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“How should I explain this? Hmm, I just find that all the matches in description are purely coincidental,” said An Xiaoning, voicing her thought.

Madam Xu smiled and said, “We’ll know after the results are out.”


This time, they again chose to run the tests with two separate centers.

Everyone was filled with anxiety while waiting for the results of the test conducted using their hair samples.

Needless to say, the Xu family hoped that the results would prove An Xiaoning to be part of them.

On the other hand, An Xiaoning prayed fervently that the results would prove otherwise.

After several hours, the results they had all been waiting for anxiously were finally out.

An Xiaoning felt a huge sense of relief the moment the results from the first center were out.

She was proven to be biologically unrelated to the Xu family and was not their daughter.

The results from the second center were identical.

Madam Xu refused to accept the truth. Although she had already prepared herself mentally beforehand, she could not help but feel utterly disappointed the moment they received the results.

“That can’t be right, Ms. An. I once consulted the Reverend and he said that although my daughter’s birth characters were inauspicious, she’s fated to enjoy a fortunate life. There may be some flaws in her life, but the other aspects would make up for it. I was told that she’s very lucky and is popular with the opposite gender. Her spouse is devoted to her and dotes on her fairly. You fit all of these descriptions. How could it be that you’re not my daughter?” Madam Xu asked in bewilderment, holding An Xiaoning’s hands tightly.

An Xiaoning gazed at her and said, “Madam Xu, everything that you described really does sound like me. But, the truth is that I’m not your biological daughter. I would’ve really thought that I was too, if it weren’t for this DNA test. I’m very sorry, though.”

Madam Xu burst into tears and stumbled sideways unsteadily while Military Commander Xu hurriedly held onto her.

An Xiaoning bowed down to Madam Xu courteously before saying, “I’ve never thought of searching for my biological parents before in the past. But I’ve now decided to begin doing so. Perhaps, they’re also searching for me continuously like you guys are.”

She turned around and left.

Madam Xu stared at her silhouette with tears flowing freely from her eyes. “I really wonder if I’ll get to see my daughter again before I die,” she lamented.

“You definitely will,” Military Commander Xu comforted her, holding back his tears.

An Xiaoning was filled with thoughts about her biological parents while she was driving home.

She was indeed affected by Madam Xu, who seemed to be missing her daughter dearly. She constantly wondered if her own parents were that worried about her too. If she had also been separated from her parents for a similar reason, shouldn’t she find out the truth?

Upon arriving home, she had her dinner and proceeded to tell Jin Qingyan about the ideas she had in mind.

Jin Qingyan fully supported her decision to search for her biological parents.

“Shixin, go settle the matter about the DNA genetic database. It’d be easier when we can get the police to help process the genetic matches.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

After much thought, An Xiaoning said, “I’ll make a trip down to my adoptive parents’ place tomorrow. Although I don’t quite want to, it’d be better to find out more from them.”

“Let me accompany you.”

“It’s fine. Go back to the office and resume your duties. Let Shixin follow you,” An Xiaoning said firmly.

“Alright.” Jin Qingyan tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “The Xu family got their hopes up for nothing. They must be thinking of how to make it up to you and atone for their misdeeds had it turned out that you were really their daughter. Yet, it turns out that you’re not. Xu Youran will definitely be over the moon.”

“I don’t care if she’s happy or not, but I’m certain that she won’t be able to laugh anymore one day.”

“How are you so sure?”

“A leopard never changes its spots.”

Jin Qingyan stared at her and pinched her cheek. “Don’t be so serious, give me a smile.”

An Xiaoning lay on his lap and said, “I really feel like going to live in the woods where no one knows me for a while. Oh, by the way.”

She sat up straight to look at Jin Qingyan solemnly before continuing, “I once went to live in the mountains with a noble Master for a month. He was really incredible though. Not only could he tell that you were still alive, he even said that your family was a descendant of the Dragon. Did you know?”

Jin Qingyan squinted and asked, “Descendant of the Dragon?”

“Seems like you didn’t know.”

An Xiaoning then explained the entire process of her moving in with the elderly man and the reason why she did so. She also told him what the elderly man said as well as the incident of the missing wooden house.

Jin Qingyan fell silent after hearing her story.

“I suddenly thought of something which might aid you in finding your parents. Since you can’t read my fortune and yours, that just means we’re both extraordinary people, according to what you just said. That also means that your parents are definitely extraordinary. Maybe they’re just the same as you and you must’ve inherited your psychic traits from them. So, perhaps it’d be faster to find them with this information. Now that we’re at this, I’m suddenly worried about our son…”

“Yiheng shares the same birthday as me. He was born on the 15th of July at 8:46 PM. But I haven’t observed anything special about him so far. Now that I think about it, Yiheng would definitely possess supernatural abilities since we’re both non-ordinary. I’ve never tried to read his fortune though. Will you allow me to?”


An Xiaoning nodded and tried to read Jin Yiheng’s fortune. However, she could not manage to, no matter how hard she tried.

Noticing the look of dismay on her face, Jin Qingyan asked, “Don’t tell me he’s just like us?”

“Yeah, I can’t read his fortune.”

Jin Qingyan lowered his voice and said, “Let’s keep this a secret between us. No one else is to hear about this.”

“I know.”

Xu Youran broke into smiles after hanging up the phone.

“What’s the joyous occasion?” Gu Dongcheng asked, staring at her with a book in his hand.

“An Xiaoning is back. My mother brought her to conduct a DNA test and it turns out that she’s not their biological daughter. I’ve really scared myself for nothing.”

“There were so many coincidences. Yet, she turned out not to be their daughter? Could it be that you bribed the staff at the DNA center?” Gu Dongcheng asked.

“Screw you, I didn’t bribe them. It’s great that she really isn’t their daughter. But what pisses me off is that she actually survived so many ordeals. Just how kind of a deed did she do in her past life to enjoy such great fortune now? Not only does she have nine lives, she even managed to get herself a husband like Jin Qingyan who’s so devoted to her. It really saddens me to think about it,” said Xu Youran, lying down in bed.

“What are you sad about? Don’t I treat you well enough?”

“You do, but you don’t give me your all. You don’t love me enough to sacrifice your life for me.”

Gu Dongcheng was speechless. “How many men in this world could possibly do that?”

“That’s precisely why it’s rare and precious. Now that your brother and sister-in-law have made it back safely, your brother definitely wouldn’t let the matter about the airplane rest.”

“It’s up to him to do whatever he wants. There’s not much he can find out anyway.”

“He may not be able to find out anything, but don’t spill any clues at all. Be cautious at all times,” said Xu Youran.