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The couple acted lovey-dovey for the whole afternoon. When evening finally came near, Jin Qingyan started nagging her about all sorts of things.

“You love eating spicy food, you should cut down on it. Eating too much will make your body heaty. Eat more light-tasting food. Also, you need to keep that temper of yours in control there. It’s best not to start any trouble. The President has two sons and a daughter. While you’re working around his daughter, you must be extra careful of his two sons.”

“Careful of what?” An Xiaoning asked the obvious.

“Be careful to make sure they don’t fall for you, of course.”

“…” An Xiaoning felt that he was really overthinking!

“Didn’t I already say, with that mask that you made for me, no one will fall for me. Don’t worry, with such an ordinary-looking face, the Prince will only fall for me if he’s blind.”

“You still have to be careful, because you have a good character.” He still looked as if he could not rest assured.

“Alright, alright. I’ll be careful, I’ll take extra caution, okay?”

Jin Qingyan was really unwilling to let her go, but he knew well and clear that when An Xiaoning wanted to do something, it meant that she had a strong desire burning within her to do it.

That was who she was.

“Young Sir, Young Madam, it’s time,” Fan Shixin reminded them from the door.

Jin Qingyan replied, “Got it.”

He took out a few head accessories from his pocket and a ball of very thin string for her. “Don’t underestimate the thinness of the string. It’s not only strong but also very powerful. I’ve let people try it out. Even if you pull it from three storeys down, it wouldn’t break. The head accessories are the same as the ones I gave you before. There’re needles inside. They will definitely do a body check when you go in, so knives and guns are forbidden. Only the Princess herself can equip you with it.”

“Alright.” She took the things from him.

Jin Qingyan got up and took her hand in his. “Let’s go, I’ll drive you there.”

An Xiaoning nodded and followed him downstairs.

They ran into Jin Yiheng at that moment.

“Daddy, Mommy, where are you both going?”

“Mommy’s going on a business trip, you must listen to Daddy at home.”

“Mommy, why are you going on a business trip again when you just came back from one?” Jin Yiheng was evidently unhappy. “No wonder Daddy has been clinging to you every day since you were back. So he already knew that you were going on another business trip.”

An Xiaoning went forward and bent down to kiss his cheek. “Mommy will be back very soon. Sweetie, don’t be naughty at home. Remember everything that Mommy taught you before.”


An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan boarded the car together and it slowly drove out of their front gate, leaving Wei Ni Estate.

The car headed towards B City, the capital city of S Nation, at a steady pace.

A City was not the capital city but a prosperous urban city in S Nation.

They did not take a plane there but chose to drive because not only was it only a short distance away but he also wanted to spend a little more time with her.

The two sat in the back row of the car, tightly gripping onto each other’s hands.

The few hours’ journey there seemed exceptionally fast.

It had not felt that quick usually, but at this point, Jin Qingyan felt that these few hours had gone by in just a few minutes.

It was so quick that he was rather taken by surprise.

Unless time froze at a particular second, how could he prevent them from reaching their destination?

When they reached B City at 10 o’clock in the evening, it was also time for the couple to part with each other.

“Right, I almost forgot to ask. What name am I using inside?”

“Mu Ning. It’s the ‘Ning’ from your original name. What do you think?”

An Xiaoning felt that it was fine. “Alright, Mu Ning it will be then.”

“Your age and background are all on this piece of paper.” He took out the paper to show her.

As the lights in the car lit up, An Xiaoning read the content on the piece of paper. It was all easy to remember. “Umm. I got it.”

When the car arrived before a huge gate, it slowly pulled over.

Jin Qingyan kissed her ferociously. “You aren’t allowed to get hurt or let anything happen to you. If you really can’t find them, give me a call. I’ll come and fetch you home.”

“Alright,” she answered, almost choking on her emotions. “Believe me, I’ll be fine.”

“Of course I believe you. Go on, that’s the person who will help you.” He looked out the window and saw a man who was already standing there, waiting for her.


After showing him affection for the last time, An Xiaoning finally got down from the car.

Fan Shixin drove the car away, and it slowly disappeared from An Xiaoning’s line of sight.

“Young Madam, I’m Xiao Chi. I’m the secret agent that Young Sir has placed here. I work as a bodyguard for the Prince. Although there are other people of ours inside, for now, only I know of your identity so you should trust only me. Don’t worry, Young Madam, Young Sir has already told me. I will help you.”

An Xiaoning nodded. “Call me Mu Ning from here on.”

“Alright, come in with me.”

An Xiaoning followed him inside and was searched by a woman. Only after she cleared the search for any sharp objects or weapons was she allowed in.

After entering the room, An Xiaoning first felt that something about the atmosphere there made it exceptionally dreary, perhaps because it was nighttime.

Under the illumination of the lamps, the place was boundless and appeared magnificent like an ancient royal palace.

The paths inside were also especially confusing, which made her lose her sense of direction. It felt like she would really get lost at this place because all the paths converged in numerous ways.

Xiao Chi brought her to a door of a room and said, “Mu Ning, you’ll be staying here tonight first. Tomorrow morning, I’ll bring you to see the Princess.”

“Alright, it’s been hard on you.”

“Not at all.”

Xiao Chi switched on the lights for her and left after closing the door shut.

An Xiaoning lay down and sent a text message to Jin Qingyan before turning in for the night.

Maybe because she’d just arrived in an unfamiliar environment, she did not have a good sleep the whole night.

Fortunately, the night passed in the blink of an eye.

After waking up, she felt her arms and back aching as the bed was too hard.

Early in the morning, Xiao Chi arrived outside her door and knocked on it.

Lugging her suitcase, An Xiaoning followed him to find the Princess.

Watching the environment here in the day, she felt rather moved.

The scenery was nice, with greenery surrounding her everywhere she went. It was also why the crisp morning air was filled with pure freshness.

With her mask on, An Xiaoning walked a very long way with him before arriving before a door.

“This is where the Princess lives. Follow me.”

She nodded and passed through the door. The house was designed in a European style and was rather spacious.

Following him to the entrance of the living room, he stopped and told a maid, “Sister Zhi Yin, please tell Her Highness that the new bodyguard has arrived.”

“Alright.” Zhi Yin worked for the Princess — Tuoba Danxue. To put it nicely, she was her trusted servant. To put it bluntly, she was but a maid.

Zhi Yin turned and headed upstairs to inform the Princess but came back down very soon. “Xiao Chi, you can return. As for you, Her Highness has not woken up yet.”

“Alright.” Xiao Chi took a glance at An Xiaoning before leaving.

An Xiaoning, on the other hand, just stood there to continue waiting.

It was only after two hours that Tuoba Danxue finally got up.

Wearing a long, white dress with artistic prints and a small piece of outerwear, she sat down at the dining table, her face dolled up with exquisite makeup.

An Xiaoning entered with her luggage, appearing before her.

“You’re the new bodyguard?”