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Jin Qingyue made her way upstairs and knocked on An Xiaoning’s door. “Sis-in-law, it’s me, Qingyue.”

An Xiaoning opened the door.

“Sis-in-law, I’m here to ask you about something.”

“What’s the matter?”

Jin Qingyue smiled and said, “I heard from Brother that you’ve read my marriage prospects with Brother Ciye. What are the results? Sis-in-law, tell me quick.”

“Do you really want to know?” An Xiaoning patted the couch and said, “Have a seat.”

The two of them sat down one after another. Hugging her knees, An Xiaoning turned to look at her and said, “You two are very compatible with each other in terms of marriage, but I can’t give you an ultimate answer since Heaven’s plan is not to be leaked. However, I’m already telling you more than I should. Qingyue, although you two have a bright marriage prospect, the process wouldn’t be very smooth and there’d be many obstacles in between.”

“I think I understand what you mean. Sis-in-law, we’ve just agreed to try dating each other, and we’re sort of cohabiting now in a three-bedder he owns in Wei Ni Estate. We won’t be sharing the same room, though. We’re just going to try living that way for a while. You know, I feel as if I’m a teenager again. I’m so excited to see him every day. Besides, I’m able to get this far today all because of you. If it weren’t for what you said to me, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make the first move. I’ll cherish this opportunity to pursue my own happiness.”

An Xiaoning saw the immense joy in Jin Qingyue’s eyes when the latter was speaking, as if she could already tell how blissful she would be in the future.

“You two have known each other for ages. I suppose you should already know him very well, in terms of personality. No matter what, you should always take the initiative whenever possible in order to truly grasp your happiness. Ling Ciye is way better than Shi Shaochuan,” said An Xiaoning, who was happy for her.

“Way better? He’s a million times better. I don’t even feel like bringing up that scumbag, You know, Bao’er has even tried to threaten me into marrying him again. I can’t get back together with him for her sake. It’s impossible.”

“You’ve spoiled your daughter rotten. In fact, she’s a little like your past self,” An Xiaoning said frankly.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m most worried about. I don’t want her to end up like me precisely because I know how atrocious I used to be in the past. But, I would rather she take after me than her father. I definitely have better morals compared to her imbecile of a father.”

An Xiaoning was strangely amused by her words and said smilingly, “Bao’er is still young. Some things have to be taught since a young age, otherwise, it’d really be impossible to change her character once it’s fixed.”

“By the way, Brother told me about him upsetting you. He was sitting on the couch alone to reflect on himself quietly when I came back just now. He was so serious.”

“I don’t believe that he’d reflect on his mistakes.”

“It’s true. Sis-in-law, I think Brother really loves you a lot. Even though he has lost his memory, he still loves you as much as he used to. But, Sis-in-law, there’s something I’m not sure if I should tell you about…”

“Speak your mind,” said An Xiaoning, listening attentively.

Jin Qingyue quickly said, “Something tells me that Brother has already regained his memory. Maybe I’m just making a wild guess, but he feels just like the Brother I used to know. He’s nothing like the quiet and reserved Brother I met who was suffering from amnesia when he came back from N Nation…”

“Indeed, he was really shy too. I feel the same way as you do. But, there’s no way he would keep it from us if he’s really regained his memory.”

Jin Qingyue nodded earnestly and said, “That’s why I said I might just be making a wild guess.”

An Xiaoning recalled Jin Qingyan’s recent actions carefully. She began to think about the austere expression on his face when he was holding the terrorist at gunpoint on the airplane…

After recalling their recent conversations, she realized that he had become much more talkative with her and more aloof towards others.

“I’ll test him later to find out if he’s really regained his memory. Shall we put on an act together?” An Xiaoning asked Jin Qingyue with a grimace.


“Come closer.” Jin Qingyue leaned forward, after which An Xiaoning whispered something to her.

Jin Qingyue’s eyes lit up and she remarked, “Sis-in-law, you’re so ruthless.”

“We’ll just take it as a game.”

“Alright, I’ll play along.”

Jin Qingyue made her way downstairs to find that Jin Qingyan was still sitting on the couch and remaining as still as a statue, as if he was meditating.


He looked up and asked, “Why were you gone for so long?”

“I was having a chat with Sis-in-law. She seems really upset and angry at you though. Do you want to go upstairs to check on her?”

Jin Qingyan immediately zoomed upstairs upon hearing her words.

Jin Qingyue smiled and followed suit. She then stood by their bedroom door quietly to watch what was happening.

Jin Qingyan entered the bedroom to find that An Xiaoning was lying in bed with her hands on her stomach. She was completely motionless, as if she had already fallen asleep.

He stepped forward and caught sight of a syringe beside the bed.

He picked it up before taking a look at a small vial next to it. Jin Qingyan turned as pale as a sheet the moment he read the words on the label of the vial.



He reached out to give her a little push but she remained still.

There’s no need to kill herself over such a trivial matter, is there? Jin Qingyan thought to himself.

“Enough, stop pretending,” he said, tickling her.

An Xiaoning opened her eyes and flinched before saying, “Who’s pretending?”

“If you weren’t pretending, why did you leave the syringe and vial of poison here? Weren’t you trying to scare me? You think I don’t know you well enough?”

“What do you know about me?”

“I know your character very well.”

An Xiaoning sat up straight and asked with a smile, “What about my character? What am I like to you?”

“You would never resort to suicide.”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s just how you are.”

An Xiaoning squinted and said, “I’m hungry. Go get Auntie Chen to prepare me my favorite meal. I want to see those two dishes on the dining table later.”

He made an OK sign and said, “Got it. Fermented beancurd and chili sauce, right?”

An Xiaoning smirked and said, “Yes. Bring me some liquor from the cellar too. I’d like to have a few drinks.”

“Why do I have to go to the cellar? Don’t we have Dreamyanghe in our bedroom?”

An Xiaoning smiled widely and said, “That’s true, why didn’t I think of that? It’s your unique concoction.”

“Yeah, it’s your favorite…” Jin Qingyan hushed immediately upon realizing that he had let his tongue slip.

“Brother, when did you regain your memory?” asked Jin Qingyue, who entered the bedroom slowly.

“Regain my memory? Since when? I haven’t remembered anything yet. Tell Auntie Chen that your Sis-in-law is hungry and get her to begin preparing lunch,” Jin Qingyan said to his sister.

Jin Qingyue and An Xiaoning shot each other a tacit look of understanding. “I thought you’ve already regained your memory. Turns out you haven’t. Alright, I’ll go down to tell Auntie Chen now.”