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When Ling Ciye was going about his usual practice of having breakfast after waking up, he was greeted with the sight of Jin Qingyue sitting by the table dressed in a white, translucent dress. Due to the sheer fabric of the dress, with just one glance, he could see clearly the lingerie she was wearing beneath.

He remembered that she had worn the exact same dress the previous night, though the material was not as thin before.

“Good morning.”

“You… you’re planning to wear this dress out today?” Ling Ciye asked, appearing a little ill at ease.

Jin Qingyue smiled and answered, “Why would I do that… I’ll only ever wear this dress in front of you, never in front of anyone else.”

There were initially two layers of fabric to the dress with the inner layer serving as a shield to prevent light from penetrating through and causing it to become too see-through. However, she removed the inner layer, leaving behind only the thin, outer layer.

It was rather cooling, though.

Ling Ciye did not object to her decision since there was no one else in the house except them.

After they were done with breakfast, he frantically cocked his head toward the side at the instant that she stood up.

Jin Qingyue giggled and proceeded to bring the empty dishes and crockery to the kitchen.

Ling Ciye felt his face burning and blushing red with shyness, his throat becoming dry and parched all of a sudden.

Ring… Ring…

He looked through the peephole to find that it was Song Yan.

Ling Ciye was displeased to see her for he was utterly sick and tired of breaking up and reconciling. Fed up with her overbearing habit of repeatedly looking him up again after breaking up, he decided not to open the door.

Jin Qingyue came out of the kitchen to find that he was standing by the door while the doorbell was ringing continuously. Just as she was about to open the door, he grabbed her hand to stop her before dragging her into the bedroom.

“It’s Song Yan.”

“She must be here to look for you.”

“I don’t want to see her,” said Ling Ciye, which was to the joy of Jin Qingyue.

All smiles, she draped her arms over his neck and suggested, “Let’s not open the door since you don’t wish to see her. If she refuses to leave, we shall just stay home the entire day, okay?”

Ling Ciye agreed with a nod.

Jin Qingyue thought to herself that Ling Ciye must have really dreaded seeing his ex-girlfriend, Song Yan, since he would rather stay at home than show his face to her.

Song Yan stood by the door and pressed the doorbell continuously but to no avail.

She found it puzzling that no one came to answer the door since she clearly remembered seeing his car when she arrived, which meant that he was definitely at home.

Does he refuse to open because he doesn’t want to see me?

She decided to persist and continue waiting for him, thinking that he would definitely come out of the house sooner or later.

She refused to believe that he would stay in all day.

Contrary to her expectations, she had still yet to see him despite having waited the entire morning.

Feeling panicky and anxious, Song Yan yelled, “Ling Ciye, do you think I won’t know that you’re at home just because you refuse to come out? Open up!”

As soon as she said her piece, the door opened.

Jin Qingyue appeared at the door and asked, “Ms. Song, may I ask why you’re looking for my boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend…” Song Yan pushed her away and barged inside, only to make eye contact with Ling Ciye, who was sitting on the couch, causing her to grow speechless all of a sudden.

“What are you here for?” he asked calmly.

“May I have a word with you privately?”

“I don’t think there’s anything much to talk about between us. We’ve already said whatever there is to say to each other. Besides, we’ve long come to a consensus that we’ve broken up completely this time. Song Yan, don’t you think it’s silly and pointless to keep looking me up after we already broke up?”

“Will you give me five minutes of your time? Just five minutes,” she pleaded.

Ling Ciye nodded and said, “Qingyue, go back to your room first.”

“Get her to go out of the house,” Song Yan hissed, glaring at Jin Qingyue with an icy, cold stare.

“Sure, I’ll do as you say and go outside, Ms. Song. I’ll be watching the time. Five minutes,” Jin Qingyue said sarcastically with a smile.

She changed into the double-layered dress and went outside in her slippers.

She stood by the door and waited patiently.

It’s only going to be five minutes.

She could afford that tad bit of patience.

Somehow, five minutes seemed to be an arduous wait.

Time crawled by at a snail’s pace and each minute felt like an hour.

At this very moment, Jin Qingyue received a call from her ex-husband.

“What do you want?”

“Why don’t you seem to miss Bao’er at all?”

Leaning against the wall, Jin Qingyue hissed, “Is it any of your business whether or not I miss her?”

“Did you swallow gunpowder or something? Bao’er wants to speak to you,” said Shi Shaochuan.

He then handed his mobile phone to his daughter.

“Mommy,” Jin Bao’er greeted.

“Bao’er, do you miss Mommy?”

“Yes. I’m having fun with Daddy at the amusement park. Could you come here to play with me?”

“Mommy’s not feeling too well. I won’t be going. Would you like to come home?”

“Everyone has their Daddy and Mommy to accompany them to the amusement park. Yet, only Daddy is here with me. Since you’ve turned me down, forget it, Daddy and I will just play alone.”

Jin Bao’er hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking.

Jin Qingyue let out a long sigh and took a look at the time to find that only two minutes have passed. There were three more minutes to go.

At this very moment, Song Yan and Ling Ciye were staring at each other outside his bedroom.

After two minutes, Song Yan finally broke her silence. “Ciye, I’ve thought about it carefully. I’m willing to compromise on everything we couldn’t agree on in the past. I’m willing to give up my entertainment career for your sake and become a family-oriented woman, because I love you too much. I regret my decision every single time we break up.”

“Do you mean what you said?” Ling Ciye asked in surprise, not expecting her to have made such a compromise.


“Even if what you said is true, I don’t want to get back together with you again. As you can see, I already have a new girlfriend,” he said bluntly.

“You mean Jin Qingyue? How am I any worse than her? She’s a divorced single mother while I’m still unmarried and childless. Besides, we were together for so long. You ought to weigh your options and consider carefully,” Song Yan said in a moment of panic.

Ling Ciye stared at her and said, “But my love for you has already vanished completely.”

“Your love has vanished? We dated and broke up in high school, but didn’t you still love me the same after so many years? Are you all muddled up because she’s good in bed!?!” Song Yan sneered.

A sullen expression formed on Ling Ciye’s face as his tone grew harsher. “There’s no turning back for us now. You don’t have to waste your time here anymore. Leave.”

“Ciye, you’ll definitely come back to me one day!”

“Song Yan, I will never get back together with you again. If I still had any feelings for you, I wouldn’t have got into a relationship with Qingyue.”

“Is that so? I don’t believe you.”

Song Yan left as soon as she finished her sentence and bumped into Jin Qingyue while on her way out. She then entered the elevator without uttering a word.

Jin Qingyue frantically entered the apartment and closed the door. “What did she say?”

“Nothing much,” said Ling Ciye, not wishing to reveal much about the matter.

Jin Qingyue did not probe any further and said instead, “What would you like to eat? I’ll make lunch.”

“I’m fine with anything. Just fix something.”

Jin Qingyue nodded and walked toward the kitchen. Although she was busy preparing lunch, she could not help but be distracted by the millions of thoughts that filled her mind. Actually, she could already guess that Song Yan must have asked him to get back together with her. Otherwise, there was no reason she would have come all the way here to insist on seeing him.

Jin Qingyue was rather worried about Song Yan’s persistence. After all, the latter and Ling Ciye had been in a relationship for years, whereas he and she had barely begun dating each other. Thus, their fresh relationship was still rather unstable and could easily crumble.