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Being sharp and vigilant, Tuoba Gucheng had already woken up the moment he heard her open the door.

He was startled to see her and instantly understood that it was his sister who had sent An Xiaoning.

Strangely, he just watched as she climbed toward his bed and exchanged glances with her.

If she had been another woman, he would have given her a tight slap right from the start. Yet, he did not feel the urge to hit this damned woman at all, although he found her to be exceptionally ugly.

Could it be that I wanted to be more merciful towards her precisely because I pity her for being ugly?

Tuoba Gucheng felt that he was too kind-hearted at the thought of that possibility.

What a silly woman. She didn’t even try to keep her volume down when entering. Heaven made the right decision to give her low IQ to match her hideous looks , he thought to himself.

An Xiaoning ran back to Tuoba Danxue’s room to see that Zhi Yin was waiting for her by the door. “Have you settled everything?”

An Xiaoning nodded and answered, “I handed it to him personally.”

“That’s good, you may go back to bed.”


She could finally get some rest on her bed. Dog-tired, An Xiaoning fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

The next morning, Fan Shixin came forth to report to Jin Qingyan, who had yet to get out of bed, “Young Sir, Ye Xiaotian has finally fallen into the trap you laid for him. Looks like the Ye Corporation is going to be in chaos this time.”

Jin Qingyan immediately woke up and was no longer sleepy.

The absence of his beloved wife made it much easier for him to get out of bed.

“That’s great. I’m going to let Ye Xiaotian know what it means to be taken advantage of when you’re stuck in a disastrous situation,” said Jin Qingyan, who entered the bathroom to freshen up before leaving the bedroom.

Fan Shixin followed behind and chuckled. “It’s all thanks to your brilliant idea, Young Sir.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s wait and watch him be driven to desperate action,” said Jin Qingyan, sitting on the couch to wait patiently for breakfast to be ready.

“Young Sir, I feel like there are lesser things for me to worry about with you around. I’m not getting any younger. It’s time for me to look for a prospective marriage partner.”

“Are you yearning to fall in love?”

“I’m just envious of you and Young Madam. I’d also like to find a woman whom I love and loves me too,” Fan Shixin answered, blushing slightly.

“I’ve really gotten in the way of your personal life by making you follow me around for so many years. It’s time you look for a suitable partner.”

“Young Sir, where am I supposed to find one? I don’t even have the time nor opportunity to get to know any women.”

“Create your own opportunity then.” After some thought, Jin Qingyan said, “You may try going on online chatting platforms and dating sites to get to know some women, but watch out for con artists though. There are some men who are out to cheat other men for their money by pretending to be female online.”

“Those are non-issues to me. Do you really think I’d fall for those scams?”

“In any case, just be careful. Has there been any new updates from the Autumn Palace lately?” Jin Qingyan asked.

“No, but I think there’s going to be a major change brought about by this year’s presidential re-election. I’m afraid our current president is going to have to give up his position for good.”

“I think so too. But then again, there are changes every year and we can’t be too sure if he’ll continue being the president yet. You must make sure that the matter about Xiaoning going to work in the palace stays secret. No one is to hear about it.”

“Young Sir, you can trust me to keep the secret safe.”

Jin Qingyan nodded and continued, “By the way, do arrange for a language tutor to come by and teach Xianxian and her family our local language. Since they’ve decided to settle down here, it’s only appropriate for them to pick it up.”

“Alright, leave it to me to handle.”

“Actually, Shixin, Xianxian is really not too bad of a catch…”

Fan Shixin hurriedly tried to rid his head of any ideas and said, “Young Sir, please spare me. I will never harbor any designs on her. We just don’t see eye to eye in terms of values and morals. We’re incompatible with each other.”

Noticing how reluctant he was, Jin Qingyan nodded earnestly and said, “Okay, go find someone whom you truly fancy then.”

“Thank you for your blessings, Big Boss.”

Just as he finished speaking, Xiao Huang showed up at the door and reported, “Young Sir, Ye Xiaotian is at the entrance and he’d like to see you.”

“Let him in.” Jin Qingyan glanced at Fan Shixin and said, “He’s here quicker than I expected.”

“I’m going to sit back and watch the good show. I’m going to pop some popcorn and watch him get tortured by you,” said Fan Shixin with a tone of vengeance.

Jin Qingyan leaned against the couch, resting his legs on the coffee table and his hands on his abdomen. He waited calmly for Ye Xiaotian to enter.

He heard his footsteps approaching.

Ye Xiaotian had brought Mo Li along with him.

“Have a seat.”

They sat down opposite Jin Qingyan and made eye contact with him. “What are you here for this bright and early in the morning?” Jin Qingyan asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Jin Qingyan, didn’t you lose your memory? Why doesn’t it seem like the case to me at all?” Ye Xiaotian asked, staring at him with piercing eyes.

“Why does it have to seem so to you? Does your opinion really matter? Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve long regained my memory,” Jin Qingyan said sarcastically with a sly smile, which invoked pangs of terror within Mo Li.

Ye Xiaotian sneered and cut straight to the chase, “What must I do to make you let the Ye Corporation off? Lay your conditions.”

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing of yours that I lack. I don’t wish to lay any conditions. Didn’t you start this game first? You ought to finish what you started, then. You took the chance to attack the Jin Corporation during the time that I was suffering from amnesia and stirred chaos within my company. What’s the matter now? Are you upset to have gotten a taste of your own medicine? I knew clearly from the start what kind of a person you are, Ye Xiaotian. You’ve made a wasted trip today,” Jin Qingyan scoffed.

“Brother Qingyan…” said Mo Li, who was interrupted before she could even finish.

“Mo Li! Don’t meddle with the affairs between men,” he hissed.

Mo Li fell silent and dared not utter another word.

Jin Qingyan was pleased to see the sullen expression on Ye Xiaotian’s face. “Ye Xiaotian, even if I don’t take charge of the company, my wife can very well deal with your little tricks just the same. You’re actually trying to go toe to toe against me when you can’t even deal with a woman?” Jin Qingyan sneered unhurriedly.

Ye Xiaotian stood up abruptly and said, “Seems like I made the wrong choice to come here today.”

“I won’t be seeing you out,” said Jin Qingyan, who stood up as well but walked toward the hall to have his breakfast instead.

After the couple left, Fan Shixin gave him a thumbs up and chirped, “Young Sir, excellent job! Look how awful Ye Xiaotian looked. He must’ve been so angry.”

“Well, he deserves it. Who does he think he is?”

“Exactly, who does he think he is?”

Auntie Chen served the breakfast spread, after which Jin Qingyan said, “Shixin, join me.”

“Young Sir, how could I…”

“Drop the act and sit down.”

“I shall abide by your instruction then.” Fan Shixin plonked himself down onto the chair.

“That’s my wife’s seat. Sit there instead.”

Fan Shixin immediately stood up and moved to another seat. “Young Sir, you’re so anal.”

“I’m pleased to be.”

“Okay, you’re the boss. You call the shots.”

“Hush and eat your breakfast…”