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Ling Ciye left it to him to decide and began driving towards the bar.

He instructed the waiters to tell their boss, Long Tianze, to go straight to the private room upstairs where he would be waiting.

He ordered some liquor and drank alone while waiting for his friends to arrive.

By the time Long Tianze and the rest arrived, Ling Ciye was already slightly tipsy.

“Where’s the fun in drinking alone without us? You seem upset. Don’t tell me you argued with Song Yan again?”

“We didn’t argue, we just broke up.”

Everyone else looked at each other in dismay while the unsurprised Long Tianze said, “Well… what should I say about you two…”

“You don’t have to say anything. Today is the day your buddy is finally set free. Let’s drink to the joyous occasion. From today onwards, I’m going to become a bachelor again… Let me toast to everyone,” said Ling Ciye, raising his glass.

Long Tianze stopped him and said, “Don’t drink yet and tell us the reason behind your breakup first. Feed our curiosity and hunger for gossip.”

Ling Ciye shot him a glance and scorned, “Are you gloating over my misfortune?”

“Of course not. We’re just adding fuel to the fire.”

Ling Ciye glared at him with a look of disdain and said, “Xiaoning’s prediction was right. Song Yan suffered a miscarriage on the last night of the month.”

Jin Qingyue was delighted to hear the news, not because Song Yan had suffered a miscarriage but because the matter had proven that her sister-in-law was accurate in her predictions, which also meant that she would really meet her Mr. Right.

Although she was happy to hear the news, she spared a thought for Ling Ciye’s feelings and thus remained silent without interrupting.

“Did you break up with her because she had a miscarriage?” Long Tianze probed.

“I didn’t bring it up immediately. I was planning to mention it to her another time but she forced me to answer. Well, I didn’t want to drag things along further and decided to tell her the truth about how I felt. I gave her a compensatory sum of about 30 million dollars too,” said Ling Ciye before chugging down his glass of liquor.

“No wonder you asked us out for drinks. There are too many differences and issues between you two. Good that you broke up, lest you bring more pain and suffering to each other.” Long Tianze poured some more liquor into Ling Ciye’s glass and filled it to the brim before saying, “Let’s drink to our hearts’ content tonight. We’ll accompany you throughout. We must have a whole lot of fun tonight. C’mon guys, who would like to volunteer to sing the first song for tonight?”

“Let me have the honor,” Jin Qingyue volunteered. She stood up and walked towards the song selection system to select a song named “Tell Me You Won’t Go.”

Dressed in a long floral dress, Jin Qingyue stood there with the microphone in hand. She had some exquisite makeup on her face and she let her hair drape across her shoulders.

She then began singing slowly once the music began playing, “I never thought you would leave, this day arrived so soon. Time passed, minute by minute, every single text from you is about breaking up, there are no ‘if’s’, no ending at all, I know you lied to me by saying that there’s no happiness in being with me… you left after you were done toying with my feelings, how could I believe that you used to be so gentle? I ask myself, what’s there left of me to offer, what else can I do to move you, what can I do to make you come back to me and stay for me, how can I make you hug me and tell me you won’t go…”

As she approached the ending of the song, Jin Qingyue stared ahead blankly with the microphone in hand, as if all the people in front of her had disappeared.

The room was silent apart from her singing.

Everyone applauded loudly after the song ended.

Slightly shy and embarrassed, Jin Qingyue took a seat on the sofa while Long Tianze took his turn to select another song.

After a round of taking turns to sing, Jin Qingyan suggested that they play some games.

“What games? How about Truth or Dare?” Long Tianze suggested.

“Sure, game on.” Jin Qingyan picked up a beer bottle and placed it onto the table. “Spin the bottle, and whoever the opening of the bottle points to would have to answer a question from everyone. How does that sound?”

“One person would have to answer a question each from everyone?” Long Tianze asked in astonishment,

“Of course. Are you afraid?” Jin Qingyan asked smilingly with raised brows.

“Of course not, let’s go ahead. I’m game enough,” Long Tianze said in a high-pitched voice after being baited by Jin Qingyan.

“Sure, let’s go.”

Jin Qingyan stared at his friends and said, “Let’s gather in a circle. Okay, I’m going to start now.”

“Wait, let’s lay the rules down first. Are we allowed to ask any kind of question?” Jin Qingyue asked.

“Of course. That’s what Truth or Dare is about. You can ask all sorts of questions,” Jin Qingyan answered.

“Alright, let’s begin.”

Jin Qingyan spun the bottle lightly and it began spinning quickly before coming to a halt very soon. The bottle pointed right at Jin Qingyan.

“Ha, this is going to be fun. Do you know what I’m going to ask you?” Long Tianze asked gleefully while keeping his eyes fixed on Jin Qingyan.

“Go ahead and fire your questions.”

“Fool, how many women have you gotten intimate with other than Sis-in-law?”

What a juicy question!

Everyone turned to stare at Jin Qingyan, who answered with a straight face, “None.”

“So you gave your virginity to Sis-in-law?” Long Tianze asked again.

“Sorry, but I’ve already answered your question,” Jin Qingyan said smilingly.

“Ciye, hurry and ask him that question,” Long Tianze prompted Ling Ciye.

Ling Ciye ignored his suggestion and said, “I have my own question to ask. Tianze, are you stupid? Qingyan’s answer has already spoken for itself. Why do you have to bother asking about his virginity?”

Everyone burst into laughter. Ling Ciye cleared his throat and asked, “Qingyan, who’s more important to you? Your friends or your wife?”

“You must’ve asked that on purpose.” Without hesitation, Jin Qingyan answered, “My wife, of course. Tianze would answer the same if he were me.”

Would he have dared to say that his friends were more important than his wife?

Had he done so, word about his answer would definitely reach his wife’s ears in no time…

Of course he did not dare to say so.

However, deep down, he indeed valued his wife more than his friends.

“It’s my turn. Brother-in-law, what’s the one decision that you regret making the most?” Mei Yangyang asked, grinning widely.

“Divorcing your sister.”

When it was Jin Qingyue’s turn, she decided to spare her brother since she did not really have any questions and thus asked a question to which she already knew the answer.

“Brother, how far are you willing to sacrifice for love?”

“I’m willing to sacrifice everything I have for love.”

After the first round of questions, they proceeded to the next round of spinning the bottle.

This time, the bottle pointed towards Jin Qingyue.

“What would you do if you bumped into your ex-husband while you were out with the person you adore?” Long Tianze asked.

Jin Qingyue answered solemnly, “In the event that something like that happens, I’ll ignore his presence if he doesn’t approach me. I’ll do the same even if he does. I won’t even bother patronizing such a revolting person whom I cannot stand. That’s the best I can do.”

“If you could have another go at life, what would you like to become? A human or a plant or an animal?” Mei Yangyang questioned.

“If I could have another go at life, I would want to reincarnate as an aged tree and sink my roots deep below the ground so I can enjoy basking in the rays of the sun every day and absorb the water cast down onto me by the rain. During wintertime, I’ll welcome the cold and continue being myself, with no love or resentment towards anything else.”

Her answer had caught everyone by surprise.

When it was Ling Ciye’s turn, he stared at Jin Qingyue and decided to pass the chance to Jin Qingyan for he had nothing to ask her.