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“We have to kill them first no matter what. Even if we die, we must die in glory. The organization will reward our country. Quick, do it,” the leader instructed.

“But, Boss… we don’t want to die,” the underlings said, sounding petrified.

“Cut the crap. Do you think you’ll get to make it out of this plane alive even if you don’t kill them? If you don’t follow my instructions, I’ll send you to hell right now!” the leader hollered, glaring at them menacingly.

The underlings dared not utter another word.

“Begin. Finish them off and we’ll be rewarded handsomely!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a gun was aimed right at his head in godlike speed.

An Xiaoning opened her eyes, only to see that the person holding the gun against the leader’s temple was Jin Qingyan.

She was bewildered to find that he still had a gun with him since she remembered seeing him removing his gun during the security screening. How did he…

“Back down all of you!”

The leader broke out in cold sweat and motioned for his underlings to retreat. “Hurry and back down. Didn’t you hear me!?!”

The gang retreated backward while still holding the guns in their hands.

Gu Beicheng and Lin Mingxi, too, opened their eyes and stood up.

Unfortunately, they did not have any weapons on them to defend themselves.

Jin Qingyan was clearly outnumbered since it was one against many guns in front of him.

“Put your guns down. Otherwise, I’ll shoot him,” Jin Qingyan warned fearlessly.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay and remained still as a statue.

“What are you waiting for? Put your guns down!” the leader snapped, overwhelmed with panic.

“Boss, didn’t you say that we must die in glory even if we have to die? Rest in peace, we will tell the organization of your remarkable sacrifice if we make it out alive.”

“Bastard! Put your guns down!” the leader hollered in exasperation and anxiety.

The underlings still refused to budge, perhaps because they knew that they might very likely die if they were to put their weapons down.

Yet, they did not wish to die so soon.

The leader was flustered and flabbergasted. Jin Qingyan walked towards the bunch of underlings while still holding the gun against the leader’s head.

Upon sight of the situation, An Xiaoning reached a hand out to touch the hair clip on her head. Who knew such an unassuming action would be sufficient to pierce one of the underlings in his eyes, causing him to shriek in pain and drop the gun in his hands.

Tension filled the underlings. Yet, they still did not dare to open fire.

The more Jin Qingyan advanced towards them, the more they retreated. Soon, he made it past the man who had his eyes pierced.

An Xiaoning walked towards him and picked up the pistol to find that the round was full.

Not bad.

Initially, they only had one gun. Now, they had two.

This increased their chances of survival.

Instead of pointing the gun at them together with Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning headed to the cockpit.

Pointing the gun at the pilot, she instructed, “Land the plane immediately.”

“But there’s no appropriate landing ground here,” said the pilot, frightened out of his wits.

“I don’t care. Land it right now. Touch down in a field or whatever. Otherwise, I’ll shoot you.”

“Do you think you’d make it out alive if you kill me?” the pilot retorted boldly.

“There’s a co-pilot here too. Are you landing it or not!?!”

“I am… but I’ll have to fly to the nearest airport. I can’t just land in the middle of nowhere.”

“Then head to the nearest airport.”


An Xiaoning felt a slight sense of relief.

After a long while, the plane arrived at an airport nearby and touched down slowly onto the runway.

Soon, the other two aircraft landed as well.

As soon as the doors opened, Jin Qingyan rushed into the airplane at godlike speed.

They initially had the upper hand. However, they missed the best timing and failed to seize the opportunity.

Now, the tables had turned and there was a shift in power.

In order to avoid driving them into desperation, Jin Qingyan warned, “You decide yourselves if you want to continue living or die in here. If you raise the white flag, I’ll spare your lives.”

Upon hearing his words, the gang put down their guns slowly and hurriedly exited the airplane one after another.

“Could you let me go too?” the leader asked.

“No.” Jin Qingyan pushed the leader to his men and instructed, “Take him onto our aircraft. Bring along the rest as well. I want all of them onto the plane.”

“Yes, Young Sir!”

Everyone’s tension was relieved after boarding Jin Qingyan’s plane.

Gu Beicheng broke out in cold sweat due to overwhelming nervousness and anxiety. Lin Mingxi was no exception as well. They were utterly amazed and in awe of Jin Qingyan’s and An Xiaoning’s intelligence.

“Mr. Jin, didn’t you say that you were going to spare our lives?!”

“Yeah, why did you take us onto your plane?”

“I did mention that I was going to spare your lives, but I didn’t say that I was going to let you go. Besides, I’m only sparing your lives under the condition that you people speak the honest truth. I’ll be giving you a few pieces of paper now. Sit far, far apart from each other and write down the answer to the questions I ask on the paper. If your answers are different, you shall face dire consequences,” Jin Qingyan warned sternly.

He then instructed his subordinates, “Give them a pen and a piece of paper each.”

The subordinates did as instructed.

After which, Jin Qingyan asked the first question straight away, “What organization do you belong to?”

Everyone began writing their answers on the paper.

“Don’t try to buy time. If your answer is different from the rest, I’ll kill you immediately.”

They lowered their heads and began scribbling onto the paper.

Jin Qingyan screened their answers one by one, only to find that the majority of the answers were the same — DK.

He immediately knew which organization was behind the plot. DK was an abbreviation for “Darkness.”

“Darkness” was the main organization behind the terrorist attacks that had sparked chaos in M Nation recently. They were notorious for committing atrocious and terrifying acts with the purpose of challenging society’s limits.

The organization was extremely menacing and ruthless in their behavior. Jin Qingyan also knew that all members of the DK organization had matching tattoos on them.

He grabbed one of the men by his collar and ripped his shirt apart, only to find that the man did not have a special tattoo on his chest.

Jin Qingyan continued to do the same to a few other men but they too did not have any unique markings on their body.

Glaring at them coldly, Jin Qingyan hollered, “Are you trying to lie to me? Every member of the DK organization has a unique marking on their bodies. But you guys don’t. Although most of you gave the same answer, I have no choice but to go against my promise.” He then said to his subordinate, “Execute them now.”

“Please have mercy on us!”

“We’re telling the truth.”

“We’re new recruits of the organization. We were sent on this mission before we were even tattooed. Our leader has a tattoo.”

“Yes, our leader does.”

A grave expression formed on the leader’s face as he glared daggers at the bunch of underlings who sold him out.

“Take off your shirt,” Jin Qingyan ordered, staring at the leader.

He did as instructed.

Indeed, there was a clear marking on his chest which did not seem to be freshly imprinted.

After looking at the answer on his paper, Jin Qingyan grabbed a gun from his subordinate and shot the leader to death.

Everyone was terrorized beyond words at the sight of their leader being shot to death.

At this point, they deeply regretted not killing Jin Qingyan and the rest immediately on the plane.