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Jin Qingyue’s heart shattered as she came to a sudden realization. Did he just make use of me?

“Since you’re using me, you should fake it until the end,” said Jin Qingyue, inching closer towards him.

Ling Ciye retreated backwards and said, “Qingyue…”

“I’m here. My brother left to look for my sister-in-law. Would you like to come in for some drinks?”


“Brother Ciye, what is a man like you afraid of? Are you seriously worried that a woman like me is going to eat you up?”

“That’s not the case…”

Noticing how reluctant he was, Jin Qingyue said, “Look how heavy the rain is pouring outside. I don’t quite feel like alighting from the car now.”

Ling Ciye was at a momentary loss for words.

He felt the temperature rising in the car.

Since the lights were switched off in the car, Jin Qingyue took the chance to tackle his crotch again while he was not paying attention, greatly shocking him.

If he was attached now, she definitely would not have had the guts to do so. However, she decided to make the first move since she felt really good about him and they were now both single anyway. Besides, there was no harm since he was someone she had known for years.


She unzipped his pants in one fluid motion…

Ling Ciye wanted to push her hand away, yet his body did not respond to his brain.

Jin Qingyue became even more courageous at the sight of him remaining still and thus continued to tighten and release her grip on his crotch repeatedly.

Ling Ciye took a deep breath, finding it hard to resist his urges though he could usually control himself very well.

She was far too bold and brazen.

Was she truly not afraid of losing the friendship between them?

However, the feeling of being fondled by her… was just too… euphoric.

By the time he recovered from the shock and snapped back to reality, he had already climaxed.

She pulled out a few sheets of tissue paper and helped him clean up.

How dauntless of her to have touched his private area and made him climax.

“My sis-in-law said that I would meet my Mr. Right in April. She told me that he was someone I’ve known for a very long time and that he’s ill-tempered. After thinking it through carefully, I realized that you were the only man I’ve been interacting with in April. Brother Ciye, I didn’t get Sis-in-law to foretell our marriage prospects, but I’d like to seize the opportunity with you. Please give me a chance too. Don’t reject me without even giving me a chance, okay?”

“Let me think about it.”

Jin Qingyue smiled gleefully at the possibility of a budding romance with him. “Sure, I’ll wait for your call.”

She pushed the door open and ran out of the car.

He tried to stop her and tell her that it was still raining outside.

Ling Ciye was still stuck in bewilderment at the thought of what just happened before him. He was a little lost after realizing that she had genuinely developed feelings for him.

He was greeted with the sight of a figure standing by the stairs when he arrived home at night.

He walked forward only to realize that it was Song Yan.

“What are you here for? We’ve already broken up for real.”

“Just because we broke up doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Are you in a relationship with Qingyue?” she asked, staring at him.

“That doesn’t seem to be any of your business.”

“Ciye, I can’t believe you actually fancy a divorced woman like Jin Qingyue who even has a child. Are you blind?” Song Yan scoffed in disgruntlement.

“So she’s not allowed to pursue her own happiness just because she’s divorced and has a child? Who set that rule?”

“You got together with her right after we broke up. Have you ever spared a thought for my feelings?”

“We’ve already broken up. I don’t care about how you feel,” Ling Ciye said coldly.


“It’s true that we’ve broken up completely. Although I don’t wish to completely cut off contact with you, I don’t want to continue being friends with you either. We were in a relationship with each other for so long, how could we still possibly remain friends after all that had happened? So, focus on your entertainment career for now and find a man who’ll tolerate you and give in to you. Let’s live our lives well separately.”

Just as he was about to leave, he added, “Qingyue may be divorced and has a child, but I don’t think I’m any purer than she is. I’ve also had a woman and a child before. I just haven’t gotten married.”

Song Yan hugged him tightly and said, “Ciye, I love you. I still love you…”

“You’re acting up again. Don’t forget what we agreed on when we broke up. Song Yan, you’re an arrogant person, don’t stoop below your pride.” He pushed her hands away and left without even looking back.

It was too draining and torturous to be in a relationship with her.

He would only be creating more trouble for himself if he fails to make the right decision.

Since they had already agreed to break up, he ought to put an end to their past completely.

“Song Yan, you heard him. Mr. Ling seems to have really given up this time. You’re such a prideful person yourself. Stop bringing pain and suffering to each other,” said Huahua, who had been hiding.

“Huahua, just how did things come to this? I still love him so much, though. You’ve seen it for yourself. It almost drove me crazy to see him being together with another woman. It’s only been a few days since we broke up, yet he’s already so eager to look for someone new. I would shut up and admit defeat if I was inferior to her. But of all people, it had to be Jin Qingyue.”

“You won’t admit defeat even if he found someone more outstanding than you. In fact, it’d even drive you up the wall. Besides, Song Yan… you should think about why he’d rather be with Jin Qingyue than with you,” said Huahua.

“She must be good in bed.”

“I doubt it. It’s really time you change your attitude…”


Ling Ciye did not sleep well that night as images of Jin Qingyue’s brazen move flooded his mind.

Having known her since he was young, it had never occurred to him that she would…

A rabbit doesn’t eat the grass by its own burrow. Yet, they…

However, they could now be considered to be friends with benefits. To think, she was indeed not too bad of a catch…

He had never thought of being someone else’s stepfather though.

He kept tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Ling Ciye regretted not stopping her in time when they were in the car.

But now…

He truly did not know what to do next.

Why don’t he just try dating her?

After much thought, he decided to give Jin Qingyan a call.

“I heard you’re with your wife now.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Get your wife to read my marriage prospects.”

Jin Qingyan was taken aback by his request. “Again? Your marriage with Song Yan?”

“Mine and your sister’s.”

“Qingyue…” Jin Qingyan put Ling Ciye on hold and said softly to An Xiaoning, “Help Ciye read his marriage prospects with Qingyue.”

“The two of them? Sure, I still remember their birth characters very clearly,” An Xiaoning said smilingly.

Ling Ciye lay in bed with his mobile phone in hand, waiting for an answer.

Soon, An Xiaoning spoke to him on the phone, after which Ling Ciye thanked her and ended the call.

He sat up again and got dressed before leaving his house with an umbrella.

He drove back to Wei Ni Estate again.

“Mr. Ling, why are you here at this hour? Young Sir has gone overseas, he’s not home.”

“I’m not looking for him,” Ling Ciye answered, entering the house with his umbrella.

Fan Shixin did not stop him and instead allowed him to proceed.