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Mei Yangyang chuckled mirthlessly and said, “They’re doing pretty well now.”

“That’s good,” said Mo Li as she took a sip of her fruit juice, appearing rather glum.

“Does Ye Xiaotian treat you well now?” Long Tianze asked, seeing the gloomy expression on her face.

“Yeah, he’s just too busy, way too busy…” Mo Li answered.

“How busy can he possibly be? He’s not the only busy person in the world. You have to keep an eye on men. Don’t just stay at home all day. Do accompany him at the office more often,” said Long Tianze.

“I’ll only be getting in the way of his work. I’ve visited him at the office before. You two have been married for so long. Do you ever get sick of each other?” Mo Li asked.

Shaking his head, Long Tianze answered, “No, why would I ever get tired of her? In fact, I can never get enough of her although we see each other every day.”

His reply made Mei Yangyang’s heart flutter, causing her to brim with joy.

This was practically another form of a heartfelt confession.

“Great,” Mo Li murmured softly, so much so that they could not even hear her faint voice.

Noticing that she did not seem too well, Long Tianze said, “Feel free to tell me if you’re upset about anything. I’ll give you some advice.”

“Tianze, I’m really scared…”

“About what?”

“I’m afraid my next child will be a daughter again.”

Long Tianze shot Mei Yangyang a glance and said, “So what if it’s a daughter again? In today’s society, daughters can be heiresses to family businesses too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a male. Besides, technology is so advanced nowadays. It’s not that hard to conceive a son. If you keep dwelling on this matter every day, you’ll be driven into despair sooner or later. Whereas, you’ll feel much more relaxed if you don’t think about it.”

“Tianze, I suddenly feel like getting a fortune-teller to read my fortune and tell me if I’d end up with a son one day. After much consideration, I still think that Xiaoning is the best fortune-teller I know. Could you talk to her for me and get her to read my fortune?”

“Actually, Yangyang…”

Before he could even finish, Mei Yangyang pinched him again forcefully, causing Long Tianze to pause in his speech.

“What about Yangyang?”

“Actually, Yangyang… was planning to have her fortune told too, but she didn’t go ahead with it,” Long Tianze answered, chuckling wryly.

“Mo Li, pardon me for being blunt, but you completely ignored Sis the previous time you saw her alighting from her car at the entrance of our house. Ever since Mr. Jin met with the mishap, your husband’s company has been going against the Jin Corporation. I doubt Sis would agree to help you…”

“I know, but I can’t control what happens at the company,” Mo Li said with disappointment written all over her face.

“We understand that. So, you’d better not seek help from my sister. Well, sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Just because you know what fate has in store for you doesn’t necessarily mean you will be free of worry. I suggest you stop thinking about this matter, lest you bring yourself more woes and uneasiness.”

“I know. I feel so much better after chatting with you two,” Mo Li said with a smile.

“Don’t coop yourself up at home all day either. Go out and breathe some fresh air more often. You’ll feel much more relaxed.”

Mo Li stayed around for three hours before leaving with her daughter.

She felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she left.

“Don’t you know how to read fortunes as well? Why didn’t you want to help her?” Long Tianze asked.

“I do, but how am I supposed to break it to her if she’s really not destined to have a son? Do you know what her birth characters are?” Mei Yangyang asked.

“Yes. We grew up together and I’ve heard my mother mention it before. Hurry and read her fortune. See if she’s destined to have a son,” said Long Tianze before telling her Mo Li’s birth characters.

Mei Yangyang dragged him upstairs and took out a book from her treasure chest before saying, “This is a miraculous book. It’s very accurate. Let me take a look.”

Long Tianze sat beside her and watched as she flipped through the book continuously.

After a long while, he got a little impatient and prompted, “Why are you taking so long?”

“It’s been a while since I touched these. I’m obviously going to be a little out of touch. I’m not like Sis who can read a person’s fortune as soon as she knows their birth characters. I’m not naturally gifted, that’s why I’m much slower. Okay, I found it,” Mei Yangyang answered without even raising her head to look at him.

She flipped to a certain page.

Staring at the illustration on the page she stopped at, Long Tianze asked, “What does this mean?”

“I’ll tell you what it means, but you can’t tell Mo Li.”

“I’ll definitely let her know about it if she has a son so that she can rest her mind. But if not, why would I tell her about it and crush her hopes?” Pressing his hands on his thighs, Long Tianze urged her, “Quick, tell me what it means.”

“Look at this picture and count the number of children there are in it.”

Not having to count since he could already tell at one glance, Long Tianze answered straight away, “Four.”

“There are four, indeed. But did you notice that all four are girls?”

Long Tianze squinted and asked, “I really couldn’t tell that they are girls if you hadn’t pointed it out. You can’t be serious, all four are girls? Do you mean she’s going to have four daughters?”

“That’s what it means, but the four include those which she had aborted as well. She’s destined to have no sons in her life. I didn’t want to read her fortune in the first place. It’s all your fault for insisting that I do it. See, now we’re both upset for her,” Mei Yangyang groused, giving him a hard pinch.

Clutching his arm in pain, Long Tianze said, “Ow… I was just being curious, okay?”

“You’re not curious anymore, are you? The Ye family is going to end up with no male heir. I wonder if Ye Xiaotian will still treat her as well as he does now if she keeps falling pregnant with a daughter over and over again,” said Mei Yangyang as she put away the book.

“Everyone is fated to lead a life of their own. Let’s not bother about them and focus on ourselves. I don’t wish to know how Ye Xiaotian will react, but I definitely wouldn’t be like him. I’ll be as glad even if you gave birth to four daughters.”

“Hmph, you only said that because I already gave you a son. Would you have said the same if we didn’t have Wenlun?” she questioned apprehensively.

“Of course. Honey, I love you to the moon and back. The stars can vouch for me.”



“Then kneel down and sing me ‘Persuade’ by Na Ying,” said Mei Yangyang, staring at him calmly with her hands behind her back.

“What’s so hard about that? I’ll sing it.” Long Tianze walked toward her and got down on one knee. He looked up at her with passion burning in his eyes and skipped right to the chorus, “I was thus persuaded by you and brought myself to a dead end. My feelings are firm, but I made a silly decision. I was persuaded by you and I took the poison well hidden by you. My ending is here, and my love and resentment have been buried with me. If you ever visit my grave, you may put your hands together and pray for me…”

After finishing the song, he asked, “Honey, after hearing me sing this song for the 184th time, do you think I sound better than the original singer?”

“Seems like the 180-odd times paid off well. But I’m not sick of hearing it yet. Keep up the good work next time.”

“Got it, my Queen.”

Beaming with joy, Mei Yangyang hopped onto his back and said, “Little Eunuch Long, bring me to take a walk in the Imperial Garden.”