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Bu Xianxian was dumbfounded.

Trying for a second child? What in the world?

Time to get down to business?

Did that mean they were going to get intimate?

Bu Xianxian turned around and stared at their receding figures. All of a sudden, she began to find that An Xiaoning was no ordinary woman, for the latter did not seem to get angry even after hearing her spiteful words.

Little did she know, An Xiaoning was suppressing her anger.

The moment she entered the living room, she changed into her home slippers and shrugged Jin Qingyan’s hand away.

Jin Qingyan was dumbfounded. It had never occurred to him that Bu Xianxian would blurt something so atrocious that would upset her.

“I’ve been keeping the promise I made to you and I didn’t speak more than two sentences to her, except those three lines I said to her in front of you just now. I swear to Heaven, the surveillance cameras can vouch for me.”

An Xiaoning made her way upstairs straight away and ignored him.



“Oh Heaven…”

“My ancestor…”

An Xiaoning turned around to look at him and said, “I believe you. But have you ever thought about why she said that in front of me purposely? You were the one who allowed her to come home with us. I seriously think there’s a major issue with her. You’d better think of a way to get rid of her as soon as possible, and make sure she doesn’t show up in front of me.”

Jin Qingyan refuted, “She and her family are my life saviors. I can’t bring myself to chase them away.”

An Xiaoning expressed assent and scorned, “Okay then, don’t touch me ever again. Otherwise, I’ll kill you.”

“Honey, you’re putting me in a spot…”

“I’m not, you are.” She stormed off angrily into the bedroom and closed the door on him, leaving him outside.

Jin Qingyan turned around and happened to see his son walking past him. Jin Yiheng completely ignored his father’s presence and did not even bother greeting him.

Am I invisible? he thought to himself.


Jin Yiheng headed straight inside his own room without even looking at him.

This silly child…

He hurriedly chased after him. “You didn’t see Daddy for so long. Don’t you miss me?”

Jin Yiheng ignored him and pulled a long face, as if to tell his father, “Do not disturb me.”

“Are you angry at Daddy?”

“Yes,” he finally responded.

“How can I appease you then?”

Jin Yiheng stuck a finger out and said, “Promise to grant me a wish of mine.”


“You’ll take my room tonight while I’ll go sleep in your bedroom.”

The meaning behind his words was more than obvious:

“I want to sleep with your wife tonight. You shall sleep in my room and get a taste of what it feels like to sleep alone.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Then what’s the point of talking to me? Get out.”


“Just for tonight, right?”


“Daddy shall promise you.”

Jin Yiheng broke into smiles and raised his chin to ask him, “Daddy, let me ask you, am I your biological son?”

“Duh, whose son could you be if not mine?”

“Then, why didn’t you bring me along to look for Mommy? Ever since Mommy left, I’ve been living as a child in a single-parent family. Little did I expect that you would sneakily abandon me too. Even Xiaoxi has a huge teddy bear to hug to sleep. What about me? I’m just like an orphan yearning to grow up as soon as possible. I want to become an adult so that I won’t need Daddy and Mommy anymore. I can finally do everything by myself then,” said Jin Yiheng.

Jin Qingyan was speechless.

He cleared his throat and said, “Why wouldn’t you need Daddy and Mommy anymore when you’re older? Why do you get to do what you want only when you’re older?”

“Because I can marry a wife and bear children only when I’m grown up,” Jin Yiheng answered self-righteously.

“Stop watching those cartoons and reading comics. You’re becoming more mature than you should be.”

“Daddy, how dare you have the cheek to criticize me? You don’t allow me to watch them, yet you watch them yourself secretly.”

“Since when did I do that?” Jin Qingyan snorted with laughter and continued, “I wouldn’t bother watching those animated films you kids enjoy.”

“Who said so? I saw the drawing book in your drawer…”

Jin Qingyan was suddenly reminded of the Kama Sutra that Long Tianze had given him earlier, which he had casually chucked inside the drawer. Could his son have come across it!?!

“You… you’ve seen it?”


Jin Yiheng felt a sudden urge to hammer Long Tianze to death. As soon as he exited Jin Yiheng’s bedroom, he was greatly startled by An Xiaoning’s sudden screech.

“Jin Qingyan!!!”

“Here, Honey, I’m here.”

An Xiaoning flung the illustration book at him and said, “How could you leave this in the drawer? What if Yiheng sees it?”

“He already has…” Jin Qingyan murmured.

“What did you just say!?! You mean Yiheng has already seen it?” An Xiaoning gasped.


An Xiaoning flew into an uncontrollable rage and began glaring daggers at Jin Qingyan, who quickly tried to explain, “Tianze was the one who gave it to me. I didn’t read it and just chucked it inside the drawer. Didn’t I go look for you afterward? That’s how I forgot about it. I wouldn’t have remembered if Yiheng hadn’t mentioned it earlier.”

An Xiaoning was exasperated, thinking to herself that her son would definitely be extremely curious about the content he chanced upon since he was still so young and yet to grasp the clear concept of the relationship between opposite genders. She was dismayed for she thought that it would be detrimental to her son’s upbringing.

Reminded of the matter pertaining Bu Xianxian, An Xiaoning stormed back inside her bedroom angrily.

Jin Qingyan opened the door with the spare key but was soon kicked out by her.

He even got physical with her in order to force his way inside.

However, due to the fact that he was exhausted, he was still chased out of the room in the end, clearly no match for her.

Jin Qingyan made his way to the living room and sat cross-legged on the couch. He then began reflecting on himself and pondering over his thoughts.

“Brother, you look so bitter and upset. What’s the matter?” Jin Qingyue asked as soon as she entered, after which she took a seat opposite him.

“I haven’t seen you in days and you’ve become so radiant. Your skin’s in better condition too. Did you just come back from the hair salon?”

“No. Actually, it’s because I’m dating someone right now.”

“It’s Ciye, isn’t it?”

“How… did you know? Did he tell you?”

“He didn’t, I was just making a wild guess. Because he asked your Sis-in-law about his marriage prospects with you and she told him the answer,” said Jin Qingyan, leaning backward.

“Brother, what did Sis-in-law say?”

“Do you want to know? Beg me,” he goaded with a smirk.


“Your Sis-in-law is angry with me. I’ll tell you the answer if you can help me appease her.”

Clearly not going to give in to his tricks, Jin Qingyue stood up and said, “I’m just going to ask Sis-in-law myself.”

“Qingyue, did you forget how I helped you in the past? How could you treat me like that?”

“Why is Sis-in-law angry at you?”

Jin Qingyan briefly explained the situation to her.

“Yiheng is still so young. It’s really not that good to expose him to adult material at such a tender age. But then again, children tend to forget easily, he won’t remember it in due time. Oh, but Ms. Bu is pretty annoying, though,” Jin Qingyue remarked.

“Your Sis-in-law is angry at me. Go up and coax her for me, quick. I’ll then try to cajole her once most of her anger has subsided, okay?”

“Okay, deal,” Jin Qingyue agreed with a nod.