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An Xiaoning was aware that she herself was not the only one who could communicate with spirits in this world.

She was at a momentary loss for words.

Noticing the awful expression on her face, Pan Zhenghui was exceptionally careful with his words and said, “Xiaoning, if you’d really like to resume your duties, I’ll speak to my superiors about it.”

“Was it Head-of-Office Xu who made the arrangements?” An Xiaoning asked.

“Yes,” Pan Zhenghui acknowledged with a nod.

“There’s no need for that. Why should I still continue to stay here when you don’t even bother informing me of such a major change? I still have more important things to do. Goodbye.” She placed her teacup down onto the table and turned around to leave.

“Xiaoning, Xiaoning, don’t be in such a hurry to leave.” Pan Zhenghui hurriedly tried to stop her.

An Xiaoning stopped in her tracks and turned around. “Chief Pan, it’s true that I’m always absent from duty. Thus, I think it’s not too bad of an idea that Team Leader Yuan is now in charge of the Special Investigations Unit. Since she’s also psychic, there’s no need for me to stay here any longer. I agreed to come help you guys out back then only because I was keen on doing some meaningful things.”

Pan Zhenghui nodded and said, “If you’re willing, you’ll always be welcome to come back.”

“Okay,” An Xiaoning acknowledged with a smile.

“Xiaoning, don’t delete my contact from your mobile phone,” said Ma Jianguo.

“I won’t, I’ll save all of your mobile numbers.”

Ma Jianguo smiled and said, “That’s great. I just want to say, we really admired you and trusted your abilities while you were in charge of us previously, although you’re a lot younger than I am.”

“That’s all I need to hear.”

An Xiaoning bumped into Team Leader Zhang from the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit when she exited the office. Upon sight of her, Team Leader Zhang greeted smilingly, “Long time no see, Team Leader An.”

“Yeah, haven’t seen you in a while.”

She did not bother engaging in any frivolous talk with him.

Pan Zhenghui and the members of the Special Investigations Unit walked her to her car. “That’s enough, you’re acting as if it’s a farewell for good. Get back to work,” said An Xiaoning.

“Drive safe on the road,” said Pan Zhenghui, waving her goodbye.

An Xiaoning drove away from the police station.

Sometimes, one may not always have the time and energy to do everything he or she would like. Thus, it would not matter as long one had already tried their best and that their conscience was clear.

“I guess she really won’t come back again this time, will she?” said Pan Zhenghui, watching as An Xiaoning’s car left the police station.

“Why didn’t you inform her about it, Chief? She was so upset to see Team Leader Yuan just now,” Ma Jianguo asked, feeling a little melancholic.

“You think I didn’t want to? The higher-ups instructed me not to.”

“Bureau Chief, I came across a rumor on a discussion forum previously about Xiaoning acknowledging the Chief of Staff and Commander-in-chief as her godparents. Is that true?”

“Why haven’t I seen that on the news before?” Pan Zhenghui questioned.

“Chief, Old Ma told us about it that day. We saw the post about the rumor too. Ding Liang has even found an article regarding the piece of news online,” said Zu Dong.

“Let me verify it,” said Pan Zhenghui, whipping his phone out to make a call.

He then called An Xiaoning, who picked up and told him the truth.

Pan Zhenghui turned as pale as a sheet the moment he ended the call.

“Bureau Chief, what’s the matter?” Gong Le asked.

“She said that it’s true that she has acknowledged them as her godparents for quite some time now.”

Everyone looked at each other in shock and puzzlement. Ma Jianguo quickly said, “Chief, look how humble Xiaoning is about her impressive background. She’s so wealthy and powerful now. I guess she really won’t come back again in the future. I can’t believe the higher-ups actually told you not to inform her. How silly.”

“That’s enough, hurry and get back to work. You guys must solve the case handed to you today soon,” Pan Zhenghui prompted.

Jin Yiheng witnessed his parents feeding and kissing each other during lunch, as if he was transparent.

He initially thought that he had already gotten used to their public displays of affection. However, he could not tolerate it any further upon noticing his father smooching his mother every now and then.

“Daddy, you didn’t even brush your teeth after lunch, yet you keep kissing my Mommy. Aren’t you being too unhygienic?”

“What do you know, Little Imp? This is my way of showing your Mommy affection. Besides, your Mommy doesn’t think I’m being unhygienic. So, stop being jealous and green with envy. You must be like me when you’re older and dote on your future wife. You have to become a role model for other men and the perfect husband, got it?” said Jin Qingyan.

Jin Yiheng rolled his eyes in contempt and criticized, “Daddy, your method and tricks are outdated. Those are not in trend anymore. What’s so great about kissing Mommy all the time like a woodpecker?”

“Wow, my son is all grown up now and knows all about the latest courting tips and tricks. Why don’t you teach Daddy how to become a role model for other men?”

Staring at his father, Jin Yiheng walked towards An Xiaoning and said to him, “Watch me.”

An Xiaoning looked at her son quietly.

“Are you not wearing makeup?” Jin Yiheng asked.

An Xiaoning nodded and asked, “Do I look ugly without makeup?”

Shaking his head, Jin Yiheng answered, “How many times must I repeat myself? You look good with or without makeup.”

An Xiaoning was speechless.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” he asked in his baby voice.

“I just took a selfie earlier. Do you think I look good?” An Xiaoning asked, handing him her mobile phone.

Jin Yiheng opened the photo to take a look before shaking his head. “Not really,” he answered.

“I don’t?” An Xiaoning asked while Jin Qingyan watched them act out the scene.

“Yes, you don’t look good. You don’t look as pretty as you are now without makeup,” he answered glibly.

“Son, where did you learn all this sweet talk?” An Xiaoning asked, smiling.

“Mommy, some things are self-taught. I’m not like Daddy, he’s already thirty-odd years old, yet all he knows is to kiss and smooch. How corny and old-fashioned.”

Jin Qingyan was speechless.

His son actually despised him!

Indeed, he had surpassed his father!

“Son, do you want a younger brother?”

“I only want a younger sister, not a brother.”

“Why?” Jin Qingyan asked, thinking that his son probably wants to be a heroic older brother to his younger sister whom he wanted to protect.

In reality, he was utterly wrong.

“If Mommy gives birth to another son again, there’ll be three men and only one woman in the house. I already can’t stand having to share Mommy with you. If I have to share her with another brother, I’ll have even lesser alone time with Mommy,” Jin Yiheng answered.

“You won’t get the chance to spend time alone with your Mommy even without another brother. Go look for Xiaoxi and the rest to play with you.”

Upon sight of him standing up, Jin Yiheng asked, “Daddy, are you and Mommy going to have your private time in your bedroom again?”

Jin Qingyan turned around and shot his son a glance, as if to say: “Daddy has some important business to get down to. You’re not allowed to tag along, otherwise, you shall face dire consequences.”

Jin Yiheng stared blankly as his father dragged his Mommy upstairs while he sat alone on the couch, bored out of his wits. He felt as if his presence was not significant to his parents at all.