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Jin Qingyan nodded and said, “That’s good. I believe you’ve seen for yourself how much Qingyue has changed over the years. But of course, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness. You two have my blessing.”

Ling Ciye reached his hand out to give him a fist bump.

Jin Qingyan then drove to Ling Ciye’s gambling den in Yangxia Road, which he knew was thriving. He had instructed the latter years ago to inform him if any of his family members visited the den to gamble.

Upon arriving, he asked Sister Hong, the manager of the gambling den, about his father.

She told him that Mr. Jin had visited the den on several occasions and would often place high bets and stakes, though she was not sure if he won or lost. Jin Qingyan then instructed her to inform him immediately the next time Mr. Jin shows up.

Sister Hong agreed.

Just as Jin Qingyan exited from the room, he was stopped by Sister Hong. “Mr. Jin, your father is here.”

Jin Qingyan stared at the surveillance cameras’ monitors on the wall and caught sight of his father on one of the screens.

“Send your best con artist as well as a few other players to gamble with him. Don’t allow him to gamble with anyone else. I’ll pay for the costs.”

“Alright.” Sister Hong immediately proceeded to make the arrangements.

Jin Qingyan left after giving her a sum of money. Sister Hong dared not procrastinate since she knew how authoritative he was. Besides, she had also received instructions from her employer.

Jin Qingyan got inside his car after exiting the gambling den.

He received a call from Jin Qingyue just as he was about to return to the office.

As soon as he heard what she said, he immediately drove to the mansion Mrs. Jin was living in.

Jin Qingyan heard the sounds of Mrs. Jin shrieking and grunting in unbearable pain even before he reached her bedroom.

His face stiff with dismay, he pushed the door open forcefully.

Upon sight of him, Jin Qingyue stood up immediately and said, “Brother, I just came back from the hospital with Mother. The doctor said that there’s nothing wrong with her at all, but she claims to be feeling immense pain all over. She said it’s the same type of pain she felt when a spirit mounted her calf back then. I suspect it’s the same case this time. Call Sister-in-law over to take a look.”

“Your Sister-in-law won’t be able to come here for a period of time. I’ll get Shixin to find another medium to take a look right away.”


Jin Qingyan exited the room and gave Fan Shixin a call.

By the time he returned inside, Mrs. Jin had already passed out from the unbearable pain.

A silence filled the room.

“Did you ask Mother what she has been doing lately?”

“She said she had been going about her usual routine like visiting the beauty salon and mahjong dens…”

Jin Qingyan sighed in perplexity. After much thought, he decided to give An Xiaoning a text message to explain the situation to her in detail.

However, An Xiaoning replied saying that she tried to apply for leave but was not approved by Tuoba Danxue, who was in low spirits at the moment.

She instructed him to try giving Mrs. Jin an amulet and observe if the situation improves.

Being highly efficient as usual, Fan Shixin soon hired a medium and brought the amulets to them.

After taking a look at Mrs. Jin’s condition, the medium shook his head and said, “There aren’t any spirits mounting on her, but I can’t tell what it is that’s causing the pain. I don’t possess superior skills.”

Pangs of panic filled Jin Qingyan, who felt helpless at his inability to ease his mother’s pain.

An Xiaoning’s amulet had no effect on Mrs. Jin’s condition either.

Currently, the only possible solution was to get An Xiaoning to come out of the Autumn Palace to take a look at Mrs. Jin’s condition.

“Search for another medium.”

“By the way, I heard there’s a new psychic police officer who took over Young Madam’s position at the police station. Shall we ask her over to have a look?” Fan Shixin suggested.

“Sure. Step on it,” Jin Qingyan urged.


Jin Qingyue stood beside Mrs. Jin and watched as she tossed and turned in bed due to the overwhelming pain, which could not be alleviated even with anesthetic injections. She could not help but feel sorry for her mother.

Fang Xiaotian stood outside the door, his legs trembling uncontrollably. He had a hunch that Mrs. Jin’s condition had something to do with the person who blackmailed him two days ago.

Although he did feel that way, he would never spill the beans for he would die a horrible death if he were to expose the truth.

The more he thought about it, the more petrified he was.

Half an hour later, Yuan Mingzhu turned up at the mansion, rather surprised that Jin Qingyan decided to seek help from her.

“Mr. Jin, why did you look for me for help? I know that your wife is a very powerful medium herself.”

“She’s away on a business trip and can’t make it back home. I wouldn’t have called you here otherwise. Sorry to have caused you trouble, Police Officer Yuan.”

Yuan Mingzhu shook her head and said, “Let me take a look first.”

She walked toward Mrs. Jin’s bed and glanced at Mrs. Jin, who was grimacing in pain. “Madam Jin isn’t being harassed by spirits. From the looks of it, she seems to be receiving karmic retribution.”

“What do you mean?”

“Karmic retribution refers to Heaven’s punishment for the sins she had committed in the past. Well, I can’t see any spirits or supernatural beings on her body. Maybe it’s because my skills are not superior enough.”

Upon hearing her words, Mrs. Jin protested vehemently while breaking out into cold sweat, “I didn’t commit any evil. Heaven is not going to punish me!”

“Madam Jin, I’m not too sure about that. I suggest you hire another medium to have a look or get Mrs. Jin to come back. I’ll be taking my leave,” Yuan Mingzhu said with a bow.

Mrs. Jin clutched onto the sheets tightly, clenching her toes tightly due to the acute pain.

She felt as if a million bugs were chewing on her body from head to toe.

“Qingyan, call Xiaoning home, hurry. Why is she still not home yet when I’m stuck in such a dire situation? Are money and the company more important than I am!?!” Mrs. Jin hollered.

“Mother, it’s not that she doesn’t want to come home, but rather, she’s not allowed to.”

“Brother, just where is Sister-in-law at now?” Jin Qingyue asked.

“A place where none of us can control her freedom. If she was allowed to come home, she would already be on her way back now,” said Jin Qingyan.

“We can’t just watch Mother suffer in so much pain either. Continue searching for another medium,” Jin Qingyue urged anxiously.

“Fan Shixin has already sent his subordinates to keep searching. Take care of Mother while I think of a way to get your sister-in-law to come home,” Jin Qingyan said as a frown creased on his forehead.

“Alright,” Jin Qingyue agreed with a nod.

Without another word, Jin Qingyan returned to Wei Ni Estate and informed Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang about the situation. Staring at Mei Yangyang solemnly, Jin Qingyan said, “Yangyang, you’re skilled in martial arts. I don’t think you’ll be exposed if you temporarily switch places with your Sis and cover her for a night. Let your Sis come home to take a look at my mother’s condition.”

Mei Yangyang agreed right away without hesitation. “I’m about the same height and size as Sis. Although my face is a little bigger than hers, it shouldn’t be too obvious. I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you so much. You may switch places with your Sis again once she’s done looking at my mother’s condition.”

“No problem.”