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“What’s your greatest wish right now?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“I’d like to find a husband who loves and cares about me,” Jin Qingyue answered truthfully.

“Your turn, Ciye.”

Ling Ciye placed his legs onto the coffee table and stared at Jin Qingyue before asking a jaw-dropping question.

“What would you do if I told you one day that I had fallen in love with you?”

Jin Qingyue was momentarily stunned and at a loss for words for it had never occurred to her that he would ask such a question.

“You don’t have to answer if you find it awkward,” said Ling Ciye, who was asking a casual question.

“No, not at all.” Jin Qingyue did not dare to make eye contact with him. She was again reminded of that night where he stood outside the bathroom and chanced upon her naked self.

All eyes were on her, including Ling Ciye’s.

“If you were to tell me one day that you had fallen for me, I would feel lucky to be loved by such an outstanding man like you; it’s a chance that I would’ve never dreamed of. I’ll stutter and speak incoherently out of nervousness when I see you. I’ll be so worked up and agitated such that I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Her answer had brought much glory to Ling Ciye.

However, no one thought much of her answer and instead continued playing games.

Yet, Jin Qingyue had taken his question to heart and poured herself a glass of liquor, which she chugged down in one sitting.

She had several drinks that night, though she rarely touched alcohol.

Ling Ciye had had plenty to drink as well.

The two of them were the ones who drank the most amongst the group of five.

Jin Qingyan went home earlier because Jin Yiheng called to look for him, leaving the four of them in the room.

Jin Qingyue was ecstatic after having too much to drink.

She seemed like a whole different person and began tapping her feet to the upbeat music, appearing much more sporting than her usual self.

She jumped onto the coffee table and began singing and dancing vigorously, adding to the mood.

Having had her fun, the exhausted Jin Qingyue lay down on the couch afterwards and closed her eyes.

“Let’s go home,” Long Tianze said to Ling Ciye.



“I don’t want to go home. Tianze, let’s go to your place.”


Long Tianze held onto him while Mei Yangyang helped Jin Qingyue into the backseat. Mei Yangyang drove home in her own car while Long Tianze searched Ling Ciye for the car keys and drove the latter’s car.

Jin Qingyue and Ling Ciye sat in the backseat, extremely tipsy.

However, they were not drunk out of their senses and would steal a glance at each other every now and then.

Jin Qingyue turned to the side and moved closer towards him before closing her eyes again.

Upon arriving home, Long Tianze opened the car door and asked, “Ciye, would you like to go sleep in the guest room?”

“It’s fine, I’ll just lie here for a while.”

Long Tianze lowered his head into the backseat to find that Jin Qingyue had fallen asleep. He then closed the door and went back home with Mei Yangyang.

Ling Ciye was still sober.

He gazed at Jin Qingyue and broke into smiles at the thought of her answer to his question earlier.

In reality, Jin Qingyue was not asleep at all. After all, she was the type to get high off alcohol and thus would not fall asleep so easily.

She merely had her eyes closed. Throughout the journey from the bar to the house, she constantly pondered about why he asked her such a question. She knew he was being serious because she was aware that he was not the kind to play pranks and joke about such things.

Thus, she made a brave decision to lean her head against his shoulder.

He did not push her away.

Jin Qingyue felt her breath quicken and became extremely excited just by leaning against him.

She dared not move an inch and remained still while inhaling his scent.

In fact, she decided to make such a bold move not only because of his question but also because of what An Xiaoning had said.

She was told that, in the month of April, she would meet her Mr. Right, who was a man she had known for a long time.

She could not think of anyone else apart from Ling Ciye.

Ling Ciye definitely fit the description of having a bad temper, just like her brother and Long Tianze.

Furthermore, her sister-in-law also mentioned that his relationship with Song Yan would come to naught. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Ling Ciye was the one!

Since it was so likely that he was the one, she obviously had to seize the opportunity.

Thus, she decided to make the first move and leaned against his shoulder.

Jin Qingyue had a hard time trying to remain still since she was not really asleep.

After persisting for a while, she opened her eyes slowly and sat up straight. “Brother Ciye…” she murmured softly.


“Why did you ask me such a question earlier?”

“I was just casually asking.”

“But… I wasn’t just casually listening,” Jin Qingyue stared at him, her eyes glistening with joy.

“Qingyue… you might’ve been mistaken…” said Ling Ciye, feeling a little uneasy.

A look of disappointment formed on Jin Qingyue’s face after realizing that things might become awkward between them in the future. Thus, she decided to go all out and gave him a kiss on his lips.

Ling Ciye stared wide-eyed at her, completely caught off guard.

Jin Qingyue straddled him and forced another kiss on him.

She made the first move on him.

Ling Ciye then struggled to push her away forcefully. “Qingyue… what are you doing…” he spluttered in bewilderment.

“Brother Ciye… I… I…” Jin Qingyue stammered, blushing as red as a tomato. She avoided eye contact and continued to sit on his lap.

She felt a sudden bulge poking her from below. She knew clearly what it was.

“Get off me…” Ling Ciye said, feeling extremely awkward.

Jin Qingyue moved her body a little but did not get off of him.

“Qingyue, get off me!”

Jin Qingyue felt the bulge beneath her expanding and she could not help but feel elated. That just means he feels something for me, doesn’t it? she thought to herself.

She refused to get off of him even after noticing the sullen expression on his face.

In fact, she even burst into smiles, which was much to the bewilderment of Ling Ciye.

“Stop smiling and get off me.”

“Brother Ciye. You reacted greatly to my move,” Jin Qingyue said smilingly.

Was she flirting with him and trying to get him aroused?

“Be good, get down,” he said, mellowing his tone.

Jin Qingyue lifted herself off of his lap slowly before plonking herself down again. He let out a grunt and stared at her in disbelief.

Jin Qingyue smiled even more joyfully. This time, she really got down from his lap. However, she went on to make an even bolder move.

Ling Ciye froze in shock and quickly smacked her hand away.

What a brazen little lass! She needs to be taught a lesson.

Noticing that he was about to open the door to alight, Jin Qingyue grabbed his arm and confessed, “Brother Ciye, I adore you.”

Ling Ciye paused and said, “Qingyue, we’re… not suitable for each other.”

“You haven’t tried it before, how would you know that we’re not compatible? If you’d like to find out if we’re suited for each other, why don’t I look for you tonight and we’ll give it a try?”

I was referring to our personalities being incompatible! What was she thinking about!?!

Noticing that he abruptly alighted from the car, Jin Qingyue hurriedly chased after him in high spirits.