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“That’s none of your concern. I have my own plans,” said Gu Dongcheng, lying down beside her.

“Could you tell me about it? Let me give you some tips.”

“There’s no need for it.” Gu Dongcheng lit up a cigarette and took a deep puff before continuing, “If we really kill the two of them, I’m afraid Xiaoning would…”

“Hubby, An Xiaoning may be psychic and good at fortune-telling but that doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t you be rid of woes once you kill the three of them?”

“But…” Gu Dongcheng was getting more and more vexed and frustrated.

“There’s nothing to hesitate about. An Xiaoning is going to be a disaster to us sooner or later. An Xiaoning must’ve been the one who saved them. This is more than obvious.” Xu Youran lowered her voice and said, “Why do you think she’s so lucky to have survived one ordeal after another? She’s just like a cockroach who can’t be killed. I really wonder if she’s immortal.”

“She’s human, after all. How could she not die? No matter how capable a person may be, slip-ups will still be inevitable. Humans are flawed, and there’s no way one can take precautions against everything. I’ve already asked Mother just now. She said that they’d only be back in about ten days. Things will get tricky once they’re back. It’s best if they don’t come back at all.”

“My sentiments, exactly. My mother has been sitting by the telephone every day to wait for An Xiaoning’s call. Do you know how upset I get to see her sitting there whenever I go home? I just feel like I’ll be chased out as soon as An Xiaoning is proven to be a member of the Xu family. Although Mother said that she can’t bear to let me go since she’s already nurtured feelings for me after all these years, I doubt she’d turn down the requests of her biological daughter,” Xu Youran said, hugging his waist.

“Nothing’s set in stone yet. Don’t worry about things unnecessarily.”

Xu Youran did not know if her fears were groundless, but she was truly afraid that her imaginings would become reality.

An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan were spending each day happily in M Nation. The only reason they had been delaying their return was because they were waiting for Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi to recover from their injuries.

They waited for a total of twelve days.

She realized that she had not seen her son in more than a month.

She was indeed missing him dearly.

After much consideration, An Xiaoning decided to suggest returning home that day since Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi were almost recovered.

They agreed right away. After all, there wasn’t much left for them to do in M Nation.

“Xiaowen, hurry and pack the luggage.”

The assistant immediately did as instructed and asked, “Young Madam, are we leaving tomorrow?”

“We’ll leave later today.”

“I didn’t hear you mention about leaving today.”

“Didn’t you just hear it now? Hurry and pack up.” As soon as she finished speaking, An Xiaoning told Jin Qingyan to prepare the flight.

She was filled with excitement at the thought of being able to see her son very soon.

After packing the luggage, they exited the hotel. The hotel manager walked them to the car personally and apologized once again.

They then drove toward the airport and arrived about 20 minutes later, after which they headed straight to the VIP immigration lane.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jin, our superiors just informed us that the situation is rather chaotic now and no private planes are allowed to depart or touch down at all. So, I’m afraid you’d have to board our commercial plane if you’d like to return home. I’m very sorry about that,” a female uniformed airport staff informed them.

“Who was the one who sent out such orders? Our private jet has already landed at the airport. All we have to do is go through this lane and we’ll be able to board our flight home. What do you mean we have to board your commercial plane?” Jin Qingyan questioned sternly with a sullen expression on his face. Since when did such rules exist?

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Jin, but this is a rule and order handed down from the higher-ups, which we have to abide by. I’m merely an employee working for the airport. It’s not in my power to make exceptions or special arrangements for you guys.”

Noticing that Jin Qingyan was about to flare up, An Xiaoning nudged him and said, “Forget it, we’ll just board their commercial plane.”

“How much longer will such a lousy rule be implemented for?” Jin Qingyan questioned once again, keeping his eyes fixed on the female employee.

“That… I’m not too sure. Also, helicopters are not allowed to enter and leave the country freely from today onwards.”

An Xiaoning interlocked her fingers with his and said, “That’s enough, let’s just take their commercial plane.”

Thus, they had no choice but to purchase first-class tickets for the next flight, which was scheduled to take off one hour later since the current flight available was fully booked.

“Young Madam, why don’t we go back tomorrow instead?” said the assistant, Xiaowen.

“We’ll still have to wait even if we go back tomorrow, don’t we? We’ll wait for boarding after passing the security screening,” An Xiaoning instructed.

However, An Xiaoning’s weapons, which included guns, daggers, and whips, would definitely not pass the security screening.

She would have to remove all of them since they were prohibited items.

She had no choice but to abide by the rules and regulations.

They then entered the lounge to wait for boarding.

After waiting for an hour, they finally boarded the airplane.

The first-class cabin of the airplane was almost full of passengers, including themselves as well as others who booked their tickets online.

The airplane took off half an hour after boarding.

However, everyone began to sense something amiss after the airplane took off.

One hour later, the air stewardesses began handing out a meal set to each passenger.

An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan would never eat airplane food, whereas Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi were both not hungry. Thus, none of them touched the food and beverages, unlike their bodyguards, who passed out after having their meals.

On the surface, they seemed to just be sleeping. An Xiaoning turned around only to see that her bodyguards were all lying motionless in their seats.

Such tricks worked all the time, regardless of how many times they’d been used.

An Xiaoning and Lin Mingxi looked at each other quietly before pretending to drink the fruit juice provided. In reality, they did not touch a single drop of the juice at all.

They then proceeded to feign passing out and closed their eyes.

Soon, a bunch of people emerged from the economy cabin. An Xiaoning opened her eyes slightly to take a peek and realized that all the people disguised as passengers in fact had a hidden agenda.

They had clearly been set up.

It was a last-minute decision to return to the country. It was unlikely that they would happen to be stopped right as they were about to pass through the VIP passageway, even if there were people waiting for them at the airport.

An Xiaoning deduced that there must have been a mole amongst their entourage, though she could not put a finger on who it was just yet.

In hindsight, the one hour they were made to wait for boarding was more than enough for the enemy to devise their scheme and make the necessary arrangements.

It was indeed a careless misjudgment on her part.

To make matters worse, they had already surrendered all their weapons, including guns and knives.

At this point, they did not have any weapons except their bare fists. Fortunately, An Xiaoning had something else which could possibly save them.

It was her brooch as well as the hair clip Jin Qingyan had given her, which was embedded with a secret needle-darting contraption.

Those were going to come in handy.

“We don’t have much time. Hurry and do it. None of them are to be spared,” said one of the men.

All of a sudden, sounds of gunfire could be heard coming from behind them. Just as An Xiaoning was about to make a move, Jin Qingyan quickly held her down.

An Xiaoning remained still in the face of such a dangerous situation.

At this very moment, another man said in a flustered voice, “Boss, bad news. There are two aircraft chasing us. One private jet and one helicopter.”

“What aircraft are those?”

“I think they belong to Jin Qingyan. Seems like we’re going to die.”