t even understand such a principle, how can you be my assistant! Forget about the money she cheated me out of, it’s way better than the truth being revealed. Forget it, just treat it as money lost, damn it, the more I think about it, the angrier I get.”

Her assistant did not dare to speak anymore and drove the car away.

An Xiaoning stood there watching the car pull away. She turned and told Mei Yangyang, “Yangyang, how about this: let’s hire one or two more sales assistants. They can stay in the store at night, we can put a huge bed in the changing room. That way, you can rest earlier and come in later.”

Mei Yangyang’s eyes moistened slightly. “Sis, you’re so nice to me.”

An Xiaoning patted her shoulder. “Because I think you’re nice to me too. Let’s put a notice of recruitment at the door, I’ll put you in charge of it.”

“Sure. How much is the starting pay?”

“2500 per month, food and housing included. After working for a longer time, there will be a raise in pay.”

“I think that’s really good enough. I see other shops offering at most 1600 to 1700, and they don’t even include food or housing. But…” The thought of it lifted Mei Yangyang’s spirits immediately. “You were so daring just now, you actually dared to sell our few-hundred-yuan coats to Sun Weiwei at such a high amount — more than one million yuan. Wow, what a huge amount of money.”

“The suffering I experienced under her on-set was no joke.” An Xiaoning smiled lightly. “People like her who specialize in bullying others need to be taught a lesson at the appropriate time. She probably wouldn’t dare to buy from our store again in the future.”

Mei Yangyang covered her mouth and laughed. “I suppose so, unless her brain has gone wrong.”

“Boss, that fellow is calling again!”

An Xiaoning walked further into her shop and took out her phone. It was Gu Beicheng calling her.