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“So what if I do? Do you really think I don’t have the guts to?” the leader retorted, inching closer towards Lin Mingxi’s lips. To his astonishment, Lin Mingxi used her head as a weapon and headbutted him forcefully, causing him to fall back onto the ground.

“Ouch! You’re such a violent girl,” the leader hissed while clutching his head, red with anger and embarrassment.

He turned and said to his underling, “Bring me the scissors.”

“Yes, boss.”

Lin Mingxi and Gu Beicheng felt their stomachs twist into knots, not knowing what he planned to do with the scissors.

“Since I can’t let you two die, I shall cripple you however I want. I don’t have anything else to do anyway. Why don’t I have some fun with you right in front of your husband? It’ll definitely be thrilling.” The leader chuckled and asked his accomplices, “Are you guys interested in joining in too?”

“Boss, of course we are. We haven’t gotten intimate with a woman in so long. Besides, this one’s so pretty and it’s free of charge. It’d be a waste to let such a rare opportunity go.”

“Exactly. Boss, hurry and get it on. Let us take over once you’re done having your fun.”

“Boss, why don’t we film the process for you while you’re at it? At least you’ll have something to look at and reminiscence about in the future.”

The leader lit up gleefully upon hearing their suggestions. “Good idea. Bring the camera here and begin filming!”

“Got it.”

One of his underlings came forth with the camera and aimed it at them. Placing the scissors near her shorts, the leader warned, “Don’t move, lady. I won’t be liable if you get hurt.”

Lin Mingxi bit her lip and stared wide-eyed at him. She had long turned as pale as a sheet.

She would rather die than be humiliated and violated by another man right in front of her husband!

Lin Mingxi felt beyond helpless as she watched her shorts being cut open.

There was no way she could resist with her arms tied behind her and her legs roped together. However, she could not just do nothing and watch herself get violated no matter what. Even if she had to die in the end, she refused to die succumbing to malice.

She supported herself against the wall and raised her knees to throw a kick in the leader’s face. Just as the leader was in the midst of cutting her shorts open merrily, he was thrown off guard and onto the ground by her sudden attack. He immediately crawled onto his feet and instructed his accomplices, “You two, grab one of her legs each. Let’s see if she can still kick me again.”

“Yes, boss.”

They immediately did as instructed and separated Lin Mingxi’s legs, each holding onto one. The leader then leisurely began cutting her shorts open again.

Gu Beicheng flew into an uncontrollable rage. He did a somersault in the direction of the leader and pinned the latter down beneath himself.

He separated his legs slightly and clasped the leader’s head tightly between his legs with all his might.

“Pull him away from me!” the leader hollered with his breathing being restricted.

The three accomplices rushed forward and tried to pull Gu Beicheng away, giving Lin Mingxi the chance to move about.

Her legs were a little more free now that there was no one to grasp them.

Instead of kicking them again straight away, she moved towards the side with her hands behind her back, and tried to pick up the pair of scissors thrown onto the ground by the leader.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

One of the accomplices immediately picked up the pair of scissors and stabbed it into Gu Beicheng’s back in a bid to get him to stop struggling.

Gu Beicheng groaned in pain as blood began to flow freely from his back, staining his shirt. Lin Mingxi burst into tears at the sight before her. She turned her anger into power and kicked the man onto the ground with tremendous force.

She then leaped onto him and sunk her teeth into his neck with all her might.

The man shrieked in pain and yelled, “Brother, help me!”

One of the two men tugging Gu Beicheng stood up immediately and grabbed Lin Mingxi’s hair to pull her away. By the time she was dragged away from him, the man’s neck was covered in blood and he had stopped breathing. Blood was flowing from the corners of Lin Mingxi’s mouth.

“Brother!” The accomplice glared at Lin Mingxi angrily and gave her a few tight slaps across her face while stomping his foot onto the ground continuously. He beat Lin Mingxi into a pulp until she passed out.

Upon sight of Lin Mingxi lying motionless on the ground, the two other men proceeded to deal with Gu Beicheng.

“Mingxi!” Gu Beicheng tried to crawl over to check on Lin Mingxi, only to be stopped by the three brothers, who kept kicking him.

They only stopped when Gu Beicheng no longer resisted.

“Boss, that bitch killed one of us. Why don’t we just kill them both now? That’ll save us a lot of trouble.”

“His death just means that there’s one less person we’ll have to split the money with. The people who hired us already said that we have to take a video of them being conscious when we arrive at the destination. How are we supposed to film the video now that they’ve passed out? Have you got any brains at all? Bury him and leave after we repair the boat.”

“Boss, are you still going to toy with her?”

“I’ll do that when they both come to. It’ll be more thrilling that way. Tie them up tightly with the rope.”

“Yes, boss!”

Xu Youran and Gu Dongcheng were getting intimate with each other in the resting room.

Moaning and panting heavily, Xu Youran looked at her husband who was on top of her and said, “Hubby, we’ve finally gotten rid of them all thanks to your brilliant idea. But, why didn’t we just kill them on the spot? We won’t have to worry about any future issues if they’re dead.”

“No. If we kill them, An Xiaoning would be able to crack the case immediately. Don’t forget, she’s psychic and can communicate with the dead,” Gu Dongcheng explained.

“That’s true. If only we managed to get rid of An Xiaoning too. She got lucky this time. But, it’s a good thing to send your brother and sister-in-law to a faraway place such that they’ll never be able to come back. The company will belong to you from now on. Hubby, I’m so happy for you,” said Xu Youran.

“Father and Mother don’t know about this yet. Don’t let the cat out of the bag when An Xiaoning breaks the news to them. Let’s just pretend that we don’t know anything.”

“I know what to do. Your stepmother’s going to weep when she finds out. Hahaha,” Xu Youran gloated, wrapping her legs around Gu Dongcheng’s waist.

“That’s her problem, not mine.”


After a long and hard battle in bed, the couple snuggled up to each other and lay down in bed.

Xu Youran let out a sigh of satisfaction, as if she had gotten rid of all her woes. “Hubby, there’s actually something I haven’t told you about.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know that I really want An Xiaoning to die now?”

“Isn’t that because you hate the entire Jin family?” Gu Dongcheng answered.

“That’s one of the reasons. Another reason is that An Xiaoning could very likely be my parents’ biological daughter.” Xu Youran decided to tell him the truth since he would find out sooner or later.

“What!?! How did you know?” Gu Dongcheng asked in astonishment.

“My parents are waiting for her to return to the country so that they can get a DNA test done.”

“What if she isn’t their daughter?”

Shaking her head, Xu Youran answered, “I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or what but I feel like An Xiaoning resembles my parents to a certain extent. Think about it carefully, don’t you think they look really alike?”