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As soon as An Xiaoning opened the door, she was greeted with the sight of Jin Qingyan, who carried her inside the room before she could even react.

He slammed the door shut with his foot.

Jin Qingyan lifted her in his arms and flung her onto the bed.

“How did you get here?”

“By plane, of course,” Jin Qingyan answered.

“You know I wasn’t referring to that…”

Without another word, Jin Qingyan removed his clothes straight away and pinned her down beneath him. He then pinched An Xiaoning’s nose, causing her tears to flow out of her eyes.

“You really scared me.”


An Xiaoning burst into laughter and said, “Was it really that bad?”

“Yes. Don’t laugh, this is a serious matter,” said Jin Qingyan, staring at her sternly.

However, not only did she not stop, she also continued to guffaw even more merrily.

Jin Qingyan watched as she continued to laugh.

“We didn’t see each other for so long. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, but you really caught me by surprise by coming here all of a sudden,” said An Xiaoning, who could already foresee what would happen next.

Jin Qingyan slowly untied the ribbon holding her nightdress together and began caressing her thigh.

She reciprocated.

“I couldn’t sleep well every night without you at home.”


“Why are you asking when you already know the answer?”


An Xiaoning gazed at him and hooked one leg across his waist while draping her arms around his neck to give him a kiss on his lips.

Jin Qingyan looked down to receive her kiss and began smooching her.

“Why didn’t Yiheng come along with you?”

“I obviously couldn’t bring him along. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get down to business with him around…”

Clearly, “business” had meant something else. An Xiaoning smiled and said, “He’s a child, after all.”

“He’s an adult trapped in a child’s body. We caught a whale when we went fishing previously.”

“Do you think I was born yesterday? A whale? Seriously… how big of a rod did you need to be able to fish a whale?”

“It was the same size as average fishes. It’s a special breed of whale. I only found out after getting Shixin to check on it after Yiheng realized that it was growing abnormally fast. It really shocked me though.”

“As if I’d believe you…”

“Have you been eating irregularly again? Why haven’t you gained weight at all?”

“I do eat normally.”

“Eat more and get chubbier.”


“It’ll feel nicer to touch you that way.”

“Jin Qingyan, get lost…”

Throughout the endless night, they continued to cuddle and kiss each other affectionately, just like a pair of newlyweds in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Even until midnight, they were still chatting continuously in bed while remaining wide awake, snuggled up in each other’s arms.

All of a sudden, An Xiaoning realized that Jin Qingyan had begun speaking to her with fervor and assurance like his old self again.

“Have you been committing any shameless acts with your life savior during the time that I was away?” she questioned.

“No, I’ve always been abiding by your instructions. By the way, you haven’t fulfilled the promise you made to me. Xiaoning…” Jin Qingyan said, staring at her with sparkly eyes.

“I’m asleep.”

“You’re asleep but you can still speak? Hurry…”

“Aren’t you tired at all? Go take a shower…”

“Alright.” He got out of bed and strode towards the bathroom quickly.

An Xiaoning lay in bed to wait for him.

Jin Qingyan purposefully switched on all of the lights when he came out of the shower.

“Switch off the lights.”

“I don’t want to.”

He removed the towel wrapped around his waist and lay down delightfully. “You may begin.”

An Xiaoning had no choice but to fulfill the promise she had made to him before and began pleasuring him with her mouth.

She broke into smiles upon noticing how eager and aroused he was.

They did not stop to take a break at all throughout the night. Jin Qingyan was full of vigor and energy, almost too overwhelming for An Xiaoning.

After the deed was done, they hugged each other to sleep.

Meanwhile, Jin Yiheng flew into a rage because his father had left without a word.

At this very moment, it was still daytime in S Nation.

Upon realizing that his father was missing, Jin Yiheng decided to ask Fan Shixin about him, only to find that his Daddy had left him alone at home to go look for his Mommy!

“Uncle Shixin, tell me honestly. Am I really my Daddy’s child?” he asked with an austere expression on his face.

Fan Shixin burst into laughter and said, “Little Sir, look how much your features resemble your Daddy’s. You’re practically a chip off the old block. How could you not be his biological son?”

“Why didn’t he bring me along then?”

“He has some important things to handle. It won’t be convenient to take you with him.”

“I may be young but I’m very sensible. I don’t throw silly tantrums either. What’s so inconvenient about that?” Jin Yiheng groused in disgruntlement.

“Little Sir, your Daddy is going to be back very soon. Didn’t you say you wanted to go play with Xiaoxi? Hurry along,” Fan Shixin asked softly.

Jin Yiheng nodded and left grumpily.

He arrived at the house opposite to find that Long Xiaoxi was sitting on the swing. He walked towards her in a manner that was rather sophisticated for his age and greeted her, “Xiaoxi.”

“Brother Yiheng, what’s the matter? Why are you upset?” Long Xiaoxi asked smilingly as she got down from the swing.

“I was abandoned by Daddy.”

“Oh… where did Godpa go?” Long Xiaoxi asked.

“He went to look for Mommy and left me alone at home. Xiaoxi, we’re orphans now.”


Long Xiaoxi held his hand and said, “Brother Yiheng, it’s alright, you still have me. I’ll accompany you. Let’s go watch some cartoons.”

“Let’s watch at my place.”

“Sure.” Long Xiaoxi and Jin Yiheng left the former’s house hand in hand.

Just as they arrived at the master’s bedroom upstairs, Jin Yiheng decided to sleep in his parents’ room that night. “Let’s watch in my Daddy’s room.”

Long Xiaoxi followed him inside.

Jin Yiheng took out a drawing book while rummaging through the drawer for the mobile tablet.

“What’s this?”

He flipped through the book casually and immediately blushed red upon sight of the drawings on the book. He then quickly chucked the book back inside the drawer.

“Brother Yiheng, let me see.”

“Children aren’t allowed to look at those drawings.”

His words had further piqued the curiosity of Long Xiaoxi, who said, “I’m just going to take one glance. What is it?”

“Let’s watch some cartoons on my parents’ computer. I’ll go get it from my room.” He turned around and scurried away.

Long Xiaoxi opened the drawer and took out the drawing book to browse through it. After looking at the illustrations, Long Xiaoxi did not put the book down and instead continued to flip through the pages.

Jin Yiheng returned inside the room, only to see that she was holding the book in her hands.

“Xiaoxi…” Jin Yiheng immediately snatched the book away from her.

Long Xiaoxi gripped onto it tightly and refused to budge. “Brother Yiheng, I’m not finished yet.”

“You can’t look anymore.”

“Let’s take a look together.”

Long Xiaoxi kicked him, causing him to release his grip. She then pulled him onto the couch. Noticing how insistent she was, Jin Yiheng decided to give in to her.

They sat side by side and began flipping through the book all the way until the end.

At last, Long Xiaoxi returned the book to him and said excitedly, “Brother Yiheng, will we be allowed to do those things on the book when we’re older?”

Blushing as red as a tomato, Jin Yiheng stood up and placed the book back inside the drawer while remaining silent.