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“Go ahead and eat first. I’ll eat later.”

“There’s no need for that… I’m not that fragile. Hurry and eat up then get some sleep,” he said, noticing how tired she seemed.

Needless to say, Jin Qingyue refused. “You’re my man. Now that you’re injured, who’s going to take care of you if I don’t? I’ll eat and sleep after I’ve fed you. It’s not too much trouble, it doesn’t matter.”

She picked up the bowl and fed him a spoonful of porridge.

He opened his mouth abidingly to let her feed him.

Jin Qingyue had never cajoled anyone that way before, apart from her own daughter. Yet, she was willing to do so for him.

She fed him spoonful after spoonful of the porridge along with some pig’s liver before finishing another bowl of porridge herself. She then brought the crockery and utensils to the kitchen to wash them.

“Let me see your wound.”

He lifted his shirt to let her take a look. The bandage wrapped around his abdomen was already drenched in bright red blood.

It was the same for the wound on his arm, which required a lot of effort for him to lift up.

Jin Qingyue did not probe about the firearms deal and helped undress him. She stifled a yawn and initially planned to tell him that she would be going to take a nap and to call her if he needed anything. However, she changed her mind the moment she saw the look in his eyes.

“You’re injured, I think it’d be better for me to sleep next to you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she lifted the duvet and climbed onto the bed to lie down beside him.

She then quickly closed her eyes.

At this moment, she could finally go to sleep in peace.

“Qingyue…” Ling Ciye called, staring at her.

She soon fell asleep and began snoring.

Gazing at her face, Ling Ciye lifted his left arm slightly and placed his palm onto the back of her right hand quietly while the sound-asleep Jin Qingyue was completely unaware.

After sorting her feelings out for the entire day, Tuoba Danxue decided to go look for Tuoba Rui and Shi Xiaoyu again.

This time, Tuoba Danxue was much harsher with her tone when she spoke to her parents. “I know Mother was the one behind Jiang Feng’s murder. Father may be strict and austere but he’s not one to abuse his authority and kill the innocent. I take your silence as consent. I don’t know if my guess is right or not, but I don’t wish to talk about that matter now. I just want to say, it’s too torturous being born in a family like this, having no freedom to decide my own marriage at all. I can’t even be with the person I adore. It’s no different from feudalism…”

Her words had hit the nail on the head. Tuoba Rui remained silent.

A grave expression formed on Shi Xiaoyu’s face and she interrupted her daughter, “Danxue, I’m doing it for your own good. What’s the good in fancying a bodyguard?”

“I fancy him, but he didn’t reciprocate my feelings for him. He’d even tendered his resignation to Brother and got engaged with a girl his parents had set him up with. What rights have you got to take his life!?! He’s only an innocent person, what has he done wrong!?!” Tuoba Danxue snapped angrily.

Shi Xiaoyu ignored her feelings and bellowed, “He’s innocent. But the only mistake he committed is to make you fall for him. Danxue, listen up, I didn’t give birth to you to have you treat me this way. Since you want to start dating and get married, your father and I have already decided to find you an outstanding prospective marriage partner whose background and status matches yours. When you finally see a brilliant bachelor for yourself, you’ll realize that Jiang Feng is only a small fry who doesn’t deserve you!”

“You took away the life of an innocent and yet you don’t show the slightest tinge of guilt or remorse at all. I can’t believe I have such a cruel and relentless woman as my mother. Sure, hurry and find me an outstanding man as soon as possible. I want to leave this house as soon as I can!” she barked, after which she left with Zhi Yin and An Xiaoning.

Pointing at Tuoba Danxue, Shi Xiaoyu said to her husband, “See, if I didn’t kill him as a warning to others, who knows what she might do on impulse?”

“Set her up with a man whom you find outstanding, then. I’m staying out of this.”

“You’re her father, of course you have to meddle with this. Which bachelor do you think is compatible with Danxue?” Shi Xiaoyu asked.

“Danxue is still young, there’s no hurry in marrying her off. If you must, just go ahead with the arrangements.”

“Since you don’t want to comment on this, I shall decide by myself. Commander-in-chief Jin has a son named Jin Minxing who’s about the same age as Danxue. I’ve seen that chap before. He’s very handsome. What do you think?”

“Sure, let him meet Danxue one day.”

Shi Xiaoyu nodded upon gaining his approval.

Tuoba Danxue had really suffered a huge blow.

Ever since she returned from her parents’ mansion, she did not step foot outside again. An Xiaoning had to stay by her side since she refused to go out. This was a great hindrance to An Xiaoning’s plan to search for her parents.

Finding out the truth was much harder than she had imagined.

At this rate, it would definitely take more than just a few months to find her parents.

Perhaps it’d be extremely difficult.

But she did not plan to give up at all.

An Xiaoning could hear the sounds of Tuoba Danxue crying while she was lying in bed. She turned to the side and gave Jin Qingyan a text to briefly explain what had happened that day. As expected, Jin Qingyan told her not to embroil herself in the matter since it did not involve her, lest she gets into trouble.

An Xiaoning agreed with him. Having already taken a great risk by entering the Palace, she naturally knew better than to create unnecessary trouble for herself.

She was not allowed to send voice messages though she could receive them. Thus, she put on her headphones to listen to his messages while she replied with a text.

Both of them made it a point to chat with each other every night before they could go to sleep in peace.

“Honey, I feel so cold, empty, and alone at home…”

“Just bear with it for a while. We’ll meet again soon.”

“Honey, I have a gift for you.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“I have a chromosome passed down from my ancestors, do you want it?”

An Xiaoning burst into laughter and quickly replied, “Sure, sure, I must want it. I want it, definitely. Hubby, I’m going to bed.”

“Send me a photo before you go to bed. I miss you.”

She sat up straight and removed her clothes to send him a photo of her topless self.

She never grew sick of it even though she had done it countless times before.

After receiving the photo, Jin Qingyan lay in bed and stared at his screen, unable to take his eyes off her. He felt a tension forming in his pants as his hormones raged.

It’s only been a few days, yet he was already so enticed by a mere photo.

He would never be able to get over her for the rest of his life.

He tried to call her again, only to find that her mobile phone had been switched off.

Since he could not fulfill his desire, he had no choice but to hug his son to sleep.