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Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were left alone in their bedroom.

An Xiaoning already knew what was going on, yet she did not want to expose him.

She disposed the syringe and vial into the rubbish bin before lying down comfortably in bed. “Hubby, come sit here.”

Noticing that her initial anger had already subsided, Jin Qingyan said, “Once I get my hands on Tianze, I’ll teach him a good lesson. Honey, don’t worry.”

“What are you teaching him a lesson for? It’s your fault for dumping it inside the drawer carelessly.”

“Yes, Honey, you’re right. I agree absolutely. It’s all my fault.”

An Xiaoning snorted with laughter and teased, “You silly.”

Jin Qingyan smiled at the sight of how gleeful she was.

After taking a warm shower, An Xiaoning applied some makeup, changed into a fresh set of clothes, and proceeded to have a satisfying meal.

Xu Yang called all of a sudden.

Upon hearing that she had already returned to the country, Xu Yang immediately prompted her to carry out the DNA test.

An Xiaoning decided to tell him that she would be driving to the Xu family mansion later that day upon seeing how eager he was.

Xu Yang agreed delightedly.

All of the members of the Xu family returned to the mansion except Xu Youran, because Madam Xu did not want her to find out about the matter. They all waited anxiously in the living room for An Xiaoning’s arrival.

An Xiaoning was dressed in a white embroidered dress that would go well with a pair of stilettos. However, she was not exactly a fan of heels, though it would complement her outfit.

Thus, she decided to put on a pair of wedge sandals instead.

She alighted from her car while carrying her purse in hand.

She truly was not too pleased to step foot into the home of the Xu family, whom she simply could not tolerate, including Xu Yang. Other than Madam Xu, whom she had a better impression of, she did not feel good about any of them at all.

She used to think that Xu Yang was an upright person who did not lack integrity. However, he ruined her impression of him ever since the Xu Youran incident.

The sun was shining brightly that afternoon. An Xiaoning followed the servants to the living room slowly.

Although it was not her first time visiting the Xu family mansion, she felt contrastingly different from the previous time she stepped foot into their home.

The Xu family members stood up to welcome her upon sight of her arrival.

Madam Xu hurriedly walked toward her and grabbed her arm agitatedly. “Ms. An, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for your call ever since the conversation we had over the phone that day.”

“My mother has been waiting by the telephone every day for your call,” said Xu Yang.

An Xiaoning was rather surprised to hear his words, after which she said, “I just came back today. Let’s go get the test done now.”

“Alright, let’s go,” said Madam Xu, holding her hand tightly, as if she had already confirmed that An Xiaoning was her daughter.

An Xiaoning was a little uncomfortable.

They set off in two cars. An Xiaoning, Madam Xu, and Xu Yang took the backseat of one of the cars.

Along the journey, An Xiaoning said, “We only share the same birthday. There are lots of people in this world who were born on the same day, month, and year. I doubt it’d be that coincidental that I’m your biological daughter.”

“I understand. I’m just trying my luck. Maybe you really are my daughter.”

An Xiaoning nodded and asked, “How did you lose your daughter?”

Madam Xu teared up upon recalling the time when her daughter went missing. She reached out to wipe her tears before explaining, “She went missing not long after she was born. That’s why I only have one photo of her when she was a newborn. I’ve been keeping that photo with me until now. Technology was far less advanced back then and we didn’t have any surveillance cameras at home. Old Xu wasn’t the Military Commander yet either. He was merely a member of the military who held a minor position. Back then, we arrived home from a gathering, only to find that the nanny had been assassinated and our daughter had gone missing. We didn’t have any servants, nor could we afford to live in a big house. On a regular day, Old Xu would report to the military while I stayed home with the nanny and the children. We’ve yet to uncover the truth even until today. We couldn’t get to the bottom of the nanny’s death either, even after all these years.”

An Xiaoning was rather astonished to hear how their daughter had gone missing.

“Could the perpetrator be someone you had a feud with?”

“I’m not too sure. We’ve always been polite and kind toward others. We’ve never had any conflict or feud with anyone before.”

An Xiaoning refused to believe that they did not get into a conflict with anyone. Otherwise, why would the nanny be killed and their daughter be abducted for no rhyme or reason at all?

“Your sons must’ve been already grown up when your daughter was born, haven’t they?”

“Yes. But neither of them were at home. One was living with his grandmother while the other was in boarding school.”

“That’s lucky. May I ask something a little more personal?” An Xiaoning asked, staring at the roads ahead.

“Go ahead.”

“May I ask if there are any extraordinary persons in your family tree or amongst your ancestors?” The answer was crucial to An Xiaoning, for there was no way ordinary people could give birth to extraordinary descendants.

Take Jin Qingyan for instance. An Xiaoning used to be puzzled about why she could not read his fortune and only realized much later that it was because he was a descendant of the Dragon.

She was another example herself.

Her precise fortune-telling ability did not merely stem from the remarkable skills that her master had imparted to her but also because she was extraordinary. Furthermore, the fact that she was psychic proved her to be nothing near ordinary.

If there were no extraordinary persons amongst the Xu family bloodline, the chances of her being a descendant of theirs would be much slimmer.

”Do you mean extraordinary abilities?”

“Yes. For example, any supernatural and absurd abilities?”

Shaking her head, Madam Xu said, “If you’re talking about supernatural abilities, I doubt there are any. Everyone in the Xu family is an ordinary person. Besides, I don’t believe in the existence of supernatural beings and entities.”

An Xiaoning begged to differ. “Just because you don’t believe in its existence and it doesn’t occur to the people around you, doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Humans are constantly affected and influenced by the people around them since the day they are born. We are constantly imbued with so-called knowledge and ideologies. But aren’t all of these simply figments of human creation? I think anything can happen in this vast universe, and there are many mysteries science has yet to prove. There will definitely be the presence of extraordinary elements. Madam Xu, I don’t know why, but I have a hunch that I’m not the daughter you’re looking for even though I share the same birthday as her and was abandoned when I was an infant too. So, don’t get your hopes up too high.”

Madam Xu felt a tinge of disappointment upon hearing her words. “It’s alright, even if you’re not our daughter, I’ll still continue searching for her. I believe that we will find her one day as long as we don’t give up.”

“I hope the results of the test later are promising. After taking a close look at your features, I still feel that you do resemble me a little, Ms. An,” Madam Xu continued.

“Is that so? Maybe just a little. But then again, there are also many people who resemble each other in this world. Take those netizens for example. Some of them could seriously pass off as the siblings of celebrities. So, it’s not too big of a deal that we look alike.”

“Ms. An, why does it sound like… you’re not that keen on becoming a part of our family? I know we let you down in the past, especially for what Youran has done to you… but, Ms. An, it won’t happen again. Rest assured, we’ve already berated Youran sternly.”