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“Is Chi Rui’er’s fever severe?”

“Yes, she had two bottles of IV drip last night.”

As they headed downstairs for breakfast, An Xiaoning asked, “What would you like to have? Milk or porridge?”

“Your blood,” he blurted without hesitation.

Startled, An Xiaoning smiled at him benevolently, then said teasingly, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait. Aunt Flo 1 will be here in just a few days.”

Her sarcastic remark left Jin Qingyan speechless. Initially, he thought he had married a meek and dainty wife, yet she turned out to be a sharp-tongued cynic, which was contrary to his expectations.


Jin Qingyan had planned to take a day off from work that afternoon. He decided to make his way to the old mansion because he was concerned about Jin Qingyue having her fortune told by An Xiaoning.

“I guess it’s all fate. Though we can’t change much even if we try to stop her, we still shouldn’t sit back and watch her dig a hole for herself,” said a worried Mrs. Jin, who was rather upset and disgruntled.

“Then you’ll have to put more thought into the matter.”

Nodding along, Mrs. Jin turned to ask Jin Qingyan, “I heard that Chi Rui’er is putting up at your mansion in Wei Ni Estate. Where did you get the audacity to do that? Your wife should be the only person allowed to live there. Who is Chi Rui’er to deserve a chance to live there?”

“Mom, she’s only staying there temporarily. She’ll move out after some time.”

“Get her to leave quickly, before your grandma finds out. How dare she step foot in that mansion?”

“Alright, you don’t have to worry too much about that matter. Channel your attention towards Qingyue, she seems to be getting out of hand,” said Jin Qingyan with a reassuring smile.

“Even so, I’ll still have to keep an eye on her. She’s getting too independent and rebellious for her own good.”

Just as she ended her sentence, Jin Qingyue arrived downstairs. It was rare for her to be up so early. She usually does not wake up before noon.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going out to handle some matters. I won’t be having breakfast at home.”

“Come here,” ordered Mrs. Jin, fuming with anger.

“Mother, why are you suddenly so serious?”

“Sit down!”

“Okay, just what’s the matter?” said Jin Qingyue passively.

“Your Sister-in-law has read your fortune. You’re not going to last forever with Shi Shaochuan.”

“Mother, haven’t you heard? Your destiny lies in your own hands. Are you really going to take her word for it? Just because she said so, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen,” argued Jin Qingyue, who was unconvinced.

“She said you guys would get married, but not last forever. Do you have any idea what that means?”

“Which elderly couple actually manages to stay together even until death?” said Jin Qingyue, who insisted on interpreting her mother’s words literally.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe it. Let me warn you again, you’d better stop seeing him so often, he’s going to toy with you once you’re wrapped around his finger,” warned the enraged Mrs. Jin.

“Fine, fine, you’re so annoying, nagging at me early in the morning. I’m going to be bugged to death,” she complained as she stood up to leave while completely ignoring her mother.

She had agreed to meet Shi Shaochuan at his office that day.

That was the reason she woke up so early that morning.

When she arrived at his office, Shi Shaochuan ordered for breakfast to be delivered while Jin Qingyue began to relay her mother’s words to him.

“Didn’t I already mention, An Xiaoning is just spouting nonsense. It was merely pure coincidence that she had managed to treat your mother’s calf. No way will I believe her twisted logic,” said Shi Shaochuan.

“I guess you’re right. Does she really think she’s God? She even claims to be able to tell that our marriage isn’t going to last forever. She’s really starting to get on my nerves. I would have beaten her to a pulp if she weren’t my sister-in-law,” lamented Jin Qingyue.

“Don’t bother, she’s just a crazy woman.”


“Welcome…” Mei Yangyang’s voice faded as she was startled to see that it was Long Tianze who had entered.

He was clad in a white suit, with both hands in his pockets. “Babe, do you have clothes suitable for me here?” he asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“No,” answered Mei Yangyang. She turned around and walked further into the store.

Grabbing her by the arm, Long Tianze said, “We’re somehow related now, don’t you want to see me?”


“Who’s related to you? Cut the nonsense,” retorted Mei Yangyang, recalling the passionate kiss from that night.

“You, of course. Why are you so quick to deny your actions?”

She should have been the one saying that!

“I finally understand what it means for one to be shameless. You were the one who forced a kiss on me, why are you turning the arrow against me instead?” said Mei Yangyang with her chin raised.

“Little lass, why don’t we become boyfriend and girlfriend?” asked Long Tianze as he leaned closer towards her.

“What do I stand to gain from that?”

“Hahaha… There’s plenty to gain. So would you like to?” he asked after letting out a bizarre laughter.

“No. Why are you here?” Mei Yangyang asked as she took a seat.

“To look for you, of course.” Leaning against the counter with his eyes fixed on her, he continued, “Why else do you think I’m here?”

“To look for me… for what?”

“To take responsibility for me.”

“Seems you’ve gotten it wrong. I should be the one saying that,” said Mei Yangyang with a grimace, in disbelief of what she had just heard.

“No, you stole my first kiss and so you have to be responsible for your actions.”

At that instant, Mei Yangyang felt that she was wrong about him previousl. She would have never expected him to be someone like that in reality. “You were clearly the one who kissed me first! Besides, that was my first kiss too! Don’t be shameless, alright? I know that wasn’t your first kiss!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, turns out it was your first kiss too? Just right, we happened to give our first kiss to each other. Seems like we have to take responsibility for each other then.”

Mei Yangyang was speechless. She felt like she could not communicate with him at all.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“I don’t want a boyfriend who is in love with another woman. Besides, it’s just a kiss. As a female, I don’t even let it bother me, so a man like you shouldn’t either. Quit complaining.”

She seemed to be calling him petty. The smile on Long Tianze’s face widened — he found her to be different from other girls, who would have definitely agreed.

She was not like them at all.

“Alright, we won’t be a couple then. How about just friends?”

“Okay. I’ve agreed, so you can leave now.”

“Give me your number.”


With a slight squint, he said while remaining calm and composed, “Do you take me for a fool? I’m being serious.”

He proceeded to leave only after Mei Yangyang had blurted her actual phone number upon noticing that a customer had entered.

Long Tianze had begun to think that he had found that kiss to be rather special and different only because he had been feeling lonely and empty. He had wanted the kiss to happen again, but he was not expecting to be rejected.


Having seen that Chi Rui’er had been sick for a few consecutive days with no signs of recovery, Jin Qingyan questioned the doctor about his treatment. Feeling wronged, the doctor answered, “Her fever had clearly gone down, but strangely, it came back again the day after. I’m not sure why that happened either.”

“If you can’t even treat a simple cold, why would I need you here?” Jin Qingyan chastised.

“I’ll try my best.” The doctor was startled by Jin Qingyan’s animosity and hurriedly proceeded to prepare some medicine.

Jin Qingyan moved closer towards Chi Rui’er and said, “You look so wan and sallow after a few days of being sick. Get well soon.”

“Qingyan, I’m feeling so cold,” said Chi Rui’er while she boldly went ahead to hold his hand.

“But the heater in the room is on, and you’re wrapped beneath the blanket. Are you still cold?”

With a nod, she answered, “Yes.”

“You’re running such a high fever, no doubt you’d be cold.”