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“How was handling the duties at the office today? Did you come across any difficulties?”

Jin Qingyan immediately said, “With Shixin and your team of elites around, even an idiot can handle them well.”

“Alright, you shall manage the company from now on. I have something else to do lately,” An Xiaoning said with a straight face.

“What is it? Searching for your biological parents?”

An Xiaoning nodded and proceeded to tell him about the fabric.

Staring at her, Jin Qingyan said, “But we can’t enter the palace freely.”

An Xiaoning nodded and replied, “I know, but since we have a lead now, I’d like to give it a try.”

“I support your decision to look for them. But, let’s do it slowly. You’ll need more than just a few days to find your parents anyway. The situation at the company is a little unstable lately, could you begin searching after everything has stabilized?”

Thinking that his words made sense, An Xiaoning held onto his arm and asked, “Do you have any ways to help me enter the palace?”

“Yes, I’ll help you make the necessary arrangements when the time comes.”

“How should I thank you for your help?”

“Give me a kiss,” said Jin Qingyan, pointing at his face.

She immediately kissed him and said, “I’m surprised that you’ve made such a simple request.”

“I like the way you are.”

“What do you mean?”

“I like the way you are now. Xiaoning, you’ve proven your capabilities to me time and time again,” he said, smiling.

“Give me an example.”

“Your business management skills. Did you pick them up yourself?”

“No, I was compelled to do it. I repeatedly told myself that I have to help you secure your business in order to deserve being your wife,” said An Xiaoning, staring at him.

Cupping her face in his hands, Jin Qingyan closed the distance between their bodies and said, “Thank you.”

“What for? We’re family.”

“Thank you, Heaven, for blessing me with such a good woman.”

“Qingyan, how would you punish me if I were to lie to you?”

After a moment of silence, he answered, “That’ll depend on the severity of the lie. If it’s a minor, white lie, I’ll make sure you can’t get off the bed for one whole night, one month if it’s a big lie.”

“Would you like to guess how I’d punish you if you lied to me? Can you guess it?” she asked.

Jin Qingyan took a quick breath and said, “What did I… lie about?”

Noticing that he was refusing to admit it, An Xiaoning said, “I’m going to punish you if you still refuse to admit it.”

“Honey, I didn’t lie to you…”

An Xiaoning pushed him away and stared at him sternly while sitting cross-legged. Disappointed, she smacked his head and said, “Do you take me for a fool?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare to. I’d rather treat you as a loony than a fool.”

An Xiaoning bit her lip and raised her chin to stare at him. “When did you regain your memory?” she questioned.

“I haven’t.”

An Xiaoning decided to expose him. “Jin Qingyan, drop the pretense. Do you really think I can’t tell? Before you regained your memory, you were as pure and reserved as a teenage boy. Yet, you’re like a predator full of vigor and hunger right now. Don’t try to put on an act, you’re only asking for trouble,” she scorned.

Jin Qingyan hugged her and said, “Why are you so smart and sharp? I guess it’s true that you’re the product of your environment. You must’ve been influenced by my brilliance after being together with me for so long.”

“Have you got any shame at all? How could you even bring yourself to say something so narcissistic?”

“No, I’m shameless.”

“Get away from me then. I’m superficial and I have high standards for men. I’m a visual creature who cares about appearance. Since you’re shameless, I don’t want you,” she hissed with a humph.

“An Xiaoning, how dare you tell me to go away…”

“Yeah, I did tell you to get lost, what’s wrong?”

“Seems like you’re asking to be punished.” He leaned toward the side and pinned her down beneath him.

“Jin Qingyan, you’re crushing me!”

“Be thankful that I am. There are plenty of people vying for a chance to be in your position.”


The weather was gloomy the next day.

The skies were covered by gray skies, without a single ray of sun in sight.

An Xiaoning was just about to make a trip down to the police station when she was told by Fan Shixin that someone was looking for her.

“Who is it?”

“Song Yan.”

“What is she looking for me for?” An Xiaoning asked in puzzlement.

“I don’t know. She’s waiting at the door.”

“Let her in.” An Xiaoning then instructed the servants to prepare some tea while she sat on the couch to wait for Song Yan.

Two minutes later, a figure dressed in pink showed up at the door.

Song Yan walked toward An Xiaoning and sat down opposite her. An Xiaoning slid her a cup of tea served by the servant and said, “Please have some tea.”

“Thank you, Ms. An.” Song Yang did not touch the tea and instead continued speaking. “I know I came by all too sudden this morning, but I’ve been feeling rather troubled and I have some qualms which I’d like Ms. An to help answer.”

“Feel free to speak your mind. ”

“I heard Ciye mention that you’ve read his fortune as well as our deceased fetus’. You were indeed very accurate… about the fetus. But I’d like to know, are Ciye and I really not destined to be together in this life?”

An Xiaoning looked at her and asked, “Since you’ve come to ask me about this, that just means you haven’t gotten over him, have you?”

“Please answer me, Ms. An.”

An Xiaoning chuckled and said, “I don’t just answer anyone’s questions. I’ve heard a little about your relationship with Mr. Ling. Actually, haven’t you heard of this saying?”

“What saying?”

“People who often mention breaking up or getting a divorce way too casually usually won’t make it ’til the end. Threatening to end your relationship is a large taboo between lovers. Don’t think it wouldn’t matter just because you only said it a few times. It might just come true one day if you keep threatening to break up every now and then,” said An Xiaoning, taking a sip out of her teacup.

“Ms. An, what does it take to make you tell me? I’d really like to know the answer,” Song Yan pleaded anxiously.

“One million dollars. Ms. Song, I don’t know you well enough to do it for free. Reading the marriage prospects of others is detrimental to my health. Although I’m not short of cash, I can’t do it for you without a cost either,” said An Xiaoning, staring at her.

“A million dollars? Must it be so expensive?” Song Yan asked in astonishment.

“Ms. Song, you can’t be expecting me to read your fortune for free, can you? Mr. Ling is a very close friend of ours. But since you two aren’t a couple anymore and I don’t know you very well either, I can at most consider you to be an acquaintance. Under normal circumstances, I’d usually be reluctant to read others’ fortunes. Why can’t I ask for something in return when you’ve even had the cheek to think of getting me to read your fortune for free?”

“Can I pay by card?” Song Yan asked with a sullen expression on her face.

“Sure, I have everything at home.” An Xiaoning gestured for Auntie Chen to come forth and instructed her, “Bring the card reader here.”

“Alright, Young Madam.”

Auntie Chen returned with the card reader, after which Song Yan took out her bank debit card and swiped it along the reader.

“It’s done, can you tell me now?” Song Yan asked impatiently.

An Xiaoning stared at her solemnly and said, “I don’t like the tone you’re using to speak to me. Why don’t I refund you your money and just not read your fortune anymore?”

Knowing that An Xiaoning was not in need of money, Song Yan had no choice but to mellow her tone reluctantly in a bid to find out the answer to her burning question.