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Mrs. Gu nodded with a smile and said, “Yeah, I think so too.”

Xu Youran subconsciously gave Lin Mingxi the side-eye and continued to eat her food quietly.

After the meal, Lin Mingxi’s phone began to ring all of a sudden. It was a call from the Lin family’s butler, who informed her that Lin Mingyuan and her husband had got into a heated argument with her parents.

Lin Mingxi and Gu Beicheng then drove back to the Lin family home to check up on the situation.

Just as they reached the door, they heard Lin Mingyuan hollering at the top of her lungs. It must have been a grave situation since the argument seemed rather austere.

As soon as she entered, Lin Mingxi glared at Lin Mingyuan and bellowed, “You know that Mother’s in poor health, yet you’re still arguing with her. Are you trying to drive her to her grave!?!”

“You came home just at the right time. Saves me the trouble of calling you here! Father and Mother helped you sell your shares to the company without my permission, and you guys have been hiding it from me all along. Because of that, we’re faced with financial difficulties because there aren’t sufficient funds in the company! Yes, you may be their biological daughter while I’m just an adopted nobody! But how am I supposed to deal with the situation now that the company is stuck in a rut!?!”

Mrs. Lin flew into an uncontrollable rage and snapped in exasperation, “The company belongs to your Father and me. You and your sister own the same portion of shares each, yet you keep discriminating and making life hard for her while she’s at the office. One of you wants the company while the other wants money. I know you’re eyeing the company, and since you can’t tolerate your sister being in the office, what’s wrong with her selling her portion of the shares? Why? Are you thinking of pocketing Mingxi’s shares too? Mingyuan, I didn’t act before asking for your opinion, you were the one who chose this yourself. Besides, you may just sell the company if it’s facing financial difficulties. Your Father and I don’t have the energy to manage it anymore. Since we don’t have any sons, the company will belong to the two of you sooner or later!”

Lin Mingxi thought that Lin Mingyuan was aware of the matter, but it seemed her parents had been keeping it from her and she had just found out about it.

No wonder the procedure went so smoothly.

Indeed, Lin Mingyuan wouldn’t have agreed to it had she known earlier. She would have definitely lashed out at Lin Mingxi if that were the case.

After all, the company still belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Lin. Although they had already handed over the management duties to their daughter, they still had some say in the company’s matters.

“Lin Mingyuan!” Lin Mingxi simply could not bring herself to call her her sister again. “I own half of the company’s shares. I’ve taken what’s mine, and there’s no way I’m giving it back because it’s what I’m entitled to. I won’t talk about how you used to pocket my share of the company’s revenue back when I was working as a fitness trainer at the gym. I should at least be receiving some interest. At the end of the day, both of our shares still belong to Father and Mother. Do you know how much money your shares are worth? How dare you still raise your voice at Father and Mother!?! Who do you think you are!?!”

“Since Father and Mother are so biased toward you, just take care of them yourself,” Lin Mingyuan scoffed.

“Since you’ve already said that, could you still have the cheek to covet Father and Mother’s assets? Why don’t you just return everything? That’s what you ought to do. Do you know how shameless you are to have said that?”

Pointing a finger at Lin Mingxi, Lin Mingyuan hissed, “The ownership of the company has already been transferred to me. From now onwards, we’re no longer sisters. And you two…”

She then pointed at Mr. and Mrs. Lin and continued, “We’re no longer parent and child. I’m severing ties with all of you! You two can rely on Lin Mingxi to be filial toward you!”

“You, get lost now! Get lost!” Mrs. Lin hollered, seething with exasperation.

“I’m going to get lost right now. I’m never coming back to this family ever again!” As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Mingxi turned around and left with her husband.

Silence filled the air in the living room as the two of them left.

“It’s all my fault. I’ve put you guys in a spot,” Lin Mingxi apologized, hugging her parents.

Mrs. Lin began crying while leaning against her shoulder. “What’s the point of having so much money? If I knew earlier that things would come to this, we wouldn’t have worked so hard to earn so much money. Money is the root of all sins and evil…”

Lin Mingxi was filled with agony and regret.

“Father, Mother, I reckon Sis-in-law must’ve thought about severing ties with you guys long ago. Otherwise, it couldn’t have rolled off her tongue so callously. She was probably just looking for an appropriate timing to break it to you. You still have Mingxi and me. Since you don’t have a son, I’ll be your son from now onwards. Mingxi and I will be filial to you,” Gu Beicheng said to Mr. and Mrs. Lin.

His heartwarming words had touched both of them greatly. The teary-eyed Mrs. Lin nodded in acknowledgment.

Lin Mingxi looked up at her husband with a look of surprise and gratitude in her eyes.

They decided to spend the night in the Lin family mansion.

Placing both his hands behind his head while lying in bed, Gu Beicheng suggested, “If you’re feeling upset… why don’t I sing you a song?”


Gu Beicheng stared out of the window and began crooning an English song, hitting all the notes perfectly with his alluring voice.

Lin Mingxi listened quietly until the end of the song.

In the pitch-dark bedroom, she held his hand and said, “Beicheng, humans always want what they can’t have. Did you know? I used to be so envious and jealous of Xiaoning, not because of how outstanding, charming, and beautiful she is but because she could enjoy the unconditional love given by Jin Qingyan as well as your devotion towards her. But I realized much later that her hardworking attitude and her outstanding capabilities are precisely what makes her so charming. When we were abducted in M Nation, I wouldn’t have been able to locate us if I were her. Not only did she manage to find us, she even saved us from the ordeal. In that moment, I immediately understood why you couldn’t forget her.”


“Shh, let me finish my words. I aspire to become someone like her and conquer your heart someday. I won’t try and replace her, but I’ll do my best to become someone like her and gain your affection and admiration. I’m no longer the petty person I used to be. I truly have the highest esteem and gratitude for Xiaoning now.”

Gu Beicheng smiled and said, “Mingxi, Xiaoning and I had a heart-to-heart talk when we were getting down from the ferry. She and I will forever be family while you’ll always be my wife. Since I’ve married you, I’ll have to be responsible toward you for the rest of my life.”

Lin Mingxi snuggled into his embrace and said, “Beicheng, it’s a blessing to have met and married you when we’re both at a marriageable age. I guess waiting really paid off and you are worth my while. If it had been a few years ago, you definitely wouldn’t have bothered paying attention to me and I would’ve just ignored you too. Well, because I was still smitten with Jin Qingyan back then. But right now, it’s wonderful that we’re husband and wife.”

“Let’s go to bed,” said Gu Beicheng, giving her a kiss on her forehead.