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She had no choice but to let his mother believe that there was indeed nobody inside.

Jin Qingyue had not eaten her lunch and had intended to send Ling Ciye the soup she made, then buy some food on the street for herself as well. But it seemed like everything had gone down the drain now.

She could only lie down on the bed and get a good sleep.

But before she could get to sleep, she heard Mrs. Ling outside the door calling the locksmith company.

This was not a good sign.

After much thought, Jin Qingyue could only switch off her phone first so that she would not give herself away. Then, she put all her clothes and belongings into a suitcase, placing it into the cabinet, where she hid it under stacks of blankets.

She also put away all the female products in the room.

Then what about herself?

She lifted the bed up and found there was a plank in the middle that had a narrow space that separated the bed from the ground. It was impossible for a person to hide in it, but in this room, there was nowhere else for her to hide in, and it was even more embarrassing for her to hide in the wardrobe as she would be easily exposed.

After contemplating, Jin Qingyue lifted the bed up lightly and slowly lay down on the wooden board in the bed. She then slowly moved toward the head of the bed.

Because she was thin, lying there was just fine for her. However, the gap in between was too small and her nose was stuck closely to the surface on top such that she could not even breathe smoothly.

The locksmith company that Mrs. Ling hired arrived very soon. When they opened the door, witnessing the scene inside made Mrs. Ling completely stunned.

It was a very clean room that did not look like a storage room, but there was indeed no belongings of a woman. There wasn’t even a woman in sight.

She suddenly suspected if she had made a wrong speculation.

After searching the bathroom and wardrobe, she found that there was indeed nobody. But she discovered Jin Qingyue’s clothes.

Thinking about it, Mrs. Ling realized that those could have been Song Yan’s belongings. But since the two had broken up, her belongings were kept aside here.

Little did she know that, when Ling Ciye and Song Yan were together, she had never moved into Wei Ni Estate.

Surveying her surroundings, she bent down and looked at the bed. She realized it was separated by partitions. She instantly turned and told the locksmith to place a new lock for the door.

Meanwhile, Ling Ciye was still in his car downstairs and had not left.

He had sent messages to Jin Qingyue, all of which had not been replied to. He later saw someone who resembled a locksmith carrying a case into the stairway. Ling Ciye sat there for some time and finally could not take it and went back upstairs with the soup in hand.

When he went back, he saw that the door had been opened and the locksmith was putting on a new lock.

“Mother, what are you doing?”

Mrs. Ling replied, embarrassed, “You didn’t want to let Mother see, so I had to think of a way, right? Fine, I’ve seen that there’s nobody inside. I believe you.”


Where had Jin Qingyue gone to?

He suppressed the doubts he had inside and did not dare to look in. After sending away the locksmith and witnessing his mother’s car drive far away, he finally ran back upstairs.

Dashing right into Jin Qingyue’s room, he made a call to her but her phone was switched off.

“Qingyue? My mother’s gone.”

“Umm…” A soft murmur came from under the bed.

Ling Ciye lifted the bed up and saw that her face had turned green from her not breathing properly.

He was instantly guilty as he asked her, “Why did you hide in such a small place? I thought you would tell my mother the truth.”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to let so many people know about us for now? Since you didn’t want to, I didn’t want to upset you as well.”

Ling Ciye’s heart was stirred up for a moment as he helped her up and moved the bed back down.

“Where are your things?”

“In the wardrobe.”

When she turned and opened the wardrobe, she realized that the luggage had been rummaged through. “Your mother knows there are women’s clothes in here.”

“She probably thought these were Song Yan’s things,” Ling Ciye replied as he helped her carry her luggage out, placing it on the floor.

“So she really didn’t realize, right?”

“No. It’s been hard on you.”

Jin Qingyue shook her head. “No, what’s hard about it? Actually, I’m really rather afraid to face Auntie. If she found out it was me, she would have been furious.”

“You should come out.” Ling Ciye turned around and headed towards the door while she followed behind.

After making lunch, Jin Qingyue passed him the bowl of food with utensils. “I’d wanted to go out and eat and send you the soup, but our plans obviously can’t happen anymore. Let’s just eat at home then.”

“Actually, the food outside is probably not as good as what you make.”

Jin Qingyue raised her head abruptly and glanced at him, her cheeks flushing slightly. “Being complimented by you like that actually makes me very happy.”

She did not bother covering up her true emotions.

There was no need to.

As they ate their lunch idly, Ling Ciye felt that during this period of time he had spent with her, he saw another side of her he had never seen before.

Although they grew up together and had a certain level of understanding about each other, it was all from the perspective of siblings and not between a man and a woman.

After the change in their relationship, he realized that she was much more mature than he had imagined. Maybe because she had gained more experiences, the current person she was allowed him to see a tender and feminine side of her.

It was exactly the kind of wife he wanted — a domestic woman who could assist her husband and raise her children. He did not want a career woman as a wife, since both of them would be busy and would not have enough time to spend with each other.

Wasn’t that so?

While Jin Qingyue was eating, she realized he was smiling as he looked at her. She rapidly lowered her head, her heart rate accelerating profusely.

“Next time, if such a thing happens again, don’t hide underneath the bed anymore.”

“Umm?” Jin Qingyue never expected he would say that. “Didn’t you not want…”

“That’s still better than you hiding under the bed.”

“Brother Ciye, no wonder I’m getting more fond of you now. You’re so nice.”

“Quickly, eat…”

Jin Qingyue was exceptionally pleased inside. After their meal, Jin Qingyue went to wash the bowls.

On the other hand, he just stood by the door and watched her.

“Brother Ciye, you can go to the sofa to rest.”

“I’m not tired, why should I rest? Later, let’s go for a drive?”

“Really?” Her eyes sparkled with excitement. “That’s great.”

“Umm. I’ll go and change first.”

Jin Qingyue watched as his figure went further away from the kitchen door, her heart stirring with excitement in that moment.

She speedily washed the cutlery and took off her apron, running back into the room to rearrange her things. She then put on some makeup and got ready to leave the house with him.

Jin Qingyue felt like she had turned back into a young girl all of a sudden. That feeling was like she going out with one’s first love for the very first time.

It was refreshing, exhilarating, and delightful.

It was just a drive.

However, it did not stop her heart from bursting with joy.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere is fine. As long as it’s with you, I’m happy.”

Hearing her say this, Ling Ciye could feel his heart skip a beat. The corner of his lips curled into a smile. “Alright then, I’ll decide.”

The car speedily drove out of Wei Ni Estate, and the car roof of the convertible slowly opened up.

The wind blew past their ears, and the weather was exceptionally cooling after the rain. In this comfortable atmosphere, Jin Qingyue raised both her hands up, all pumped up as she shouted, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt so happy.”

“What’s there to be happy about this?”

“Of course, this may be nothing to you, but it’s different for me. I feel like I’ve turned younger by so many years. It feels like I’ve found who I was when I was younger. Brother Ciye, thank you for giving me this chance.”

“Rather than say I’ve given you this chance, it’s more like you’ve given me a chance as well.”

The two exchanged meaningful looks and broke into wide smiles.