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Mei Yangyang left at midnight while Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning, and Jin Qingyue continued to stay up and watch the coffin throughout the rest of the night.

They decided to leave Jin Yiheng and only bring him to the burial ceremony the day after, since he was still too young.

The three of them stacked the paper ingots while kneeling down on the praying mat side by side.

In the darkness of the night, it began to pour heavily.

For the rest of the night, Fan Shixin and Fang Xiaotian did not catch any shuteye either and instead stayed up wide awake all the way ’til daybreak.

Fang Xiaotian was terrified and ill at ease.

It was the first time in his life that he ever witnessed such an absurd supernatural phenomenon, which frightened him out of his senses.

At this point, he knew clearly that Mrs. Jin’s death had to do with the fact that he had given her birth characters away, as well as her hair samples and clothes.

From the looks of it, he was definitely going to be investigated on.

Fang Xiaotian was filled with deep regret and constantly blamed himself for agreeing to Mrs. Jin’s request at the start.

He regretted losing his morals and being blinded by money.

Not only did he fail to gain anything from Mrs. Jin, he even implicated himself into such a knotty situation. His only wish was for the evidence to not trace back to him.

He heard a knocking on his door soon after daybreak.


“Fang Xiaotian, Young Madam is calling for you.”

Fang Xiaotian’s stomach twisted into a knot, though he felt a little relieved to hear that it was Young Madam who called and not the formidable Young Sir.

He put on his clothes and immediately followed them to the mansion.

The three of them were sitting on the couch in the living room, appearing haggard and listless due to the sleepless night. To make matters worse, they had also heard about additional details of the matter.

Fan Shixin gestured for the bodyguards to leave after they brought Fang Xiaotian in.

There were six people in the living room, including Mrs. Jin, who was lying inside the coffin.

Boiling with rage, Jin Qingyue attempted to stand up but was held down by An Xiaoning.

The latter then rose slowly and walked toward Fang Xiaotian, leaving a one-meter gap between them.

“Let me ask you, how are you related to my mother-in-law?”

“Young Madam, I… I… I’m only Madam’s chauffeur,” Fang Xiaotian stammered nervously.

“If you’re only her chauffeur, why did you book a room with her at XX Hotel so many times? The footage of the surveillance cameras along the corridor all show that the two of you often enter the room one after another. Don’t tell me you were just chatting about life inside the room? Speak up,” An Xiaoning questioned sternly.

Fang Xiaotian held his hands together tightly in fear and nervousness. He was well aware that denying vehemently would not help solve the issue now that they’d already found out.

“Here’s what happened. I met Madam in a park at the start and she began buying health supplements from me regularly ever since. Ms. Jin found out about it and brought me inside her car, threatening to beat me into a pulp if I don’t stop selling those products to Madam. I was terrified at the time and so I told Madam to stop looking me up. She asked me for the reason and I told her that Ms. Jin had discovered it and so I told her that we should stop contacting each other. But afterward…”

Fang Xiaotian hung his head low in shame and continued, “Afterward, she kept coming to look for me and asked me to go to the hotel with her. She wanted to make me her boy toy and offered to pay me a sum of money each month. Due to my mother’s illness, I was really cash-strapped, and thus, I agreed to her request. Madam then made me pose as her chauffeur in order to avoid suspicion and allow me to follow her everywhere openly.”

He had no idea that things would come to this.

“Were you the one who gave her birth characters and clothing away?” An Xiaoning asked.

Fang Xiaotian shook his head fervently and denied, “I didn’t do that, I really didn’t.”

“Come with me.” An Xiaoning walked toward the couch and compelled him to sit down.

Fang Xiaotian dared not do so. His legs were wobbling incessantly.

“Sit down.”

Fang Xiaotian did as instructed.

An Xiaoning slid the lie detector on the coffee table toward him and said, “Place both of your hands on top of this.”

“What’s… this?”

“A lie detector.”

Fang Xiaotian froze in fear at the sight of the lie detector, unable to move an inch at all, as if his hands had been glued together.

“Put your hands on top of it! Only then can you prove your innocence,” An Xiaoning barked.

Fang Xiaotian reached out to place his trembling hands on top of the lie detector gently.

His heart was pounding quickly, overwhelmed with nervousness, which caused him to jerk and jitter involuntarily.

“Raise your head, look me in the eye, and answer my questions,” said An Xiaoning, who was standing beside him.

Fang Xiaotian raised his head slowly to look at her.

“Were you the one who gave my mother-in-law’s birth characters and clothing to the instigator? Answer me.”

Fang Xiaotian bit his lip tightly, robbed of his ability to speak.

“Speak up!” Jin Qingyan hollered.

At this very moment, anger and fury were rushing through his veins. He was in utter shock and disbelief that the young chap before him turned out to have had an affair with his mother. Mrs. Jin was no different from Mr. Jin, who was obsessed with Chi Rui’er, who was much younger than him. In fact, Mrs. Jin had even lost her life because of her boy toy!

“No… no,” Fang Xiaotian stuttered while still trembling uncontrollably.

As soon as he answered, the lie detector buzzed vigorously and gave him an electric shock.

“Ahh!” Fang Xiaotian shrieked, quickly retracting his hand in shock.

The truth spoke for itself.

“Seems like you lied… The lie detector has already told us the answer. Are you still refusing to admit at this point?” An Xiaoning questioned.

“This lie detector is not accurate at all. I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me.”

“Shixin, bring him to the yard and tie him to the tree,” An Xiaoning instructed relentlessly.


Fang Xiaotian stepped forward to pick Fang Xiaotian up and dragged him out forcefully before tying him to a tree with the assistance of the other bodyguards.

An Xiaoning was standing not too far away from him. Aiming a dart at him, she said, “Stay still. This dart is very sharp. I may just make you bleed, should I miss and the dart strikes any part of your body.”

She aimed the dart at the spot beside his ear and squinted before launching the dart, which landed right beside his ear, leaving barely a centimeter in between.

Fang Xiaotian stood rooted to the ground and peed himself in terror.

Urine was dripping from his pants.

Soon after, An Xiaoning proceeded to launch the second dart, followed by the third, then the fourth…

Every strike of hers made his heart jump out of his chest. They missed his body by only a few millimeters.

Yet, he was still bent on denying.

Although the truth was already clear as day, An Xiaoning still wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth and, at the same time, find out more information from him.

She did not plan to kill him yet at the moment.

Jin Qingyan strode toward them and threw a dart at him, which landed directly on his abdomen.

Fang Xiaotian shrieked in pain.

“Listen up, if you still refuse to speak up, I’ll bring your parents here right now. I’ll then kill them in front of you before skinning you alive!” Jin Qingyan warned.

Jin Qingyan had struck his Achilles’ heel. Realizing that Jin Qingyan was dead serious, Fang Xiaotian immediately owned up, “Mr. Jin, I’ll speak up, I’ll tell you everything. Please don’t hurt my parents, they’re innocent. A few days ago, a man came to look for me and blackmailed me with some photos of Madam and me checking in to a hotel room. He threated to put the photos up online if I didn’t agree to his request. So, I asked him what he wanted and he told me to give him Madam’s birth characters, a piece of her clothing, as well as a sample of her hair. Well, I didn’t know that those things could cause so much harm. I conceded to his request because I thought that it was an easy solution to solve the issue.”