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“Did you have fun to your heart’s content tonight?”

An Xiaoning decided to play dumb and replied cluelessly, “What fun to my heart’s content? I just returned from the store, I’m exhausted as it is, where did the fun come from?”

Jin Qingyan commented, “You little liar.”

An Xiaoning continued to deny to the end, “Who’s a little liar? Don’t come accusing me if you yourself went out to have fun. Jin Qingyan, don’t accuse an innocent person. If you saw me, why didn’t you acknowledge me directly?”

Seeing how she blatantly refused to admit, he ended the topic and stopped talking about it anymore.

One after the other, they entered the bedroom. Jin Qingyan asked her, “Can you help Qingyue read her fortune?”

An Xiaoning responded, “What aspect of her life do you want me to read?”

“Regarding marriage.”

“I already said before, to read about marriage you need to vaguely know the other party’s birth characters.”

“Shi Shaochuan, I’m sure you’re familiar with it.”

An Xiaoning was startled. “Why did you mention him?”

“Qingyue is dating him now.” As Jin Qingyan uttered those words, it seemed as if they were forced out of his mouth. It was quite clear he was averse to the idea.

An Xiaoning heard this and was immediately visibly shaken. “I do know his birth characters because his grandfather made me read them for him, but I never expected your sister to get together with him. Shi Shaochuan is really a huge playboy. Beneath the facade of his dignified appearance, the women he has toyed with can line up from the front gate to the public bathhouse — my cousin is one of them.”

“And they say women in love have an IQ of zero. This is quite true indeed.” Jin Qingyan spoke as if he expected better from her sister. “Can you help me read if they will get together for long?”

An Xiaoning was actually reluctant to reveal it as it would do her no good. Not only will Jin Qingyue not thank her for it, she would also hate her.

“I already said, if your sister gets stopped by your parents, she’ll put all the blame on me.”

Jin Qingyan could read between her lines and sensed her insinuations, but he still wanted to know, “Compared to this, it’s more serious if she falls into a fiery pit.”

An Xiaoning changed into her nightgown, then went to the washroom to wash up and brush her teeth.

After she was done, she got onto the bed and leaned on the pillow. With her body leaned on one side, she asked, “What’s Qingyue’s birth characters?”

“She was born in the year XXXX, 24th August at 10:24 pm. The place of birth is the old villa.”

She repeated what he said silently, then replied, “Even though I already know how Shi Shaochuan’s marriage life would turn out, seeing the possibility of their marriage together, I don’t what to go into the details. Their birth characters clash. Let me tell you about Shi Shaochuan’s marriage situation: no matter how many women he has, these relationships will end eventually. Even if he gets married, it won’t last long. His grandfather’s efforts were in vain — marrying me was the only way for him to find someone to grow old with, but he didn’t appreciate it and even ruined the marriage himself. That piece of saying is really applicable — if it’s fated, there’s usually no way to change how it happens.”

“Then tell me, will Qingyue marry him?”

An Xiaoning gave a pensive smile. “Want to find out? You have to please me.”

Jin Qingyan’s handsome face froze for a moment. When it came to him turning to her for a favor, he still had to put himself in a position to be exploited by her.

“How do you want me to please you? Do you need my physical strength, financial resources, or for me to wait on you personally?”

An Xiaoning grinned from ear to ear. “No, no, I only love money — your financial resources are enough.”

Jin Qingyan looked like he understood immediately. His warm smile reached his eyes. “How much?”

“Hmm, let me see… if it’s too much, it makes it seem like I’m ripping you off, but if it’s too little, it doesn’t befit your reputation. Just this amount then.” She raised one finger.

“Ten dollars?”

A smile twitched at the corner of An Xiaoning’s lips. She got five hundred thousand from accompanying Gu Beicheng to the ball. Ten dollars? That idiot…


“Ten thousand?”

She shook her head. “Do you think I charge just this amount now?”

“Okay — I know — a hundred thousand right?”

An Xiaoning beamed. “One million.”

“Who was the one who said she wouldn’t rip me off?”

“You belittle your wife too much. In the beginning, when I asked for a hundred thousand for reading your grandmother’s fortune, I already regretted — it was too little. It’s up to you. If you don’t want me to read anymore, I won’t take the money. Let’s turn in.” She slid into the covers and pulled them properly, closing her eyes to act like she was sleeping.

“One million it is. It’s not to an outsider anyway, this is called sharing profits with your own people. Giving it to my own wife, I’m happy with it. Come, take it, don’t hesitate to buy anything you want with it!” He generously passed the cheque to her.

An Xiaoning sprung up from the bed and received it with both hands. Looking at the cheque, she felt absolutely pleased in her heart, then she pecked a kiss on it and put it away. In a serious tone, she said, “Shi Shaochuan is someone who can please women very well. He can twist facts and distort the truth. Your sister is destined to fall into his hands. Even if you and your parents try to stop it, it’ll be useless — she needs to wake up from it herself. They will get married.”

Jin Qingyan’s face changed instantly, and he seemed to be deep in thought.

“Can her fate be changed?”

An Xiaoning answered directly, “No. Enough, don’t interfere in it anymore. It’s not something within your control.”

Jin Qingyan lay down with her, feeling slightly depressed. “Regarding this matter, I still hope it can be reversed.”

“How can it be reversed?”

“How about forcefully arranging a marriage for her?” Jin Qingyan’s thin lips went cool. “That’s far better than her being with Shi Shaochuan.”

“This is not an oppressive society anymore, you’re still thinking about arranged marriages?” An Xiaoning advised him gently, “Everything in this life happens for a reason. The kind deeds you did in your previous life reap their rewards in this life. Similarly, the sins you committed in your past life will affect how your life turns out — it’s not something you can just change if you want to. Honestly, those who change their fate will cause misfortune to befall on the fortune-teller. If it’s not out of greed for money, nobody would do such a thing. It’s basically divulging the will of heaven — nothing good comes out of it if it’s overly done.”

“Then by divulging this, how will it affect you?”

“Many ways.” An Xiaoning continued, “My health, marriage, and other areas will be affected.”

“Didn’t you tell me your Master said you were born on the fifteenth of July? How did she know?”

An Xiaoning muttered, “My Master is very skillful. Those who are skilled can tell such things, but I’m nowhere near her level. My knowledge is still shallow and my skills are limited.”

Thinking of the book old master Gu had given her, she went deep into thoughts. That book would be very beneficial to her.

“How’s your store doing?”

“Oh, very good.” An Xiaoning naturally hugged his waist and snuggled her face onto his chest. “Do you know why I love money so much?”


“Because only money is loyal to you. It won’t be fickle-minded. As long as I have enough of it, I’ll have control over it and it’ll have to listen to me. People are different, they have a heart. Owning someone’s heart is easier said than done.” She closed her lips gently. “Compared to a person’s heart, I still prefer money, which can be easily won over.”