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Zhi Yin frantically helped her put her clothes on and persuaded her, “Your Highness, get dressed before going, lest you attract unnecessary attention and snide remarks from gossipmongers.”

Tuoba Danxue relented and got dressed in the end.

Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes like a broken tap as she refused to believe what she had heard.

She had just gone to see her parents yesterday and now she was receiving the news of Jiang Feng passing away this morning while trying to protect her brother.

Only a fool would believe that!

Tuoba Danxue was incapable of tears the moment she saw Jiang Feng lying motionless in the coffin with his eyes closed, his face as pale as a sheet.

She stood rooted to the ground, dumbfounded.

She had killed him with her foolishness.

Jiang Feng was innocent.

Tuoba Danxue stared at the ground and abruptly got onto her knees, greatly shocking everyone who was present.

As a princess, she was defying the rules and customs by kneeling down to a bodyguard.

When everyone tried to pull her up, Tuoba Danxue screeched at the top of her lungs, “No one is to touch me!”

The crowd backed off slowly and no one dared to reach out to touch her again.

“I’m just doing what I should.” She kowtowed to his coffin thrice before saying to Tuoba Gucheng, “Do make it up to his parents. But… Brother, you’ve really disappointed me.”

Tuoba Gucheng understood what she meant, and so did everyone else present.

“Danxue, some things can’t be changed even if I intervene. I’m just as helpless as you are,” said Tuoba Gucheng, staring at his sister.

Tuoba Danxue held her tears back with all her might and turned around to leave without looking back or uttering another word.

“Mingxi, didn’t you already sell the shares for money long ago? Why is it only being reported on now?” Mrs. Gu asked, handing her the newspapers.

Lin Mingxi grabbed the newspapers and took a look before saying, “I don’t know. But it’s very likely that my sister paid the media to plaster this piece of old news all over the newspapers.”

After some thought, Mrs. Gu said, “Read the content of the article. She’s obviously pointing fingers at you.”

“It’s alright, whatever. I don’t wish to take such irrelevant matters to heart and let it trouble Beicheng and me.”

“That’s the right mindset. Didn’t you want to set up a large-scale fitness gym? Have you started preparing for it?”

“Yes, I’ve bought over a storefront near an office building. There’ll be a greater crowd since there are several companies around the area with many office workers. It’s in the midst of renovation.”

Mrs. Gu reached out to hold her hand and said, “Mingxi, Xu Youran is already expecting now. You and Beicheng should step on it and quickly give birth to a child.”

“Mother, that’s what I’m planning to do too.”

“It’s great that you think that way. A woman’s greatest safe haven will always be her family. We’re not in need of money so go ahead and do what you enjoy, but remember to put your family as your top priority.”

“I understand. Don’t worry, Mother, I’m not too ambitious or career-minded. Oh, I have to go view the storefront now. Mother, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Alright, go ahead. Drive safe.”

“Okay, I will.”

Standing by a window on the second floor, Xu Youran watched as Lin Mingxi’s car left before looking away with a sly and malicious smirk hanging from her lips.

Her mobile phone began vibrating all of a sudden. She turned to the side to pick it up.





“Got it. I’ll transfer you the money immediately. Continue to keep close tabs and send me the photos now.”


After ending the call, she plonked down onto the chair and switched on her computer.

Soon, she received several photos on her newly-created account on a certain messaging platform. The photos showed Mrs. Jin and Fang Xiaotian entering a hotel room together, along with the details of their hotel room booking. The booking information included their personal identification card details as well.

Staring at the information on the photos, Xu Youran quickly brainstormed for her next step.

After much consideration, she decided to kill without bloodshed. That way, there would be no way for the evidence to trace back to her.

Fang Xiaotian was still deep in his sleep when he was jolted awake by the sudden ringing of his mobile phone.

He instantly woke up upon hearing what the caller said.

He quickly put on his clothes and rushed out of the house.

Upon arriving at a cafe, Fang Xiaotian asked a man in front of him, “Were you the one who called me?”

“Yes. Would you like me to spread this to the media? Do you think your mother can recuperate in peace if she finds out that you earned the money for her treatment by being a gigolo? Do you reckon Jin Qingyan will let you off if the Jin family finds out about this matter?” the man threatened, showing him the photos.

Being a young chap from an average family, Fang Xiaotian was instantly frightened by his threat.

“Boss, I don’t have any money, but please don’t expose this.”

“Do something for me and I promise I won’t,” the man said leisurely while lighting up a cigarette.

“What is it about?”

The man chuckled and said, “It’s not too tall of an order actually. I just want to know the details of Mrs. Jin’s birth such as her exact birthdate and the timing she was born. I also want a few samples of her hair and some of her clothing. Can you do that?”

Fang Xiaotian heaved a huge sigh of relief. Unlike what he had expected, it turned out it was an easy task.

“It’s a piece of cake.”

“Okay, it’s settled then. I’m giving you two days. Don’t blame me for being ruthless if you give me the wrong birth date and time. Also, her clothes have to be the one she’s wearing on the day you retrieve them and her hair must be plucked from her head.”

“Got it. You’re not going to blackmail me with the photos again?” Fang Xiaotian asked in fear.

“I’m a man of my word. Rest assured.”


After their meeting, the man exited from the cafe and quickly got into a car by the roadside.

“It’s all settled. We’ll be meeting again in the cafe two days later.”

“Yes, good job. This is your pay for this time. I’ll hand you the rest next time,” Xu Youran said, handing him a paper envelope.

“Thank you, Sis.”

Xu Youran was wearing a cap and a pair of shades to conceal her identity. The man was someone she had hired online.

The car she drove was a rented one, and she made sure to be careful with every step.

She ensured that she would not leak any clues about her scheme.

From now onwards, she would be finishing the battle she started.

Ever since the last time she was attacked by Mrs. Ling, she had never come by again. Jin Qingyue and Ling Ciye had since then begun their carefree life rid of any disturbances.

Jin Qingyue was not eager to get intimate with him for she realized that she could not be too impatient about certain things.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Thus, whenever it was just the two of them at home, she would put on all sorts of sexy dresses while acting nonchalantly, as if she had no intentions to entice him at all.

“I’m going to discuss a huge firearms deal tonight and I won’t be coming home. You don’t have to prepare dinner for me,” said Ling Ciye.

“Watch out for your safety.” Jin Qingyue had never pried into his matters for she was fully aware of which industry he was in.


Jin Qingyue had dinner at her brother’s place that evening and took the chance to ask her brother about the firearms deal since she barely had a clue about those stuff and wanted to understand the truth from her brother.