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If they’d chosen to shoot him and sacrifice their leader back then, they would at least have had the chance to live on.

Yet, they had now become sheep waiting to be slaughtered, despite their leader still being sacrificed in the end.

This was human nature.

When everyone around remains still, rarely would one sacrifice himself for the sake of his teammates.

An Xiaoning recalled a story she once read in history books about no one daring to retaliate when thousands of people were held at gunpoint by two invaders.

That was because it was human nature to fear death and sacrifice.

However, if everyone chose to stand together to retaliate, they would be able to defeat even a hundred invaders, let alone just two.

Within the hearts of everyone lay two separate versions of themselves — one strong and the other weak. The weaker one shines when it manages to blur the vision of the stronger one.

The weak are the prey of the strong.

They would be able to escape the ordeal as long as they take advantage of human folly and frailty.

“Who sent you?”

Everyone shook their heads in unison. One of them spoke up bravely, “We don’t know, there are many higher-ups within the hierarchy of our organization. Our leader might not even know who the instigator is.”

Jin Qingyan did not ask any more questions and sat down beside An Xiaoning.

Holding her hand gently, he said, “Your hands are so cold. You must’ve gotten a great shock.”

“I wasn’t frightened, I was just worried. After all, I’m a mother now and I can’t help but be afraid of meeting with any mishap. Why is it that I can never guard against any dangers fully? Why are there always so many things happening one after another?” she said, interlocking fingers with him.

Jin Qingyan stared at her pale and colorless face and kissed her right in front of everyone.

He cupped her face in his hands while she threw her arms around his neck. They began kissing each other passionately, as if there was no one else around. At this moment, the only way they could placate their fear and anxiety was through physical romantic gestures.

The airplane took off again and An Xiaoning fell asleep in his arms.

Although she had already fallen asleep, she was still gripping onto his shirt tightly and refusing to let go.

He continued to hug her in his arms and barely moved throughout the next few hours.

His arm had already gone numb by the time they arrived at the hangar in Wei Ni Estate.

Fan Shixin had been waiting for them there ever since he heard about the mishap they met with.

Everyone exited from the airplane while An Xiaoning was still asleep. Fan Shixin stepped forward and asked softly, “Young Sir, what do we do with those people?”

“I’ve already killed the leader. Snap a photo of his bare body and go on to take the photos of the rest of them. Kill them afterward.”

“Young Sir, I heard that you were going to spare their lives.”

“I didn’t mean it though. They’re terrorists who deserve to die, lest they continue to harm more people and take the lives of the innocent.”

“I understand.”

Fan Shixin then turned around and left.

Jin Qingyan looked at An Xiaoning, who was lying in his embrace, and called her name softly, “Xiaoning?”

An Xiaoning opened her eyes to find that they were the only ones left in the airplane. She woke up immediately and said, “Are we home?”

“Yes, we’re home.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“It’s not that late now.” He pulled her up from the seat, after which they exited through the door.

They made their way down the stairs.

Due to the time difference and the duration of the flight, it was still noontime in S Nation.

An Xiaoning was a little giddy, though she felt a huge sense of relief at this point.

Because she was standing right on her own territory.

“I feel a little dizzy…”

“You must’ve slept for too long,” said Jin Qingyan, who squatted down all of a sudden,

An Xiaoning smiled and asked, “Aren’t we taking the car back?”

“I want to carry you on my shoulders and make our way back together slowly while admiring the scenic beauty around our estate.”

She leaned against him and put her arms around his neck, her chin resting on his shoulder.

The journey from the hangar to the main mansion would require at least ten minutes by car.

They strolled leisurely along the route for half an hour.

“Will you continue to carry me even when we’re old and gray?”


“If I die before you, are you going to carry other women?”


“Why not? Just make another clone to replace me.”

He remained silent.

An Xiaoning cocked her head sideways and stared at him. “Why aren’t you speaking?”

“Even if I made a clone out of you, it’s only because I love you too much. This may sound pretentious, but have you ever thought about how I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone without you if you were really gone from this world? I can’t drop everything and shirk off all my responsibilities to go die with you.”

“But you really did do that before.” Knowing that he was suffering from amnesia, An Xiaoning reminded him, “You’ve once poisoned yourself for me. Although you did that in a moment of recklessness because you had too much to drink, it really made me feel touched. I wouldn’t recommend you do it again though. But it really happened and you managed to be rescued. I’d forever remember what you’ve done for me. I’ve also thought about how I’d become the subject of resentment and everyone would put the blame on me if you were to kick the bucket. I would live the rest of my life in guilt and regret.”

With a faint smile on his face, he said, “Killing oneself over love is such a silly action. Don’t try to fool me with such a far-fetched story.”

Upon hearing his response, she reached out to grab his hair and retorted, “How dare you say that I’m fooling you! I was speaking the truth, alright?!”

Jin Qingyan winced in pain and shrieked, “I believe you, I believe you!”

An Xiaoning let go of his hair and whispered into his ear, “Of course you wouldn’t remember what you did or said in the past. But I do.”

“Tell me then, how many times have I done it in total?” Jin Qingyan asked casually.

“How many times have you done what?”

“Made love.”

“I don’t remember…”

“Your memory is not as brilliant as you made it out to be.”

“Who would remember something like that? You’ve lost your memory. You’re in no place to tell me that my memory is poor. It’s better than yours anyway,” An Xiaoning retorted, leaning her head against his back.

A smile formed on his face and his eyes glistened with joy.

Just as they were about to reach the main mansion, An Xiaoning got down from him. “My back’s about to break…” he groused, rubbing his sore back.

“I told you to take the car but you insisted on putting on a brave front.”

“I’m pleased to carry you.”

“Nick!!!” Bu Xianxian ran towards them with happiness written all over her face, as if she had already forgotten about the unhappy incidents previously.


“Nick, I haven’t seen you at all lately. I’ve missed you.” She leaped forward to hug Jin Qingyan.

Jin Qingyan pushed her away and said, “Just speak normally while standing. You don’t have to hug me.”

“Nick… before you left to go overseas, we’ve been chatting and drinking together every night. What’s wrong with hugging you now?”

An Xiaoning shot a menacing glare at Jin Qingyan.

“Since when did I chat and drink with you at night?” Jin Qingyan questioned coldly.

“Just before you left. Did you forget so soon?”


An Xiaoning smiled and grabbed Jin Qingyan’s hand before saying, “Darling, didn’t we talk about trying for a second child? It’s time to get down to business.”

Jin Qingyan grinned at her, after which they walked away from Bu Xianxian together.