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Long Xiaoxi began to panic. “Brother Yiheng, why aren’t you speaking?”

“I… I… Xiaoxi, let’s go out to play.”

Long Xiaoxi hugged him and said, “I’m asking you. Do we get to do those things drawn on the book when we’re older?”


Long Xiaoxi looked up at him and chuckled before saying, “Brother Yiheng, you’re blushing like a tomato. Are you getting shy?”

“Of course not.”

“You’re still trying to deny it.” She tiptoed to kiss him and said, “Brother Yiheng, from now onwards, I’ve reserved you.”

He reached out to touch his lips and looked down at her in astonishment.

Long Xiaoxi smiled at him and said, “I just remembered that Brother Minhe is still waiting for me. I’m going home first.”

She left the room, swaying her chubby body from side to side. Jin Yiheng stood rooted to the ground, the shock robbing him of his senses.

Long Xiaoxi entered her house to see that Zhong Minhe was sitting on the swing alone.

She scurried towards him and exclaimed, “Brother Minhe!”

“Xiaoxi, where did you go?”

“I went to Brother Yiheng’s house.” Long Xiaoxi sat down beside him, grinning widely as she could not contain her happiness.

“What’s the joyous occasion?” Zhong Minhe asked in puzzlement.

“I… I kissed Brother Yiheng. He was dumbstruck,” she said softly.

Zhong Minhe stared wide-eyed at her in astonishment.

“Xiaoxi, do you fancy him a lot?”

Long Xiaoxi nodded without hesitation and answered, “Of course, I’m going to bear Brother Yiheng’s children when I grow up. I’ve thought about it. I want to give birth to ten children.”

Being a naturally introverted and emotionally sensitive, Zhong Minhe was at a loss for words and remained silent upon hearing her words, which had upset him.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Shaking his head, he said, “Nothing. If only I was able-bodied, I’d be able to hold your hand too. I can also protect you from bullies and beat them up for you.”

“Brother Minhe, you’re so nice to me. But my brother will stand up for me when I get bullied. He dotes on me the most.”

“That’s different.”



Two days flew by quickly. Jin Qingyue began to calm her emotions gradually.

The two of them had yet to meet again, ever since the time she tried to seduce Ling Ciye in a drunken stupor. They did not contact each other either.

Jin Qingyue thought to herself that Ling Ciye must have detested her and despised her for being a superficial woman.

After she truly got a grip on her emotions and thought the matter through with a clear mind, Jin Qingyue realized that she had been too casual, though she did not regret it at all.

She sat on the couch, hugging her knees as a million thoughts filled her mind.

Her phone began to ring all of a sudden while she was deep in her thoughts.

To her surprise, it was a call from Ling Ciye. Her heart began to race immediately and she stared at the caller display, a little afraid to answer.

After the mobile phone rang for a while, Jin Qingyue mustered up the courage to answer the call. She swiped her finger across the screen gently and said, “Brother Ciye…”

A moment of silence later, Ling Ciye asked, “Are you free now?”


“Let’s have dinner together.”


Jin Qingyue was immensely agitated and overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. What does this mean? This…

The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like a good sign.

She hurriedly proceeded to take a shower, after which she dried her hair, applied some makeup, put on a dress along with a pair of matching heels, and left the house merrily with her purse in hand.

She decided not to drive, thinking that it would be better to let him send her home instead. Thus, she hailed a taxi and headed towards the restaurant they agreed to meet at.

It began pouring right after she arrived at the door of the restaurant. Jin Qingyue counted her blessings, feeling lucky to have escaped the rain.

She calmed herself down while standing by the door. Although they had known each other for ages, she had never been on a proper date with him before.

After rehearsing her smile for a couple of times, she pushed the door open and entered.

She scanned her surroundings as soon as she entered and laid her eyes on a spot near the window where Ling Ciye was sitting with his back facing her.

She put on a smile and strutted towards him in her heels.

“Brother Ciye!” She sat down opposite him and greeted smilingly.

“You’re here. Come, sit next to me,” he said calmly, remaining much more composed than Jin Qingyue, who could barely contain her excitement.

“Huh?” Jin Qingyue began blushing with shyness and stood up slowly to move to the seat beside him.

Soon, the steak and wine were served and they went on to have a peaceful meal.

Jin Qingyue was in high spirits throughout while Ling Ciye’s expression remained more or less the same.

He kept quiet during the meal and did not speak to her at all. Jin Qingyue began to sense that something was wrong. Why is he not saying anything at all? she wondered.

It was not like him to ask her out and remain silent throughout.

“Brother Ciye, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

“I only asked you out for a meal,” Ling Ciye answered.

Jin Qingyue gazed at his side profile in awe, finding it strange that she had never noticed how charming he was in the past.

She did not say anything further, and the rain began to pour even more heavily.

They enjoyed their steaks and wine in an unhurried manner.

They wiped their mouths after finishing their food. Ling Ciye proceeded to get the tab before leaving the restaurant together with her.

He happened to chance upon the sight of people snapping photos of him when he turned around, after which he quickly looked away without uttering a word.

“It’s raining heavily. Did you drive today?”


“I’ll send you home then.” He then removed his lightweight, three-quarter-sleeved blazer and draped it over her head before scurrying towards his car.

Once they got inside the car, he began wiping the rainwater off her face with a towel.

Charmed by his warm gesture, Jin Qingyue placed his blazer in the backseat and placed both hands on her lap, feeling a little awkward.

She stared out of the window, only to realize that there were several people pointing their cameras at them outside the restaurant.

“I think there are people snapping photos of us.”

“I know.”

Jin Qingyue was taken aback by his answer. Did he discover the paparazzi long ago?

It can’t be. How could there be such a coincidence?

We don’t work in the entertainment industry, why would there be paparazzi following us every day?

Noticing that he did not seem too keen on explaining the situation, Jin Qingyue did not probe further and instead looked in front.

Ling Ciye revved up the engine, set the gear, reversed out of the parking lot, and quickly drove away from the restaurant.

He was driving towards Wei Ni Estate.

Realizing that she was getting closer and closer to home, Jin Qingyue thought to herself that there should be at least some progress since he initiated having dinner together, though he could also have had other intentions. However, she simply could not wrap her head around what he was thinking.

“Brother Ciye, I haven’t been sleeping well at night since the last time we parted.”

He did not respond.

Feeling a little panicky, Jin Qingyue decided to go all out and popped the question, “Brother Ciye, is it really impossible between us?”


His words were like a stab to her heart. Since he thinks it’s impossible between us, what’s the point of asking me out for dinner? Jin Qingyue thought to herself.

She felt a strong urge to voice her burning question, though she did not end up doing so.

Jin Qingyue got rather upset but chose to remain silent while suppressing her displeasure.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of Wei Ni Estate.

Jin Qingyue cocked her head towards the side to look at him. To her surprise, he spoke up before she did. “I asked you out for dinner this evening because Song Yan has hired someone to shadow me. She would very likely be putting a halt to her actions after seeing that I went to dinner with you. I know she’s up to her old tricks again. Thus, I thought it would be good to make her give up her hopes completely.”