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An Xiaoning accompanied Jin Qingyue to go shopping in the afternoon.

An Xiaoning picked out a few outfits for her, one of which was a white long dress paired with a thin cardigan, appearing exceptionally ethereal.

Their last stop was the lingerie store.

“Do you have any extremely sexy lingerie?” Jin Qingyue asked the sales assistant shyly.

“Yes, we do.” The sales assistant then showed her a few sets of lingerie. Jin Qingyue began blushing red as she imagined herself donning the sexy lingerie. She turned to ask An Xiaoning, “Sis-in-law, would you like to get a few for yourself?”


After exiting the lingerie store, Jin Qingyue again asked, “Should I get a new haircut?”

“A new haircut?” An Xiaoning scanned her from head to toe before answering, “Hmm, dye your hair black and get it straightened. That’ll be a perfect match for your dress.”

“Alright, I’ll heed your advice. It’s going to take a long time to get my hair done. Sis-in-law, you may go ahead if you still have something on. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Okay then, go home after you’re done.”

“Got it,” said Jin Qingyue, making an OK sign.

It was already evening by the time Jin Qingyue was done getting a makeover for her hair.

She was pleased with her new hairdo, which made her feel like a brand new person.

After dropping by the supermarket to buy some groceries, she returned to Wei Ni Estate.

She took a look at the time and realized that it was already past six o’clock in the evening.

She immediately washed her hands and began preparing dinner.

She decided to cook Ling Ciye the new dish she had just learned from the top chef.

Dinner consisted of three dishes and a bowl of soup, all of which she put her heart and soul into preparing.

He had yet to return home, however.

She removed her apron and headed inside the bathroom. She put on a shower cap to prevent her hair from getting wet before proceeding to take a shower.

After coming out of the shower, she put on her newly bought lingerie and the long white dress. She stood in front of the mirror to admire her own reflection.

Jin Qingyue then put on some makeup on her face. As soon as she finished applying some lip gloss on her lips, she heard noises coming from outside.

She hurriedly cast her cosmetic pouch aside and stood in front of the mirror to take one last glance before walking towards the bedroom door.

She was suddenly a little afraid to open the door.

“Qingyue…” Ling Ciye called from outside.

“Coming!” She opened the door and exited the bedroom.

“You got a new haircut?” Ling Ciye asked in surprise.

“Yes, quickly go and wash your hands. Dinner is ready.”

Ling Ciye returned to the bedroom while Jin Qingyue placed the empty glasses and liquor on the table and waited patiently for him to come out.

Her palms were sweaty from feeling nervous.

She was jittery and unable to calm herself down, probably because she knew that she was going to make the first move on him tonight.

Thus, she decided to drink some liquor to ease her anxiety.

She felt the burn in her throat as she picked up a glass of liquor and gulped it down in one go.

Realizing that it didn’t do much to calm her nerves, Jin Qingyue decided to down another glass of liquor.

By the time Ling Ciye came out of the bedroom dressed in a T-shirt and baggy pants, she had already chugged a few glasses of liquor.

Her face was all flushed red.

“Brother Ciye… take a seat.”

“Why have you started drinking alone?” he asked, picking up a pair of chopsticks.

“Let me pour you a glass.” She burped and poured him a full glass of liquor. “Let’s… toast.”

She smiled widely and raised her glass.

Ling Ciye clinked glasses with her and said, “Watch your alcohol intake. Don’t get drunk.”

“Brother Ciye… did you know? Women become braver when they’re drunk,” she murmured after chugging the glass of liquor.

“You’re just as brazen when you’re sober.”

“Sometimes, I really feel like I’m not good enough for you,” she said while picking up some food with her chopsticks.

Ling Ciye remained silent and listened to her speak.

“I actually didn’t tell you that Auntie came to look for me before.”

“My mother?”

“Yeah. She asked me if you and I were dating. She seemed really relieved the moment she heard me denying it. Brother Ciye, do you think your mother will kill me if she finds out that I lied?”


Jin Qingyue giggled and continued eating slowly.

They drank and ate their fill. Ling Ciye had a few glasses of liquor too but still remained sober.

On the other hand, Jin Qingyue was rather tipsy though she was not drunk out of her senses.

Resting her face in her hand, she gazed at Ling Ciye dreamily.

Ling Ciye was a little disturbed by her intense stare. “Go to bed, let me do the dishes.”

She stood up and returned to the bedroom, not to sleep but rather to brush her teeth.

After brushing her teeth, she touched up her makeup.

She then laid on the bed to ponder over her thoughts quietly for a long while before standing up to go out of the bedroom again.

Ling Ciye happened to have just finished brushing his teeth. Upon hearing knocking sounds, he opened the door. As soon as he did, she leaned against him and hugged his waist tightly. “Brother Ciye…”

Startled by her sudden embrace, he looked down at her and said, “Qingyue, you’re drunk.”

“No, I’m not. I’m very sober. I want to sleep with you tonight,” she looked up and smiled at him.

“Um, Qingyue, I don’t think it’s the right time for us to advance to that stage yet.”

“Why not? I’ve already fondled you and made out with you… I don’t care, I want to sleep with you,” she whined, refusing to let go of him.


“I won’t touch you and just lie down beside you. I won’t try anything funny. Okay?”


“Okay then.” She let go of him and turned around to leave.

Ling Ciye closed the door after watching her return to her room.

Jin Qingyue closed her eyes and sprawled herself across the bed. She remained lying there without even turning on the lights.

She continued to remain still in that position for three hours and finally had no choice but to get up to answer nature’s call.

She took a look at the time on her mobile phone to find that it was only past nine o’clock in the evening.

She thought to herself that he must still be awake.

She wouldn’t be able to get over it if she didn’t show him her sexy lingerie.

I’d better wait for a while more…

She then waited all the way until past eleven o’clock. Finally, at half-past eleven, she decided that the time was right.

She sneakily unlocked his bedroom door with the spare keys.

She zoomed inside, barefooted.

The lights turned on all of a sudden when she was approaching his bed stealthily, before she even made it to the bed.

They held each other’s gazes.

Jin Qingyue stood rooted to the ground, feeling as if she had been caught red-handed. “You… you’re still awake?” she stammered with a tinge of guilt.

“I was just about to go to bed but I heard some noises,” he said, remaining unusually composed, seemingly unsurprised by her actions.

Jin Qingyue felt as if her legs were stuck to the ground as she looked him in the eye. At last, she tried to cover up. “I came in to check if you were tucked properly beneath the duvet. I was planning to help you if you weren’t. Um… I’m going back to my room to sleep then.”


Jin Qingyue closed the door and returned to her own room with a look of disappointment on her face.

She removed her makeup and went to bed, not wishing to dwell further on anything else.

Her plan failed even before she got to show him the lingerie she was wearing.

However, she was not completely disheartened and instead came up with another idea to show him her lingerie in a different manner.

Jin Qingyue was filled with joy at the thought of her new idea and went to sleep peacefully.