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Gu Dongcheng recalled their features carefully and said, “I wouldn’t have realized it earlier, but now that I think about it, they really do look a little similar.”

“Hubby, I really don’t want An Xiaoning to come back. Could you lend me a hand?” Xu Youran asked, gazing at him.

“How am I supposed to help you? Are you thinking of getting me to hire someone to kill her? Let’s not forget that she’s well trained in martial arts and always armed with weapons. She even brings her bodyguards along everywhere she goes, how would we get the chance to kill her? You’ve already seen for yourself how sharp and vigilant she was when we tried to drug her last night. Besides, she’s of utmost importance to the Gu family. I’ve already tried to help you get rid of her last night. But since she’s easily alarmed, we’d better not try anything funny with her,” Gu Dongcheng refuted.


“That’s enough, no more buts. So what if she really turns out to be a member of the Xu family?”

“I’m just scared that she’ll take revenge on me.”

“If we don’t touch her now, she won’t come looking for trouble. Actually, I think she’s not that bad of a person. It would’ve been best if she’d chosen to stand on my side. But clearly, she’s much closer to Beicheng.”


Song Yan lay on the hospital bed without uttering a single word.

Upon sight of Ling Ciye entering, the manager, Huahua, took the initiative to leave the ward.

“The procedures for the discharge from the hospital have been settled. Go home and recuperate for a while.”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already delayed filming for so many times. I must report back to the unit to resume filming for the variety program as soon as possible.” Song Yan sat up and got dressed immediately.

“You just suffered a miscarriage. Your health is of utmost importance.”

“You must be very happy now that An Xiaoning was proven to be right, aren’t you? After all, you wouldn’t have wanted to reconcile with me if it weren’t for the baby, let alone marry me. Now that our baby is really gone, aren’t you finally free? Are you planning to break up with me soon?” Song Yan scorned while staring at him.

Ling Ciye knew that she was just babbling about callously because she was upset, though she was indeed stating facts.

“I’m not happy.”

“How would I know if you are or not? I can’t read your mind anyway. Maybe you’re just saying it on the surface. Are you thinking of breaking up with me?” Song Yan asked straightforwardly.

Ling Ciye did not wish to pop the question directly, in fear of upsetting her further and rubbing salt into her wound since she had just suffered a miscarriage. To his surprise, she actually forced him to answer her.

“I’m talking to you, why aren’t you answering me? Are you really going to break up with me?”

“Can we talk about this another time?”

“No. I want an answer right now. I want nothing but the truth, so don’t lie to me,” Song Yan insisted, keeping her eyes fixed on him.

He avoided eye contact with her and said calmly, “I wanted to take responsibility because you were pregnant. I haven’t relaxed one bit since the moment you told me that you were pregnant. Ever since the day we got back together, I’ve been mentally exhausted and sick of all of our petty arguments. There are so many existing issues between us that can never be resolved. Since the baby is gone, I don’t see a point in continuing our relationship. Why don’t we just end things amicably?”

He then took a card out of his wallet and handed it to her, “There’s 30 million dollars in here. Take it as compensation from me to you.”

Staring at the bank card, Song Yan asked, “Is there no way we can salvage this?”


“Okay then, I accept your compensation,” said Song Yan as she reached out to take the card.

After a moment of silence, Ling Ciye said, “I hope you’ll understand what you really want one day.”

“I’ve always known what I wanted. You don’t have to especially remind me. Ciye, this time, we’re breaking up for real. This will be the last time we’re breaking up.”

“Yes, the last breakup.”

Tears began to well up in Song Yan’s eyes before she turned away from him. With her back facing him, she said, “Leave.”

“I’ll help you bring your luggage down.”

“There’s no need for that.”

“Well… I’m leaving then.” Ling Ciye then strode out of the hospital ward.

Upon noticing that he had left, Huahua hurriedly ran back inside the ward, only to hear Song Yan bawling loudly the moment she entered.

“Oh gosh, what’s the matter with you?”

Song Yan continued to weep without uttering a word. “Say something, what’s wrong with you?” Huahua asked worriedly.

“We broke up.”

“Again? It’s fine, you guys will get back together again in a few days anyway,” said Huahua, who had long gotten used to their fickle relationship.

Shaking her head, Song Yan said, “We won’t. He was very firm in his decision this time. We won’t get back together anymore.”

“That’s what you say after every breakup. You just had a miscarriage. Stop crying, it’s bad for your health,” Huahua tried to comfort her.

“Huahua, why is it that we end up arguing every single time I try to communicate with him properly? I know I have many flaws and shortcomings, but I really love him a lot. It’s been so many years since we met and I’ve never forgotten about him even after high school. But things are really over for us now. I can tell that he doesn’t love me anymore from the way he looks at me. He said it’s draining and exhausting to be in a relationship with me. I don’t know when our relationship began turning sour either. I don’t know…”

“Haven’t I told you before? It’s because both of you are too dominant and prideful. Furthermore…” Huahua paused in her speech, unsure if she should continue.

“Furthermore what?”

“Women shouldn’t be too pretentious. Which couple breaks up and reconciles as many times as you two have? Your relationship is so fickle and fragile. Even if you argue all the time, you shouldn’t be mentioning a break up so casually. You need to put in the effort to nurture your relationship. There’s bound to be a lack of passion once you two have gotten too used to each other after being together for so long. But, you have to learn how to spice things up and give him a little surprise every now and then. Song Yan, you’ve starred in so many romance dramas and films before, don’t you understand the basic rules of maintaining a relationship?”

Tears streamed down Song Yan’s face uncontrollably. “We’ve already made things final just now. But I absolutely regret it now. I don’t want to break up with him.”

Huahua was speechless. “You regret it every single time you two break up. Why don’t you just forget it since you’ve already made things clear and final with each other just now? Besides, I doubt you can swallow your pride. If it’s not meant to be, there’s no point forcing it. Neither of you will be happy that way.”

“I’m so sad right now. He gave me this card that contains 30 million dollars. He said it’s a compensation fee for me,” said Song Yan, showing Huahua the card.

“Song Yan, Mr. Ling has treated you the best he could, seriously. You’ve already broken up and yet he’s still willing to give you such a huge compensatory sum. Many divorced men nowadays aren’t even willing to pay for alimony and their children’s maintenance fees. Besides, you two aren’t even married yet.”

“Don’t talk about it anymore…”

Ling Ciye drove home immediately after leaving the hospital.

He sat on the couch alone and calmed himself down. At this point, he felt like he had finally freed himself by ending the toxic relationship with Song Yan.

He decided to only get into a relationship with someone with whom he felt comfortable around and could get along amicably.

Strangely, he needed some comforting and decided to give Long Tianze a call to ask him out for a drink at Black Genie bar.

Long Tianze agreed straight away and suggested that they invite a few more friends along to add to the fun.